Report: Finnegan “recruiting” Vincent Jackson for possible package deal

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Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that free agent cornerback Cortland Finnegan is actively “recruiting” free agent wideout Vincent Jackson to join Finnegan on his next NFL team. Cole suspects that team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Finnegan has reportedly been text messaging back and forth with Jackson. The Bucs certainly have the salary cap space to land both players, and Finnegan and Jackson play positions of need in Tampa.

Bucs incumbent No. 1 receiver Mike Williams played more like a No. 2 last season. Arrelious Benn has been a disappointment, unable to break free from a receiver committee with the similarly pedestrian Dezmon Briscoe. Preston Parker is strictly a slot guy.

With Ronde Barber unsigned for 2012 and considering retirement, Finnegan would be a natural replacement — and upgrade — at right cornerback. Left corner Aqib Talib is in danger of a league-imposed suspension.

The Buccaneers have been criticized for sitting on large amounts of cap space in past offseasons, but they’re publicly committed to opening the pocketbook this spring.

Jackson and Finnegan would be an awfully aggressive way to start.

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  1. Haynesworth, Jackson, Finnigan all on the same team? You might need Don King to control that locker room…

  2. It would be inconceivable to me that V. Jack would entertain going to Tampa because Finnegan is luring him there. I would suspect the Ravens have to be a possible landing spot for V. Jack. Having a deep threat like that would make them serious SB contenders for next year. As far as Finnegan……. Is he or has he ever been a shut down corner? Why is this news?

  3. Saints may be fading.
    Carolina is coming on but not there yet.
    Atlanta? Who knows? Until they get a defense that can get off the field on 3rd down, they’re still up in the air.
    Tampa needs to do a complete 180 from last season (especially Freeman) but getting guys like this could jump start ’em in (what looks like) a suddenly winnable division.

  4. Would be huge for the bucs. Would be a great start to free agency. Hope it happens!!

  5. I can’t see them coming down here to Tampa. The glazer bros. and dom dom only like to sign second tier guys. Are there any free agents coming off a major injury that we can get for a deal? It’s sad but true.

  6. Gurantees it won’t happen – especially with these two. Duh! Suffice it to say neither of these rocket scientists gave up a Rhodes Scholarship to play in the NFL.

  7. If they go to TB and Peyton goes to Miami all of FLA football teams did well. Oh wait Jacksonville will still suck.

  8. Or you could be a jealous and soon to be miserable saints fan. Katrinasafterbirth taampa is all but a done deal

  9. As a Bucs fan…this just sounds WAY too good to be true. So I’m just going to assume it’s not going to happen and go on with being a disgruntled fan.

  10. wpgvikings28 says:
    Mar 8, 2012 5:43 PM
    It’s probably Minnesota, they also need WRs and CBs even worse than Tampa does.


    Cortland is already on record saying he wants to play for Tampa. It’s in the GM’s hands because no one can outbid the Bucs.

  11. It’s the Rams baby! Finnegans roots with Fisher bring him over. VJ will keep the Rams wasting a top pick on Justin Blackmon aka slower Hakeem Nicks Lite…2nd round talent!

  12. As a Bucs fan, I hope that Cole is right about this. Although Vincent Jackson isn’t a Top 10 receiver in the league, he is a Pro Bowler and a Veteran that can provide valuable mentorship not only to the rest of the receiving corp, but Josh Freeman as well. Freeman hasn’t had any experienced receivers to ever play with and learn from. Some folks tend to forget that many receivers can play a huge part in helping their QB’s understand how a DB plays and why they should audible to an in route vice an out route, etc.

    Finnegan is also a veteran, again not in the Top 10 of his position, but he’s a proven CB. His attitude borderline parallels Aquib Tablib’s, but at least his problems have been on the field and not in the court house.

    Signing both of these players prior to the draft really opens the door to what the Bucs can do in the draft. Everyone tends to agree that they should draft Richardson, Claiborne, or Blackmon but this could alleviate the need to draft any of them. We could instead possibly trade down a few spots, get more draft picks, and still draft Richardson, who many agree may not go in the top 10, or even get another RB later in the 1st or 2nd round.

    Please, let Cole be right, and please let Bucs management be serious about spending some money.

  13. Well, its clearly going to be the rams since it looks like they’re not going to keep Brandon Lloyd and Al Harris just retired.

  14. Being a Buc fan, I would not mind these signings. All I want is that the Glazers to come off the hip and spend some of that money… Another WR I would like to see come to Tampa is Reggie Wayne…

  15. Being I’m a Ram’s say we need WR and CB help is a HUGE understatement. Oh and we need OLB and O-line help. And maybe a new DC

  16. NO TEAM NEEDS CB & WR worse than the Bucs. This would be too sweet. One small correction to the article: Talib’s suspension is a foregone conclusion but it won’t start right away because Talib will be in prison for awhile. I don’t think you can get away with shooting at a fleeing unarmed man even in George Bush’s home state.

