Ravens’ 2012 “to-do” list

The offseason hits high gear next Tuesday.  Before that happens, we need to finish up our offseason “to-do” lists.

On Thursday’s PFT Live, it was time for the 49ers and Ravens to go under the microscope.

Here’s what the Ravens should do to get back to the Super Bowl for the first time in a dozen years.

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30 responses to “Ravens’ 2012 “to-do” list

  1. flacco doesn’t deserve anything more. he isn’t a passing quarterback..the problem is the ravens can’t seem to get that though their thick skulls.

  2. Ravens To Do List:

    –take out the trash
    –pay the bills
    –walk the dog
    –worry about what the Steelers are doing

  3. They might go further if they’d put something on their annual to-do list other than “Beat Steelers.”

  4. I don’t think the Ravens are too worried about the Steelers anymore. The Bengals are a better team and lately have given the Ravens more problems

  5. Deb says: Mar 8, 2012 9:51 PM

    They might go further if they’d put something on their annual to-do list other than “Beat Steelers.”

    Yeah, and remind me just how far the Steelers went? Oh yeah, that’s right: lost to Tebow.

    Talk some smack in a season where your team doesn’t get swept.

  6. @democrats …

    It’s smart for the Ravens to be worried about the Steelers and the Bengals and even the Browns … just as it’s smart for the Steelers to be worried about everyone in the division. I just felt that last season Harbaugh put too much emphasis on beating the Steelers as an end-goal rather than a step on the road to a championship.

  7. Ravens 2012 to do list….
    1: Win Superbowl
    2: See number 1

    @rubbernilly….the Ravens are and have been a contender for the last four years with Flacco.

  8. hescominsoon – saying Flacco isn’t a passing QB is one of the most moronic thing I have ever heard….i’d say get that through your thick skull but it wouldn’t be going anywhere if it did!

  9. “I just felt that last season Harbaugh put too much emphasis on beating the Steelers:

    Obviously the Steelers didn’t put enough emphasis on beating the Ravens!!!!

  10. Ok what’s wrong with Flacco? Am I the only one who watched his clutch drive? He threw a sure touchdown to Lee Evans (dropped) and then got them within 40yds for a field goal.

    Bill Cundiff on the other hand… not so clutch

  11. I enjoyed seeing Lee Evans getting that pass “slapped” out of his hands at the last second against New England. So Baltimore Fans, keep trash talking about beating Pittsburgh twice. 20 years from now, your loss to New England will still “sting”.

  12. hescominsoon says:
    Mar 8, 2012 7:04 PM
    flacco doesn’t deserve anything more. he isn’t a passing quarterback..the problem is the ravens can’t seem to get that though their thick skulls.

    Really? Look at his numbers against Brady’s first 4 years. Within 1% of Brady’s completion percentage, almost 3 more yards per game average, 11 more td’s, and an 85.9 qb rating to Brady’s 86. Sure, Joe chucked a few more int’s but you can’t compare these numbers and say he’s not a passing qb. That’s just rediculous……

  13. Deb why is it that I always hear about how “Level Headed” you are and how you make very fair and balanced comments yet when I see you on the message board you say things like:

    “They might go further if they’d put something on their annual to-do list other than “Beat Steelers.”

    1) The road to the division goes through Baltimore or Pittsburgh… both teams should have those games on their calendar marked.

    2) You say Harbaugh put too much of an effort into winning those games? Well he won those games and those wins directly resulted in the Ravens taking the division…..Maybe Tomlin should have treated those games as if they were a little more important. I doubt that Pitt would have been “Tebowed” playing at home.

    3) The Ravens swept the division last year and beat San Fran and Houston, I would say they had more on their to do list than just beat the Steelers.

    4) The Ravens won the division last year, got a first round bye, and came within one dropped pass of the super bowl. Not to mention held Tom Brady to 240 yards no TDs and 2 Picks (really 4 with two called back) at home in the AFC championship game. I would say whatever their offseason plans were they did a pretty darn good job.

    Gets pretty annoying hearing Pittsburgh fans calling the Ravens wins over the Steelers “Their Super bowl” and acting like there was something wrong with celebrating the way they did. As Ed Reed has said “It’s a playoff game every Sunday, it’s a championship game every Sunday.” Maybe the Steelers SHOULD have put beating the Ravens on their to do list; they might (would) have gone further.

    Love that Steelers fans have this feeling of superiority because there team has won more recently. I’m 30 years old, in my life time I have seen 2 Steelers championships and I’ve seen 1 Ravens Championship. This doesn’t even count that for 14 years of my life the Ravens didn’t exist. Over the past 4 years I’ve watched my team make the playoffs and win games every year and I’ve seen 2 close, down to the wire AFC championship games, all this with a QB who is just turning 27. I’d say the future looks bright for Ravens fans…..

  14. @sophiethegreatdane … if I were talking smack, it would read more like “old and done.” Sound familiar?

