When will Manning throw?


Peyton Manning has had his freedom for more than a day.  His camp has been leaking all sorts of details to the media, including teams interested in acquiring Manning’s services and his timetable for picking a new one.

But there has been nothing regarding when — or if — he’ll be showing a team that he can throw the ball well enough to justify a significant financial investment, along with placement at the top of the depth chart.

Surely, no team will offer him a contract without seeing him throw in person, and not through a grainy, 27-second YouTube video.  So why isn’t he at a team facility right now, showing what he can do?

Some in league circles wonder whether he’s simply not ready to throw, despite his readiness to join a new team.  If that’s the case, all it takes is one owner (cough . . . Stephen Ross . . . cough) sufficiently desperate to sell tickets now to take the requirement that he prove his abilities off the table.

In the end, if Manning chooses Miami, that could be the reason for it.  Ross could be the only owner who’ll pay him millions, sight unseen.

Other than, of course, Jim Irsay last August.

Here’s more on the topic, from Thursday’s PFT Live.

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19 responses to “When will Manning throw?

  1. Some in league circles wonder whether he’s simply not ready to throw, despite his readiness to join a new team.

    Hey, he’s not going to throw because he can’t. His readiness to join a new team? It’s really a readiness to swindle some owner into paying him.

  2. holdthemayo123 says: Mar 8, 2012 2:30 PM

    Why throw? He probably knows some loser team like the Jets will take him no matter what.
    Good point…If a team does take a chance why not a NFC team not named the 9ers? I would love to see the Hawks or the Cards get stiffed (again for the Cards…special thanks to the Eagles on that one!).

  3. I don’t care where he ends up because I’m a Lions fan and happy with our team, but out of respect for one of the game’s best QB’s ever, I don’t understand the bashing.

    He said last week that he would be ok and was all for signing a contract with no guaranteed money. If anyone thinks this is about money, you have the wrong player!

  4. As a Phinfan this smells fishy to me. Don’t think Ross has a clue about the football end of the NFL. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Ross throw $$ at Peyton and not see him throw. Typical Dolphin owner upper management ignorance. No Superbowl wins in 40 years, and no Superbowl visits in roughly 30 years. Why does this franchise always seem a “couple of players” away all the time and get nowhere?!! Think Ross before you leap with Manning. Screw this up and it will be years before Miami sniffs a SB!!

  5. and to be honest, the only stupid team out there is the 49ers, they have a team ready to win, all they need is good QB play, and sorry, but Alex Smith is not the answer!! didn’t he have 1 completion to a WR in the NFC Championship game?!?!? that’s pathetic!!!

  6. This is bizarre. I can’t believe any team is even talking to him without insisting on seeing him work out. It’s a waste of time and scouting resources. A healthy Peyton Manning could be a miracle asset–in the short term–for a lot of teams on the cusp. But if he can’t throw under game pressure, he’s no more useful to them than I’d be. This is like a football version of the Emperor’s New Clothes. When is someone going to point out that the QB is naked?

  7. If the Seahawks sign him, I hope that he plays at a high level for a couple of years while they develop a player for the future.

    If the Seahawks do not sign him, I hope he sucks and just doesn’t have it anymore.

  8. Ross is the reason the Fins are a freak show and not a legitimate team. He is also the reason they will not be a serious contender as long as he owns the team.

    I can only think of 2 other owners as foolish as Ross. The late Al Davis and the clown Dan Snyder.

  9. @ thatobnoxiousguy:

    You are 100% correct, sir. Ross is making a mess of this once-proud franchise and things will only get worse as long as he is in control. And he would absolutely be dumb enough to pay without seeing him workout.

  10. I get it, Stephen Ross is a bozo. You don’t have to point it out literally every single chance you can. I don’t see Ross doing anything wrong in terms of his pursuit of Manning.

    If his goal is to sell more tickets than he’ll accomplish that with Manning regardless of how healthy he is.

  11. Sight unseen? I think Irsay had seen him up close and personal for 13 years. That money was a thank you for the past, not salary for 2011.

  12. Unless I missed something in the article. No one has given Manning a contract sight unseen. So why all the panic in the above replies.

  13. He’s damaged goods, he’s not ever gonna be the same ol Peyton again, your team isn’t a instant SB contender cause u signed him, clowns!!! I guess Irsay knew what he was doing,folks said he was stupid to release him, he’hurt folks!!!

  14. Ross is absolutely dumb enough. And the fans are absolutely dumb enough to demand he do it. All you gotta do is listen to sports talk radio down here. It’s hilarious. Their reasoning? He owns a home in Miami and why wouldn’t he want to sign here because:

    A) Ross will throw money at him, and

    B) Miami has nice weather.

    No mention of the actual team is being made……which is not even close to contention. I’m no 49ers fans, but that is the only place where he can step right into Super Bowl contention to make the most of the 2 or maybe 3 seasons he left (if he even lasts a single series). And don’t you think that if he were really healthy he’d still be a Colt?

  15. While this type of back office stuff is rarely discussed by the sportstalkers, the most important workout for Peyton will be his physical assessment that will be done by the insurance company, typically Lloyds of London, that will provide injury insurance to a team that gives him a large of guaranteed money upfront. Just like college seniors who get injury insurance, no team will sign Peyton without having a significant portion of his upfront money insured against an season/career ending injury during the life of the contract. I expect that Peyton’s agents at CAA will ultimately arrange for this physical assessment and that Peyton will not workout for any team until this assessment is favorable to Peyton. Peyton may already have this done and the answer is a positive one. I suspect, however, that the mere fact that Peyton has been cleared to play is simply a statement that the neck vertebra have healed. This declaration does not address the risk/likelihood of further injury to the neck. That is exactly the issue that an insurer’s physical examination would focus on. Unless, Peyton’s injury is already an insurable risk, don’t expect any workouts until then.

  16. mjkelly77 says:
    Mar 8, 2012 2:24 PM
    Some in league circles wonder whether he’s simply not ready to throw, despite his readiness to join a new team.

    Hey, he’s not going to throw because he can’t. His readiness to join a new team? It’s really a readiness to swindle some owner into paying him.

    Poor mjkellie. Never a thrower, only a catcher.

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