Does Manning make sense in Miami?

Mike Florio talks with Miami Herald reporter Armando Salguero about whether Peyton Manning would be a good fit for the Dolphins and how their plan B should look.

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1 responses to “Does Manning make sense in Miami?

  1. I think that the contest is between us and Denver. Denver has lots of cash on hand; more than us. Denver went to the playoffs, while we watched on TV. Denver has a good coaching staff and a good defense. We have a new coaching staff and a defense that let Tebow beat them late in the game. Elway and Bowlen have to have the edge over Ireland and Ross.

    On the other hand, weather, lifestyle and taxes go to Miami. We are looking for our next football superstar. Our offense might be better than Denver’s offense with Manning at the wheel! We have an easy schedule, with the exception of the Patriots and the 49ers. (Oops! Brady twice a year, sorry that I mentioned it!)

    I am hoping that Ross offers him a minority ownership in the Dolphins and leases the Doral Country Club exclusively for Peyton! Since Peyton already has a jet, Ross should buy Peyton his own Cruise ship! How about the USS Manning Superstar? Oh, I forgot! The City of Miami is going to rename Biscayne Boulevard. It will be known as “Peyton Way!” The stadium is going to be renamed, “Peyton Place!” I am sorry but I couldn’t resist writing that!

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