Colts engaged in Dwight Freeney trade talks


Dwight Freeney said this week that he plans to stay in Indianapolis. But that may not be in the cards.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Colts are fielding calls from teams interested in trading for Freeney.

The Colts just signed defensive end Robert Mathis to a new contract that pays him $17 million this year, and it might not make sense for them to also keep Freeney on his current deal, which pays him a base salary of more than $14 million. So it’s not surprising that a trade is an option.

However, Schefter also writes that the Colts aren’t going to give Freeney up for nothing: They’re only going to trade him if they think they’re getting fair value in return.

The question is whether any other team will want to pay Freeney more than $14 million. He’s one of the best pass rushers of his generation, but he’s also 32 years old, and his sack totals have declined from 13.5 in 2009 to 10.0 in 2010 to 8.5 in 2011. A base salary that high may be hard to justify for a player whose best years are behind him.

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  1. The Colts terrible secondary is to blame for his decline in sacks. Opposing WRs were giving 10 yd cushions all the time and WRs were open with 1 second of the snap of the ball.

    The guy was a disruptive beast all season long. But if he didnt get there within 2 seconds, the ball was already out and couldnt get the sack…

  2. He’ll be tough to trade. One year left with a base salary over $14 million. And no agent. So who exactly do you talk to about an long-term deal?

  3. I remember when the Colts drafted him. I was hoping he’d fall to Chicago. Freeney fits the Bears D so well, it’s scary. Especially with Peppers on the other side.

    You can have Manning. Give us Freeney!

  4. Maybe he wasn’t as effective last year because teams spent the entire second half running the ball since they were already up by 3 scores.

    Major lack of opportunities. Still… at 14 million you can’t expect anyone to offer anymore than a late 2nd rounder.

  5. To bad for the Colts that Al Davis died, this is just the kind of player and contract he would deal for…

  6. As a Jags fan – I would like to offer Aaron Kampman straight up for Dwight Freeney. I think that makes alot of sense for both sides.

  7. I see him getting cut. If Freeney can negotiate a sensible sign-and-trade with another team, it’s possible. I want to know what the Colts consider fair value. I would give up a conditional 4th, at best, and only if I was a contending team desperate for pass rush help (Falcons? Patriots?). He’s not going to be a cornerstone for a rebuilding team, and guys like Strahan who can be productive well into their 30s are the exception, not the rule. $31 million for 2 guys over 30 with no experience in the new scheme? No thanks.

  8. — Due $14 million this year
    — On the wrong side of 30.
    — But “not giving him up for nothing.”

    Good luck with that, Kenny Powers (or whoever the new GM is).

  9. Why would the Eagles trade for another DE over 30, when they just signed Babin as a FA last year who beasted with sacks. Also have all pro pro bowler Trent Cole who beatsed as well. Great tandem. Not to mention they drafted Brandon Graham couple years ago who has been hurt this past year and is in a complete make or break year. Eagles need MLB, another Outside Backer and a safety. Not another DE when they have a rotation as good as any maybe besides to the only super bowl champions NYG.

  10. They paid Mathis the cash because they are going to use him as a LB since he has done it, and expressed interest in it again. Freeney can’t make that transition. Love the beast, but not looking good for Freeney to be on the Colts 😦

  11. $14 million for a 32 yo DL, plus you have to give them something for the privilege? No thanks. That is a fools deal. But the jets would probably be interested.

  12. They are not going to just cut him.

    And there is no way Luck will pull and Elway or Eli on Colts. He’s coming.

    Get used to it, Haters!

  13. I think you guys are hanging onto that $14 million number a little to tightly. This isn’t the NBA or MLB, so that base salary number is not guaranteed.

    Freeney would re-negotiate his deal with whatever team signs him to free up cap space and lock himself into more guaranteed money he’d get at 32 than he’d face one year down the road.

    Indy has no incentive to cut Freeney and lose out on the 3rd or 4th round comp pick they would have coming by letting his contract expire due to the huge salaries that elite pass rushers command in free agency.

  14. of all the suggestions I’ve read on here, the Bears make the most sense. Of course that would be predicated on Freeney renegotiating his contract, which he would almost be guaranteed to do to get his cash upfront.

  15. Wouldn’t be surprised if Irsay was trying to make the Colts as bad as possible for the next few years so he can move the team to L.A. like he’s always wanted to do. He be stuntin like his daddy.

  16. They’re stuck with him.

    Like the other guys said, 14 mil plus give something up in a trade?

    Any team that would do that is cap-foolish.

  17. Well, he’s an undersized Defensive End with a good motor and history of injuries, sounds like the Eagles will be interested…

  18. Trade Samuel and a pick for Freeney? Should be the other way around. Freeney and a pick for Samuel. But hey…I guess Freeney IS an upgrade over Brandon Graham.

  19. Oh another player with a recognizable name on the market. I guess Eagles fans think they should go get him, huh? Funny how the franchise has gone from shrewd long-term thinking to…….well the Redskins. Eagles Guy just loves winning the off-season, but not the regular or post-season apparently.

  20. damnsureis says:
    Mar 9, 2012 11:32 AM
    There’s going to be a lot of Colts jerseys on clearance this year.
    – – –
    Hmm… a player can’t change his number without buying up all the unsold jerseys, but nothing against the team trading a player that’s under contract. Obviously wouldn’t want to put a rule against this but it is interesting.

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