Glazer: Teams want Peyton as a free-agent recruiter

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Quarterback Peyton Manning intends to have a new team within a week.  As Jay Glazer of FOX pointed out earlier on Thursday via Twitter, teams want to get Peyton on board as soon as possible.

As Glazer explains, teams want to use Manning as a recruiting tool for other free agents.

The first target, of course, will be receiver Reggie Wayne.  Beyond that, plenty of other guys with options could end up opting to join Peyton’s new team.

And Manning will have every incentive to cooperate.  Winning another Super Bowl surely is at or near the top of his list, and attracting quality players will go a long way toward making that happen.

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  1. thankheavenfornumberseven says:
    Mar 8, 2012 5:47 PM
    He’s going to have to have a pretty cap-friendly contract for that strategy to work.

    If he wants another ring or two over extra cash, he may very well do such a thing. Less money, but all of it guaranteed might be the ticket here.

  2. Hate to say it, but Miami is going to be a tough out next year. Peyton plus Lil Wayne … a decent draft … it’s not going to be fun playing them.

  3. Reggie Wayne to replace Sidney Rice, and Manning on the Seahawks and that’s a really great opportunity (in the NFC West) to get to the superbowl.

    We have a great defense, a strong running game, Reggie Wayne would add a LOT to our receiver corps, and Manning could replace Darrell Bevell, and in the nfc west that team could REALLY shine. And even though our is an open air stadium, the weather really doesn’t play a big roll in games played at Century Link field. And the fans are absolutely die hard. You either love the Seahawks or you hate the Seahawks and at all those sold out games you will only find people who LOVE the Seahawks.. and a few die hard 49ers fans. lol

    Lets play football!

  4. Shoot, Peyton raked in more than $20,000,000 last season and didn’t play a down.

    If he’s really serious about trying to win another ring (fat chance of that since he chokes in post-season) and thus be in a tie with his younger brother (who will win at least one more SB ring during his career because he has the right stuff), Peyton’ll take a low-ball offer and save the big money for a supporting cast who can get the team to the Big Show.

    For those who don’t understand sarcasm, the above means it ain’t gonna happen because for Peyton it’s always about the money and has been for many, many years.

  5. “He’s going to have to have a pretty cap-friendly contract for that strategy to work.”

    Or he could just sign with a team that has plenty of cap space to work with after giving him a big contract. Arizona and Miami do not fit that criteria. Sea and KC do.

  6. When he goes to KC, he’ll only need to bring two or three guys (Wayne, Saturday and Diem), and the Chiefs are pretty well set. KC could then use almost all their draft picks on defense, improving an already very strong unit. I’m booking that NOLA trip today.

  7. He wants to play. He wants to win. Sitting out an entire season will make him more determined and better than ever. Having Reggie in the mix-better still. Familiarity and comfort. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already worked out privately in Miami facilities. Why not. They have an interest, he’s close, anxious to play. Peyton doesn’t need money. He needs a new football home-in the AFC.

  8. My guess is that it would have to be more guarantee money. He didn’t want to take a pay cut to stay in Indy, how big of a cut was it? Then again, 13 years in Indy with talent and only 1 ring?

  9. No one has cleared him to play. No one knows what the first “blows him up” hit will do to a neck that is fused. He is a huge gamble. If he wouldn’t work a $$ friendly to his only and favorite team, what team will pay him what we would have earned this year ($28 + $7 million) and be able to put players out there that can protect him and catch the ball ??? Only pockets that deep are in Seattle. But rain vs. sun > Miami might have the chutzpah and $$ to swing a deal. Peyton and a rookie NFL coach … it will be great following that story line throughout the season.

    Can’t wait until next season starts!

  10. As if every QB isn’t motivated to win the SB – especially QBs who aren’t injured. How can any player Manning ‘recruits’ depend upon his performance at this point? Are they gonna sign as a FA just hoping Manning will be able to play in Sept?

  11. He doesn’t necessarily need a friendly cap number, most of the teams vying for a quarterback are doing so because (a) they don’t have a good one or (b) they aren’t good all around. Most of these teams are not good because they don’t have a lot of quality players and because of that most have quite a bit of salary cap space to use. Teams with 30 million can easily employ this tactic and could entice Peyton precisely for this reason.

