Brian Griese makes the case for Peyton Manning in Denver

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Brian Griese, the former Denver quarterback who is now the Broncos’ radio color commentator, believes that the Broncos are one of the favorites to land Peyton Manning.

Griese said on Mike and Mike in the Morning that he thinks the Broncos like Manning and that Manning should like the Broncos, and that there’s a good chance of a deal getting done.

“I think it’s very realistic,” Griese said. “More realistic than people would realize.”

One of the reasons for that is the man who ultimately calls the shots in Denver, John Elway, knows from first-hand experience that an older quarterback, even one who may have lost a little bit physically, can win a Super Bowl.

“John Elway won two Super Bowls when he was 37 and 38 in Denver,” Griese said. “I think Denver is certainly in play.”

Griese said he believes Elway will woo Manning by talking up the talent that’s already on the Broncos’ offense, especially left tackle Ryan Clady, and say that the Broncos will be aggressive in upgrading at the areas where they’re lacking. Elway will tell Manning that he’s going to put a Super Bowl-quality roster around him.

“The differentiating factor in Denver will be John Elway and his ability to connect with Peyton Manning,” Griese said.

So what about the man Elway has vowed will be the starter heading into training camp?

“It’s not about Tim Tebow. This is not a situation where Tim Tebow would be cut or released or traded. He’s got three years left on his contract,” Griese said. “This is not a situation where the Broncos are giving up on Tim Tebow. I think this is more about trying to win a Super Bowl with a team that they have now and adding Peyton Manning, and where that puts them in relation to the rest of the league, and the opportunities they have.”

Griese even said he thinks Tebow could get some playing time on the field with Manning.

“Tim Tebow wouldn’t get on the field as much but I still think he could get on the field and play a role with Peyton Manning,” Griese said.

Peyton Manning lining up under center in Denver with fullback Tim Tebow behind him? It might just be crazy enough to work.

25 responses to “Brian Griese makes the case for Peyton Manning in Denver

  1. Denver is the only serious team about him that went to playoffs last year right? that should help…

  2. Wow, you managed to work Manning and Tebow into the same article.

    If you’d have made a Favre reference, it would have been complete.

  3. The Broncos have so many fond memories of the Brian Griese era for the Broncos. The one moment I remember was when Terrell Davis’s career was pretty much ended after one of Griese’s interception. One of TD’s own linemen rolled up on his knee.

    Why would Peyton want to go and play in the Tebow circus where Peyton would be a pulled in certain situations for Tebow or the fans start chanting for Tebow after an off game?

  4. Don’t tell Peyton he will come of the field for Tebow or you have no shot at landing him. Hey Peyton it’s 2nd and goal from the 5 come on out we’re going to run it with Tebow. That will make him happy. Only chance the Broncos have is to get rid of Tebow.

  5. Oh suddenly Denver is going to build a retractable roof for manning on their brand new stadium? Doubt it. Peyton expects to play at home in January. Denver is not attractive to a qb who has built his career predominantly in a dome.

  6. Oh ya, between that Tebow mess and the cold weather on his neck, I’m sure he’ll want to go to Denver.


  7. Apart from the Niners and Cardinals, Denver actually makes sense… though they probably regret giving away Marshall last year? I’m guessing wherever Manning goes he’d like a few of his receivers (Wayne, Clark, etc.) to come with if possible.
    Tebow can wait – if he doesn’t understand that he’s not an NFL passer yet then he doesn’t know football.
    And why not have Manning handoff to Tebow at the goal line?

    Also Tebow (and other second or third string QBs on other teams) should get more “garbage” time if his team is way ahead or way behind especially at the end of games. This notion that the number one guy has to play all 60 minutes is outdated now. I can’t believe people are willing to risk injury to their starting QB for the sake of stats. It’s a vicious circle – with the exception apparently of Matt Flynn – if your backups never play in game situations, how will they ever be ready? Manning should now know this best of all – the Colts weren’t ready last year.

  8. If the Broncos would have had a real QB last season then they would have made a deeper playoff run. The running game and defense were pretty solid. They won despite Tebow.

  9. 1.) Peyton doesn’t want to play in cold weather.

    2.) Peyton doesn’t want to be the bad guy to run Tim Tebow out of town.

    I don’t see this happening.

  10. Brian Griese is doing and saying what he has to in order to stay on the air-he has to suck up the loud mouth cry baby donkey lovers who listen to the station he works for.

  11. If Griese is using the “Elway” rationale, I’m thinkin’ Manning relationship with Marino would far outweigh that……….and Manning is a great guy, but obviously an ego-maniac. He’s not going to get mixed up with the Tebow situation. He’ll want the focus on him. If Manning goes there, Tebow has to go.

  12. I find the whole “cold weather” argument to be overblown.

    Places like Denver and Seattle can still be mild, if not still outright hot, in September. and remain mild, if cooler, into October and early November. I went to a game in Denver a couple of years ago in September, and it was in the low 90s. I’ve been to four games in Seattle in September, and three of those days were PERFECT, without a cloud in sight (the fourth was overcast, 60s, no rain).

    You’re talking about 2-3 home games a year, at most, where it might be cold enough to comment on. Denver and KC get road games in San Diego and Oakland every year. Seattle gets road games in San Francisco and two domes (AZ and STL) every year.

    Also, it makes a huge difference playing in cold weather when you’re on the home team. When you’re on the team that’s used to cushy dome conditions, it’s a PITA, but when the entire team trains around playing in such conditions, it can make things downright warm. Plus, every stadium has those warmers on the sidelines that can keep players comfy even in Lambeau in January.

    The whole “cold weather” thing is incredibly overblown. Might as well suggest Miami is off the list because he’ll play at least one game in 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity.

  13. 1team1nation says: Mar 9, 2012 9:59 AM

    With or without Manning, Broncos still gonna suck!
    How long has it been since that pathetic excuse of a franchise you root for went to the playoffs or been relevant in any way, shape, or form? Except of course on draft day when they are usually drafting track stars in the top ten. Go play in traffic moron.

  14. “Its not about Tim Tebow”

    Truer words were never spoken. Thanks, Brian Griese for saying out loud what most everyone outside the media already knows.

    And since “everyone knows” that Timmy is “unselfish” and a “team player” who “only cares about winning” I’m sure he wouldn’t mind switching to fullback to help Peyton bring the Lombardi trophy back to Denver.

  15. fishtank86

    do you have a clue what you’re talking about? Quarterbacks generally love throwing in Denver. The light air allows them to throw the ball farther. Denver also has relatively good weather. When was the last time in snowed during a Bronco game? Last I can recall is 2004.

  16. Given that Manning demands on taking every single practice snap and refuses to come out of games, even in blowouts, any backup QB including the sainted one will have to get used to sitting on the bench. The only thing bigger than Manning’s oversized head is his ego. I don’t see Devner fans accepting Tebow on the bench without puting up more billboards.

  17. I don’t see it happening. No roof, to cold, way to high in altitude, will need receivers, and have to trade Tebow. Granted Manning would make getting rid of Tebow eaiser. Manning will still go south I think. The best fit would still be Texans. With Manning they are set up to win 2 or 3 Super Bowls. Arizona, Miami, and Seattle are to far away from being a real contender.

  18. @spellingcops – You hurt my feelings, no need for name calling. Also, no need to get butt hurt on thinking your team sucks, because they really do…just saying!

  19. If they sign Peyton they should just convert tebow as the teams official pope he wears the big hat and walks on the side lines encouraging players to believe god will deliver .

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