Talib’s lawyer says allegation of threat is false

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Earlier on Thursday, MDS pointed out that a lawsuit has been filed against Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib regarding a claim that Talib caused an automobile accident in December 2010, and then threatened the woman driving the other car.

Specifically, Talib allegedly said he would “put a cap in [her].”

Talib’s lawyer, Jay Reisinger of Pittsburgh, has issued a statement in response to the suit.

“Fifteen months ago, on December 9, 2010, Aqib Talib was involved in a very minor traffic accident involving Betty Atwood,” Reisinger said.  “Ms. Atwood placed a 911 call to report the accident, and was also interviewed by police at the scene of the accident.  At no time during the 15 months since the accident has Ms. Atwood ever reported this alleged statement to the police.  Further, we have witness statements confirming that Aqib never made a statement of this nature toward Ms. Atwood.   Following the accident, Ms. Atwood discovered that Aqib played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  In order to leverage a substantial monetary settlement, she concocted a tale to increase her alleged damages.  Aqib is evaluating his legal options with respect to this false allegation.  Aqib is confident that once all of the facts are known, this matter will be resolved favorably and in an expeditious fashion.”

It would be wise for Talib to simply defend the claim on its merits, and to refrain filing suit against the woman as retaliation for the allegedly false statement.

It also would be wise to not put a cap in her.  That ordinarily goes without saying, but in light of the pending criminal charges against Talib, it never hurts to be crystal clear on matters of this nature.

20 responses to “Talib’s lawyer says allegation of threat is false

  1. The cops even showed up to the accident and she didn’t say a thing? Previously I thought no cops showed up at all. You’d think if it affected her that much she would’ve told the authorities what occured once they got there. Nice try Ms. Atwood. Next time you try and get some quick bucks, falsify your statements sooner than 15 months later.

  2. Of course its false, eye roll…

    When Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers gets accused of a threat, and their lawyer says the claims are false, I will buy that. When Talib is involved with anything related to any law breaking, I have a hard time buying it

  3. December 2010 and she now brings a lawsuit and only wants $15,000. Talib is certainly no saint (well there is new meaning to that these days) but this looks like a money grab.

  4. He wouldn’t be much of an attorney if he had said,

    “Talib’s lawyer says allegation of threat is completely true, but we’re going to fight it anyway.”

  5. Talib is as “Pure as the Driven Snow”…. after it’s been plowed into a snowbank on a Detroit street corner and frozen solid for about a month. This guy is an ultra-turd. Not saying he’s guilty in this case and Ms. Betty may just be trying to cash in. But isn’t it amazing how trouble just seems to follow certain individuals around? Talib is one of those individuals and it is not a coincidence. “I’ll put a cap in you”…. yup, that sounds about right to me.

  6. This just in…the plaintiff has been informed that there is a bounty on her. Fortunately for her it is the Bucs defense! Zing!

  7. Good ole’ Talib. Between this charmer and Blount is there any wonder no one in this city supports these buffoons?

  8. He seems to be innocent this time around but this will happen again and again, the Bucs just need to release him cause as much as we need him he seems to always be making the wrong decisions, just another waste of a good draft pick and to think we could have drafted AP and Aaron Rodgers when they were available

  9. This is bogus and a 100% false allegation because Talib-an would never say “I’m going to put a cap in you”. It would definitely be “I’ma Bussa Cap inya”. Lady really needs to get her story straight before making false allegations. The Texas hanging judge is going to light him up anyway. Can you say Mo Claiborne.

    Hey aqib, “Bubbye”.

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