Pro Day locations could end up being Peyton Manning meeting places


If we accept as true and accurate the notion that quarterback Peyton Manning plans to make a decision as to his next destination within a week and if we acknowledge the reality that various levels of management and/or coaching staffs are currently criss-crossing the country for Pro Day workouts in advance of the draft, the effort to figure out the teams with whom Peyton Manning may be meeting needs to take into account the possibility that get-togethers will occur not at team headquarters but in a college town.

On Friday, for example, scouts and coaches and personnel executives will attend sessions at Florida International, Furman, Mississippi, Montana, Northern Illinois, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Presbyterian, Purdue, TCU, Troy, and Washington State.  ( has the full calendar.)

With receiver Justin Blackmon, quarterback Brandon Weeden, and safety Markelle Martin working out at Oklahoma State on Friday, it could make sense to keep an eye on Stillwater.

8 responses to “Pro Day locations could end up being Peyton Manning meeting places

  1. It would be neat if Manning worked out at UT or Duke but went through the same workout/throws/drills he did on his pro day coming out of UT in 98, and the teams could then compare tape of each workout to see where is.

  2. He’s gona have his stunt double put on a helmet and uniform and throw for him like he did in that duke 27 second video of “archie ” throwing. The teams lining up to sign him will dwindle after seeing him throw. Peyton “rocky dennis” manning is done!! Go to the booth PM

  3. What if after all the panic to sign Peyton it turns outthe Colts dropped him because he really can’t play anymore? What if his neck just isn’t right, and the more than a year off took its toll much more than it would on a younger man? What if he can’t adjust to being the major domo and calling his own game, and not having the front office elan he had in Indy? teams that are clammoring for him may be lucky to not land him after all. He could set a program back years if he isn’t the same old guy or just an average player. Are any teams even thinking that? A neck is one of the worst things a football player can injure, and his must have been bad to keep him away for so long. It could be one big hit and no more Peyton.

  4. It would be cool if Peyton Manning worked out at Dolphins stadium. I imagine owner Stephen Ross would unlock the front door and allow Manning to enter, and give him a tour. Feel with him being 30 minute drive from Dolphins stadium right now, this sounds like a great place.

  5. If you’re Peyton and you’re worried about arm strength, do you really want to work out at OK ST with Weeden and Blackmon? What if your arm strength isn’t as good as Weeden? What if you consistently underthrow Blackmon? I think if I’m Peyton’s agent, I have him throwing somewhere he’s guaranteed the main event.

  6. If he plans to pick a team within a week, then surely his peeps have been working on this for some time.

    I would guess it’s already down to two teams or maybe it’s already been decided in a back room somewhere over the last month…..

  7. This whole thing is hilarious
    1)If Manning was healthy, do you not think he would have video out there somewhere showing him throwing the ball? The fact that there isn’t is telling.
    2) The fact that manning HASN’T signed anywhere yet pretty much sums things up. He isn’t healthy. If if was, he would have signed already. Huge red flag!!!
    3) Teams are trying to figure out their game plan for this year NOW….given the draft and free agency looming. No team is going to sign him NOW, for the money he is sure to be asking, and bank on him being their QB this season…..they could take a wait and see approach but that would seriously hinder their planning!

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