Report: Raiders restructure Richard Seymour and Michael Huff deals

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The Raiders had more work to do than any other team when it comes to getting under the cap by March 13th and they have reportedly taken some big steps toward that goal.

Defensive end Richard Seymour and safety Michael Huff have each restructured their contracts to create cap space for the 2012 season, according to a report from Brian McIntyre. Seymour lowered his $7.5 million base salary to $925,000 and turned the rest into a roster bonus that will be spread out over the remaining years of the contract. That contract now runs through 2016 after another year was tacked onto the deal to further spread the hit, although the outsized cap numbers and salaries over the next few years make it hard to imagine he’ll be anywhere close to the Raiders at that point.

Huff did pretty much the same thing, turning $3.3 million of his $4 million salary into a roster bonus while two more years were attached to the end of the contract to further spread the hit. These kinds of moves, which save the Raiders more than $11 million in cap space between them, are the easiest way for the Raiders to get down under the cap in time for the start of the league year. It means they will find themselves in pretty much the same spot next year, but that’s the downside to the deals the Raiders handed out in recent years.

There will have to be more of them — quarterback Carson Palmer and linebacker Kamerion Wimbley both make sense — but it does seem like the Raiders will be able to get under the cap threshold in time.

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  1. Carson will get traded to Seattle for a fifth round pick, then the raiders will go after tebow when manning goes to the broncos

  2. Al Davis is turning in his grave.

    Responsible management of the salary cap by the Raiders? Unthinkable!

  3. I know it sounds crazy, but this has been the best Raider offseason in years. No so much the addition/ subtraction of talent, but rather the “taking steps to clean up the mess and be a modern NFL franchise”.

    With a cleaned out front office, new GM and a traditional, coach-selected staff (with their own philosophies) I am excited to see how this season plays out!

  4. Uh oh. The picture shows Seymour tackling a quarterback… Clearly evidence off how bounties are ruining the game.

  5. Way to be team players fellas. Lord knows Al (RIP) paid you guys plenty over the years, and several others for that matter, its nice to see some loyalty. Now if they can get DHB to play for free, cause he has been stealin from the Raiders for a few years now…

  6. Reggie and DA are on top of things. Actually, they don’t have a choice. Glad to hear the players are buying in and are committed to winning. There is no doubt that Carson will also restructure his contract. Hopefully others will follow so that the Silver and Black can pick up a few FA’s or even a couple draft picks.

  7. That sure was nice of those 2 guys. I wonder if Chris Johnson would do something like that to help his team out?

  8. Excuse me for being selfish, but the only Raiders news I am interested in is if and when Jason Campbell becomes a Dallas Cowboy.

  9. Its not to hard to get under the cap… people just make a big deal about it until every team is under. But reggie knows what he’s doing, I bet he will cut wimbley because he isn’t worth his contract. Seymour is a leader and still is very useful, and huff is at least a top 10 safety in which is versatile and can play corner. Good moves reggie!

  10. We’re probably out of the running for any big FA signing, but we’re slowly fixing the over size salary to mediocre players. New GM and head coach already making the smart and necessary moves to build for 2012 and the future. Please, no more Stanford Routt, Wimbley, Javon Walker type of contracts.
    Got to concentrate on the draft and quality FAs to build for the future. AFC West is wide open. 3 different team have won the AFC West in 3 consecutive years. Oakland has a good shot as any in 2012.

  11. Watching the Raiders right now is like watching a spoiled child who has eaten nothing but sugar for years being put on a healthy diet. There will be some kicking and screaming, and it won’t turn around right away, but it the long run, it’s for their own good.

  12. Oh wow, what are you going to tell me next, water is wet?? Every year this same story is brought up here. I am not sure why it is made such a big deal as it is. EVERY SINGLE YEAR the Raiders are over the cap and they find a way to get under AND sign the FA’s they covet.

    Hopefully with McKenzie now running the show, the days of being 20+ million over the cap will be over and we can actually go into the offseason on the positive side. But, either way, let’s stop harping on this issue of the Raiders being over the cap and having to cut nearly half their team to get under. Tired and lame..

  13. That’s good news. If a guy like Seymour can restructure, it puts pressure on other players to restructure. Pressure in a good way mind you, you’ve got a super bowl winner, pro bowl caliber player adjusting to the cap, how would that make you look if you bounced because you didn’t want to restructure? Not as a team player perhaps. Either way, this is still good news. Good job McKenzie and Allen!

  14. “but it does seem like the Raiders will be able to get under the cap threshold in time.”

    Every year it’s the same old story, “The Raiders are in cap hell!”, but every year it’s not a problem.

    So much for having to clean house, lol.

    Anyway, Huff will finally be moved to CB, where he should have been from the beginning, IMO.

    Go Raiders!

  15. Ok, one more time for the gullible,…there is no salary cap and there never has been one. Its a tool devised by owners, used by owners, to get rid of high priced players they no longer want but need to tell the fanbase something…no team has ever had to part with a player due to the cap, nor has a team not gotten a player it wanted to due to a cap…period. I just set you all strait.

  16. I wish all of this hiding money and flim flammery would get forbidden. If the player gets paid ANY MONEY in the league year, it should hit the SALARY CAP for that year.
    Roster Bonus = Salary
    Performance Bonus=Salary
    Signing Bonus=Salary

  17. To the person that said Mr. Davis is rolling over because of good salary cap management.

    When have the Raiders ever run into problems with the salary cap? We always had stellar capologists..Fake fan.

  18. People spew nonsense about the Raiders because: 1) they watch too much sportscenter. 2) that’s what they were taught by their charger loving uncle 3) they don’t know any better.
    Bunch of simpletons, each and every one. The Raiders are a franchise on the rise- handle it.

  19. You can always trust Big Rich to put the Raiders before himself. I’ve loved this guy ever since Al traded for him. I sure bet New England has missed him lately.

    As for Huff, it seems like Dennis Allen has taken him on a personal project. If Allen can get Huff to play as a starting corner, rather than his current totem pole position as a passing-downs-only free safety, then we’ve got a great head coach.

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