  17. edmazeing1, your comments taint these message boards. Please stop, you’ve never had a good post.

  18. It could also be chicago. Plenty of cap space. Need to upgrade or atleast add depth at corner. Also think jackson would want a ring. Chicago is closer to that than Tampa. Why leave the chargers and go to a team in rebuild mode?? Chicago just needs a few key players like jackson.

  19. Bucs have the money….and then some. $67 million in cap space and that might go up even more if the league increases the cap.

    They can pay VJ and Finnegan each $12 million and still have a ton left over to sign Nicks. They can outbid every team in the league, easily.

    Question is…will the Glazers spend any money? The reason they have so much cap room is because they’ve been cheap for the last 3 years not signing anyone.

  20. Denver Broncos need a cornerback to play opposite Champ Bailey and they need a number one receiver. Jackson won’t want to deal with Tebow 46% passer rating though.

  21. Can you please explain to me why Vincent Jackson gets all this respect? He’s been in the league since, like 2006 and has never had 10 tds
    Rivers built that dudes career.

  22. I love the guys on here who are so ignorant as to why “would VJAX care” where Courtland wants him to play. If you followed the league or read any articles you’d know Courtland & VJax are good buddies, and they have also mentioned wanting their other boy (Tulloch) LB FA from the Lions to join them all on the same team. This is a very real possibility & would be major upgrades for the Bucs if they can make this happen.

  23. These guys could care less about championships and winning. Consider this a done deal, the bucs can and will outbid anyone to fill the seats this year. Nice rport Cole

  24. Finnegan and Vincent Jackson want to get paid the bigs bucks … so I guess that rules out the Bucs.

  25. Finnegan is going to Detroit……V.Jackson is going to Carolina. Both fill needs and could make the Playoffs a real possibility for both.

  26. Okay, I am in dream world, but, it’s my world and I like it:

    Manning takes over for Freeman, Freeman learns under the Best QB for the next 2 years.

    V. Jackson comes to Tampa because Finny just signed, and they like each other.

    Mario Williams sees the team building up, so he comes to Tampa

    Freeney is traded to Tampa after he begs to go there.

    Hillis converts to FB and becomes Tampa’s next Alstott

    Spruce up the O-line a little bit, and look out.

    Okay, got that off my chest. Wherever Manning goes, it will bring instant success, and make whatever team that signs him, will be huge in the News… The Buccaneers need to fill the stands, that would do it… even though i love Freeman.

  27. Oh, You Wishful Bloggers:

    Just because Tampa Bay may want and need Finnegan and Jackson and have all the “money in the world” that does not mean that it is a done deal. With all due respect for Jason Cole and Yahoo Sports this simply will not be allowed to happen and here are a few reasons why:

    San Diego Chargers GM A.J. Smith and Head Coach Norv Turner, against the wishes of the majority of true San Diego Chargers fans, were retained by owner Dean Spanos;

    Although Vincent Jackson has had his contract squabbles with the Chargers front office and even sat out for a long period of time in the 2010-2011 season he still came back to the team because of the relationships that he has with the players. Even Marcus McNeill under similar circumstances came back to the Chargers with his 6’7” head between his legs;

    As far as going to non-contending teams like Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis or Buffalo that also will just not happen;

    Even if St. Louis were to land Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne it still will not happen;

    The main reason being is that Vincent Jackson wants just like Peyton Manning to play for a team that has a “more likely” chance to not only make the playoffs, but play for a championship;

    As a matter of fact, both A.J. Smith and Norv Turner know that they need to keep Jackson to save their own behinds. Neither Malcolm Floyd nor Vincent Brown have developed into a #1 Receiver and the Chargers chances of landing Reggie Wayne are about the same as then landing Peyton Manning….nil;

    So what this all comes down to fellas is while there are some players that are only after the money I do not believe Jackson to be one of them. Regardless, he was franchised last year, and has plenty to live off of for a while;

    Don’t be surprised to see Finnegan come to San Diego as they need help for Quentin Jammer and Antoine Cason. Don’t be surprised to see Carl Nicks be recruited to replace Chris Dielman at Left Guard;

    And don’t underestimate the pull of having team members that support you as Philip Rivers has done his entire career with Vincent Jackson. Just ask yourselves on question: Does Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis or Buffalo have the same quality of quarterback as San Diego? Then you will see the obvious answer that Vincent Jackson is not going anywhere.

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