Raiders expected to cut Wimbley barring “major change”

Getty Images’s Bill Williamson reports that the Raiders have not spoken to the agent for linebacker Kamerion Wimbley “in several days,” and are expected to release their top edge rusher barring a “major change.”

Wimbley, listed Monday among PFT’s top cap casualty candidates, appears no closer to reaching an adjusted contract with the Raiders. Despite Wednesday’s restructurings of safety Michael Huff and defensive tackle Richard Seymour, Oakland remains out of position to pay Wimbley’s scheduled $11 million base salary.

Williamson speculates that the San Diego Chargers “could be a favorite” to land Wimbley after he hits the free agent market. The Chargers are pursuing pass rushers this offseason, and Wimbley could be a more affordable target than top free agent Mario Williams.

All along, Wimbley has had little or no incentive to accept a pay reduction. As an unrestricted free agent, Wimbley would be a highly valued commodity around the NFL and can expect a first-year payment from his next team that dwarfs the $11 million Oakland would have paid him.

26 responses to “Raiders expected to cut Wimbley barring “major change”

  1. I like the Chargers but they run a 3-4 and Williams is suited as a DE in a 4-3. Although he had success in Wade Phillips 3-4 until that unfortunate injury. Chargers should stick with the 3-4 edge rushers like Wimbley.

  2. Why take a pay cut to stay in Oakland? With the Palmer trade and their current cap situation, they have little chance of making much improvement over the next couple of years. Less money, no hopes for a championship. He would have been an idiot to have done it.

  3. i thought the raiders were running a 4-3 with Wimbley as the OLB??

    am i wrong?

  4. and the saints cant even sign Brees to a legit deal with their cap space.. they are about to lose both Meachem and Colston

    how in the heck can they sign a top OLB

  5. Didn’t this all start because he was given a restricted tender for like $4 million and then it turned out the Raiders couldn’t do that so they franchised him before the lockout to avoid any risk of losing him (which resulted in him being paid wayyyyy more than he ever should have).

  6. Kam has all the leverage. This guy has really won the lottery however. He disappears against average tackles and forget OLB, he is a mess in coverage. Nice one dimensional pass rusher that gets around the ball at times, but do not count him as a game after game disruption to the opposing team. He was never worth the stupid money Al Davis threw at him, and it is plain the McKenzie is cleaning up this kind of trash that has hamstrung the Raiders for years. To the team who is about to pounce on this guy with big money and expect big results, take a look at some game tape. A big game or two and major dissapointment when you really need a play against high level competition.

  7. Come on up to Seattle Kamerion! We need help with our pass rush and can definitely find a spot for you to unleash your skills!

  8. hawknuts says:
    Mar 8, 2012 2:44 PM
    Come on up to Seattle Kamerion! We need help with our pass rush and can definitely find a spot for you to unleash your skills!

    If that were to happen, and Wimbley turned out to be the situational pass-rusher Seattle really needs right now, while the Raiders get stuck with Aaron Curry, I don’t think I’d ever stop laughing and laughing and laughing….

  9. What a surprise….Raider Nation shows up to talk about what a stiff Wimbley is. Funny, but all I heard last year was about how Curry would join with Wimbley and McClain to give the Raiders a fearsome LB corps.

    Then again, if they actually thought Curry was any good, that kind of casts some seriously negative monkey dust on their aspersions of being good at judging LB talent.

  10. Had one great game against Chargers 3rd string left tackle…played good not great rest of the season. Not worth the money Shaunasey has more upside. Wimbley will not be missed. In Mac we trust

  11. Corrections, Wimbley played great against the Chargers where McNeil got knocked out. When he went against Gaithers and the rest of the league, he pretty much got shut down.
    A player Al Davis over paid and most of the time, under performed.
    I can see the picture now; SD isn’t going to put out money for Mario Williams, (Their pride still stings from forking out big money to David Boston and having it blow up in their face. They’ve been gun shy ever since.) Therefore, they’ll settle for Wimbley who ate them up and realize they over paid for an under achiever.

  12. Losing Wimbley will improve the Raider’s salary cap situation more than losing him on the defense. Good move Reggie!

  13. chargerzz says: Mar 8, 2012 5:04 PM

    Come to SD and we will sweep your former team

    Most fans are thinking about championships this time of year, but since Charger fan doesn’t know what that’s like, he sets his sights on sweeping a division rival. Don’t be afraid to dream big, loser.
    As for Wimbley, he didn’t get much in the way of sacks last season, but did get a lot of pressure. Since Oakland has to pay him a pile of cash either way I thought they might try to keep him for this season, but it looks like he’s moving on.

  14. Cutting Wimbley isn’t going to save us that much cap room for this season. We’ll shave a few million off. That’s it.

    Wimbley is like Routt. A good to very good player who is being played like a great player. The salary is out of whack, but don’t fool yourselves into thinking this somehow makes the Raiders better.

    Most scouting/statistical services that look far beyond sack totals — which can be a misleading number and not a very good indicator of a defender’s overall impact as it ignores the pressure and hits on the QB — view Wimbley as a top tier rusher the last couple of years.

    And can we please give the “In Reggie we trust” nonsense a rest. Maybe he’ll be good. Maybe he’ll be a disaster. The fact is we don’t know yet. I think he whiffed horribly in getting rid of Hue after a single 8-8 season. There’s a lot of pressure on RM and DA now, both rookies, as this team is primed to make a run and should be looking beyond division title and be serious about making a Super Bowl run. Anything less than 12-4 or a Conference Title appearance in 2012 will be a disappointment in my book. I am fully confident that’s the type of season we would’ve had under Hue Jackson and a good DC.

  15. See ya, Kam… I’m not sad to see one of Al’s insane contracts walk away. Way overpaid….

    Don’t let the door hit you in the backside…

  16. Chargers spend money… They just may sign Super Mario, and I know the don’t sign ex-Raiders. AJ and Norvel are fighting for their lives and a great pass rusher is at the top of their wish list to help the D on 3rd down.

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