  12. Manning to the Eagles, draft picks for vick, rescind desean, sign wayne, strengthen defense (ilb, olb, fs, ss) and oline in the free agency… D….D…D..D.DREAM TEAM

  13. if Manning was a major choke artist in the playoffs in his PRIME before any neck surgeries, what makes you think he will all of a sudden become clutch in the playoffs at age 36 with 4 neck surgeries when he couldn’t do it all of his career , even going back to college? i can’t believe a team will be dumb enough to destroy their cap space to sign this guy. He will end his career just like favre did, by throwing a game ending interception

  14. I wonder where Tebow will line up with Manning starting in Denver. I hope he has the patience to sit & learn, but that’s probably wishful thinking. Is almost rather roll the dice with Tbow, as a Broncos fan, I know there are a lot more holes to fill than just the QB position…

  15. bozosforall says:
    Mar 8, 2012 5:51 PM
    If he wants another ring or two over extra cash, he may very well do such a thing. Less money, but all of it guaranteed might be the ticket here.

    It also wouldn’t surprise me if he takes all the cash he can get. He certainly didn’t mind shafting the Colts.

  16. I get Miami as a destination since manning has a condo there and lives there 3-4 months out of the year, so the familiarity with the city is important. I just don’t know why he would want to play in the same division as Brady and have to go thru new england…you would think he has had enough of that lol. And I really don’t think they are just a QB away from a super bowl. Neither are the redskins or Seahawks. The only teams that have a viable shot at him that are a QB away from super bowl contention are the texans and cardinals. Texans have a foster, Johnson, a solid defense and a winnable and familiar division. Cardinals also have a very winnable division, a decent defense, serviceable RB and Larry Fitzgerald (who would match mannings work ethic stride for stride) Whereas Miami does not have a winnable division, a star WR Marshall who has nowhere near the work ethic or determination as manning and a underwhelming RB who’s off more than on.

  17. My worst fear is Manning to Philadelphia. I hope they stick with this failing running quarterback system that has kept them from winning a title while every other team in the NFC east have won a few SBs each.

  18. The aged broke-neck QB will attract other past their prime players to form a geriatric whirlwind that will be unstoppable in their quest for the Super Bowl.

  19. Manning to Miami is Imminent! They have arguably the best left tackle in the NFL… if Saturday follows, Pouncey moves to Guard and then the Dolphins take a tackle with their 1st pick for Manning’s sight side. Not to mention Reggie Wizzle will follow him too. Reggie Bush out of the backfield and Devon Bess underneath… oh yeah B. Marshall is a “decent” option too! Double Duels with Brady each season have to be attractive to a competitor with a boulder on his shoulder like Manning has to be enticing too. Plus he can sit court side at Heat games and enjoy their championship quest. Did I mention the weather down here? Oh yeah no State taxes either!!!!

  20. No matter where Manning lands he’ll help serve the primary purpose of every player on every team but 1 and that’s to keep a Lombardi from every being seen in the trophy case of the vikequeefs.

  21. Honestly, if Manning is looking for the best situation of this scenario, look no further than the 40+ Million in cap space for next season Washington Redskins.

    They already have two pretty good TEs in Fred Davis and Chris Cooley. They got three good youngsters in Hightower, Helu and Royster. The D is pretty good. They have a few of the “U” guys on the roster now and adding Wayne along with someone like Colston or VJax could very well happen. The OLine will need some help (which having Manning will easily bring in Grubbs and/or Nicks into the fold).

    Not to mention the Skins could then trade up for RG3 to be Manning’s backup…. cause they’ll have the starters they need via Manning.

    PManning if you want to win the SB now with YOUR team, the Redskins are the team for you.

  22. To those who think Manning is about the $$$ check your facts…every penny from his NFL paycheck EVER has gone to charity. He lives off his endorsments. Many of you should be so lucky to have companies offering you what he gets. If you were supporting chariyies like he does you also would get as much as you can and he has…look it up

  23. As to Manning in Denver…timmy is a team player. The thought of him in the backfield with Manning for a runningback with options should and I bet is making the Denver coaching staff and others salivate at the thought. Defenses would gringe.

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