Colts cut Gary Brackett


Days after the Colts cut their longtime offensive captain, Peyton Manning, they’ve cut their longtime defensive captain, Gary Brackett, as well.

Brackett, who was limited to just one game last year because of a shoulder injury, has been released, according to ESPN’s John Clayton.

The move is not a surprise after Colts owner Jim Irsay hinted this week that Manning wouldn’t be the last veteran player released.

Brackett, who will turn 32 in May, has played his entire career with the Colts. He now becomes an unrestricted free agent.

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  1. colt’s ain’t messing around…looks like they want to win that #1 draft pick again next year.

  2. In related news, several Mayflower trucks have pulled up in Indy. Rumor has it Irsay is moving the team to Juarez, Mexico as no one wants to see the Colts in 2012.

  3. Irsay be stuntin like his daddy. “With the first pick of the 2014 NFL draft, the Los Angeles Colts select…”

  4. Brackett was a serviceable player. But his better days are behind him. As Clark and bulliett. It would be a bigger mistake to had kept them. Save money n draft some up and coming player this draft or FA. All players don’t fit in every coaches system. Gotten get players that are familiar wth that system, hence the rebuilding remark

  5. Angerer is the new Brackett.

    Love how people think they are moving to LA.

    What a joke you are.

    Colts will be bringing in some playmakers now. Looking forward to it.

  6. Could fit in with the Bengals considering they’ll need a middle linebacker at least 4 games while Maualuga is under suspension. Which he will be for punching that bartender.

  7. @jgava19

    What playmakers will they bring in ? They still don’t have any cap space because it’s now all tied up in dead money. Sure they can draft Luck and put him behind the worst o-line in the NFL and hope for the best but that’s only going to lead to a very short career for Luck. There’s no reason to think that Luck can do it all by himself anyways. He no longer has a line to protect him, anyone to throw it to, he never would’ve had a real RB to hand it off to, and all of the good defensive players the Colts did have have been cut, will be cut, or they’re trying to trade away. By the end of next week 75% of the Colts season ticket holders will have gotten rid of their tickets and the other 25% will get rid of their tickets once Luck either a.) pulls an Elway and refuses to play for the Colts or b.) gets his shoulder separated in week 1. This on top of the fact that Irsay wants to and has always wanted to move the Colts out of Indianapolis leads me to one logical conclusion. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Los Angeles Colts.

  8. As a Jag fan, I was hoping the day the Colts were gutted would come much sooner.

    Now I just feel a bit sad for them.

    Nah, never mind. They beat the crap out of us for a decade – I hope they suffer for at least 7 years.

  9. as a Bucs fan I’d like to see them sign him so much it hurts me to think about it…

    And then double down and get Manning and Wayne too. Instant win.

  10. If Denver signs Manning an I say if will they offer short deals with Dallas Clark since they need a tight end and Reggie Wayne since they need another W.R. as well? It helps Manning an it helps Denver.

  11. Tsizzle, relax. They were bogged down by heavy contracts and aging vets. In order to clean slate and rebuild (as they did in 97 offseasn for Manning) they had to make these moves. Most of the money frees completely in 2013, one year.

    While difficult to watch, these are bold but necessary decisions to anyone who understands the Colts situation… which you don’t.

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