    @noquickreactionshere … maybe the reason you hear about me being fair-minded is because I don’t make excuses for the Steelers. When they went to the other extreme after losing to the Ravens, claiming it was just another game, I unloaded on them. The Ravens is never just another game. You’re right, the Steelers didn’t give those games enough importance … just as the Ravens gave them too much.

    Me saying the Ravens put too much emphasis on the Steelers isn’t insulting and it isn’t smack. I respect the Ravens. Our games will always be huge. But the Ravens need to keep that momentum as they move beyond Pittsburgh. That’s not trashtalking … it’s fact. Or do you want to keep following an opening game like last season’s with a loss to Tennessee?

  15. Deb,

    Youre team was swept, one and done and tebow’d out of the playoffs you have no room to talk. Quit defending yourself and troll elsewhere.

  16. There is no such thing as a team giving a game “too much importance” i will always believe that. The loss to Tennessee had far more to do with the Ravens under estimating the Titans and less to do with the emotional win over the Steelers. Just as Pitt did in week 1, Baltimore didn’t place enough importance in that game.

    I would prefer that the Ravens not repeat the Tennessee game; however, with that loss the team was still 12-4, division champs, number 2 seed in the AFC. Would I have preferred 13-3 and number one seed? Of course; however, my argument would be (even if I bought into the fact that the Steelers game had any effect on the Titans game) placing less emphasis on the Pitt game and more on the Tenn game, you lose to Pittsburgh, beat Tennessee still end up 12-4 but end up second in the division. Drop from the number 2 seed to the number 5. Did they place more emphasis on the Steelers game than they did on the Titans game? Yes, and that is not wrong as the Steelers game was FAR more important. I would not say that they should have placed less emphasis on the Steelers game but that they should have placed more emphasis on the Titans/Jaguars/Seahawks games.

    I just find your original comment funny, no Ravens fans before you mentioned the Steelers and while I don’t know if MF talked about the Steelers in the video (I skipped through it just to see what the list of 5 was) “beating the Steelers” was not on his list. Where did your comment come from? Especially considering that the Ravens went further than the Steelers this year….

    So again my response to “They might go further if they’d put something on their annual to-do list other than “Beat Steelers.”


    The Steelers might go further if they put “Beat Ravens” on their annual to do list.

  17. WOW!!! The Ravens accomplish 2 things last year (beat the Steelers twice and go further in the playoffs), and the fans get a holier than thou attitude. Yes I’ll applaud the team for their accomplishments. I respect the hell out of the Ravens, but most of the fans are dillusional and have no football IQ. The whole “Steelers got Tebow’d” got old quick. The coaches went w/ the statistics. On first down the Broncos ran 23 of the 25 times. So, yes they got burned but any coach would have gone based on the stats. Though personally the loss to the Broncos is easier to swallow bc the Steelers were beat by the other team. Unlike the Ravens which beat themselves out of the playoffs.

    @ravenator hi kettle meet pot and call him black. Gotta love hypocrits

  18. ravenator …

    I don’t answer to you, and will post where and when I please. And given that you are slobbering on every Steelers thread, it’s a bit absurd for you to talk about anyone else trolling. I made an adult comment on a football thread. That it’s over your head isn’t the least surprising. If you thought the Steelers were no longer competition for your team, I doubt you’d be mouthing off on every Pittsburgh article.

    Yeah, you guys swept the Steelers last season, and as I said at the time, Congratulations. But I don’t see any additional Lombardis in your trophy case. Yes, I think the Ravens are a team to be reckoned with. So are the Steelers. If you think we’re about to fall off the radar, you’re an even bigger fool than I imagined.

  19. Adult comment? Right, inserting yourself on an opposing team’s thread that had NOTHING to do with even mentioning the steelers is ‘adult’. And yes, clearly you ignorant comment went right over my head. Seriously, where do you come up with this garbage?

    Maybe you ought to reckon with that salary cap issue that’s going to be hanging over your team’s head for the next 5 years.

  20. ravenator, hon, I’m a little worried about you. Are you having a breakdown? You trashtalk on every single Steelers thread that has nothing to do with mentioning the Ravens. You’re more predictable than sunrise and high tide. All I said was that your team needs to focus on the Big Picture rather than losing momentum after eliminating the division rival. That hardly compares to the infantile nonsense you post on all ur threads.

    No, I’m not concerned about our cap issues. Colbert and Khan are smart personnel men who’ve managed these issues well for years. In fact, from my perspective, we’re finally moving in a more positive direction. But I’ve always talked respectfully of the Ravens and have no idea why you’re having kittens over one minor truthful comment. Well … I have no idea except that you’re not the brightest bulb in the box.

  21. right I’m not the smartest bulb in the box yet you take pride in defending an aledged rapist and you constantly contradict yourself. Innocent or not, it doesnt take much to see what character you have when you defend someone like this. once again your team was swept and tebowd out of the playoffs. please just stop talking until your team can actually can accomplish something you just sound silly

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