Giants to release Brandon Jacobs

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Brandon Jacobs and the Giants couldn’t reach an agreement on a new contract, and so he’s on the way out.

Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger reports that the Giants will release Jacobs today after the two parties couldn’t work out a new deal.

Jacobs was due a $500,000 roster bonus and a base salary of $4.4 million, and although he said he was open to taking a pay cut, he apparently wasn’t willing to take as steep a pay cut as the Giants wanted.

Jacobs, who will turn 30 in July, has played his entire seven-year career with the Giants. He had 152 carries for 571 yards and seven touchdowns last season.

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  1. I think he will find that 30 year old running backs coming off of 500 yard seasons (and a part of the worst rushing offense in the NFL) aren’t much of a valued commodity in the NFL. The only interest teams will have will be in utilizing him as a short yardage and goal line specialist.

  2. Brandon
    As a Giants fan who has had the pleasure of meeting you speaking with you and watching you play.

    Thank you very much for your years of play you made some fantastic plays good luck where ever you may go.

    You have two more rings then any other current player in the NFC so enjoy yourself

    Oh and thank you for telling off rex ryan

  3. The bruising Brandozer will be missed. He won 2 rings as a G-Man and I won’t forget that.

  4. He he only knew how to use his talent. Such a waste, heard the Pats were very interested in him. Proll turn him into a 1200 yard back.

  5. This is a guy I don’t understand. Here he is built like Earl Campbell and Jerome Bettis yet he runs as passive as hell much of the time.

    If his legs were as intense as his mouth he’d be going to the hall of fame one day.

    Wasted talent.

  6. packerman1968- I’m no fan of Jacobs, but it seems to know what you’ve claimed, you’d have to go to every Giants game and then re-watch them on TV. I’m not finding that very likely considering your name is packerman.

  7. I may be in the minority, but there was soomething I always liked about the guy. Too bad he couldn’t re-capture the “magic” of the 2007 season when he was just bowling guys (like Charles Woodson) over.

    Giants fans will miss you, Brandon. Thanks for the memories. Thanks especially for 2007. You were a big part of it.

  8. Although he has a big mouth, and had more than his share of stupid things come out of it, he still helped win two super bowls. Good Luck #27.

  9. Helped win us 2 rings with his physical play. Thanks Brandon. For 2-2.5 million, he might be a really good pickup for a team. Is he going to dominate every game? No. But as a cheap 2nd option he can be great. Miami is one spot that comes to mind, Bush/Jacobs might work well together.

  10. If the price is right I could see him being on the Ravens radar, he’s the type of complimentary back to Rice the ravens like.

  11. Not a huge fan of the guy but maybe not a bad fit in Baltimore. Big physical runner backing up Ray Rice? Ricky Williams ony rushed for 444 yards on 100 or so carries and that was more than enough to call it a productive season. If he is available at the right price… might be a good fit especially for those goal line carries when the big boy defenses get on the field.

  12. he drove me nuts with his running style sometimes, especialy the last couple of years, but he was a very good giant….and probably the best current back in the league when pass protecting. i fully understand why fans of other teams would dislike the guy, but i suspect most giants fans will miss him. good luck brandon.

  13. Damn so many haters. Most teams in the NFL could defintely use this guy. A beastmode runner who split downs with Bradshaw. Just like a Marshawn Lynch. So many fans showing how uninformed they are hating on this guy.

  14. he is not the best rb not great perhaps not good but he will play next year somewhere. someone is going to pay him he is not worth more then 1.5 million a year if that

  15. Meet the new ‘feature back’ of Tony Sparano’s ‘Ground and Clown’ offense.

  16. He’d be a great replacement for Michael Bush in Oakland.

    As the #2 back behind Mcf, with Taiwan Jones yet to show his skills and Marcel Reece doing his thing…he could really make the Raiders RB core fierce.

  17. bearsstillsuck says:
    Mar 9, 2012 4:30 PM
    What good is a running back that can’t stop short of the goal line?

    If you’re referring to the SB, that was Bradshaw

  18. “The only interest teams will have will be in utilizing him as a short yardage and goal line specialist”

    Sounds exactly what the Eagles need…..although not at the salary that Jacobs wants.

  19. Im a Redskins fan and I think Jacobs played his rear end off!!!! His style of running is similar to Earl Campbell. He will find work somewhere soon

  20. He turn down $2M from the Giants for this year, I think he’ll regret that. Not a great market for 30 year old RB’s past their prime.

  21. Jacobs will absolutely not end up in New England. He’s a no class jerk. Stick a fork in him. He’s done.

  22. how did they win another sb.? seriously.just dam luck and timing. what a JOKE.!!!!!!!!!

  23. You will be missed brandon your toughness and willingness to fight for the “ny” on your helmet was an inspiration to the team many times you will not be forgotten,forever a CHAMPION forever a GIANT

  24. youll be missed Brandon.

    just put your head down and run…….no need to go outside.

    hopefully nobody signs you and the Giants resign you.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  25. .

    When they say NY is a tough town, they weren’t kidding. I’ve never seen anyone kicked to the curb like Jacobs.


  26. Its a shame. Bradshaw should be cut instead of Jacobs. Jacobs can actually stay on the field unlike bradshaw. Jacobs is a speacial player and as a Giants fan its very sad to see him go. Good luck where ever you end up Jacobs

  27. Tough decision for the Giants to make. Jacobs talked a little too much, but he gave the Giants some really good years. He was a big part of the team during one of the better times in franchise history.

    I loved Jacobs toughness, but admit he could be a frustrating player sometimes. NFL is a tough, tough business, especially for running backs. I hope Brandon finds a team willing to pay him what he wants. I’m sure someone will.

    Best of Luck Brandon.

  28. BJ was a good Giant and helped us win 2 more rings while he was with us.

    He has not run consistently since 2007 and the writing has been on the wall for sometime. If he regains his old bruising running style- look out.

    Best of luck to you Brandon. Your NY fans will not forget your contributions.

  29. I don’t get why people are being so disrespectful over Jacobs leaving NYC and talking about his low stats I mean look The Giants never had a real run game at all that not his fault that’s the OC and H-Coaches fault they great the plays he just runs it a faulty play mean no play at all and @ademell1 I agree Oakland needs a #2 Rb McFadden is injured to much and Jacobs is solid all he needs is a team and his best years are still to come and he does have 2 SB rings against the NE Pats that’s a good accomplishment well needless to say we’d take him in a Silver-Black jersey

  30. Brandon Jacobs the 260 lb, 6’4″ RB who can’t pick up 3 yds on 3rd down time and time again. Hopefully no other team picks him up and he’s forced to either retire or play in Canada.

  31. steve1iron says: Mar 9, 2012 4:50 PM

    Jacobs will absolutely not end up in New England. He’s a no class jerk. Stick a fork in him. He’s done.

    Do the names “Albert Haynesworth” and “Chad Ochocinco/Johnson” not ring a bell?

  32. As a Giants fan, I wish Jacobs all the best. He was a good Giant, had some productive years, and played a big part in the Giants winning trwo rings over the past four years. A loud mouth, yes, but like I said, the guy ran hard and did his job.

    Moving forward, I don’t know what this guy will command in free agency, but I think Mike Tolbert would be a great pairing with Bradshaw in the backfield. Guy is a tough runner and is a good receiver out of the backfield. I know it’s not like Reese to splurge on free agent, especially at RB, but if the price is reasonable, I think it would be a nice get for the G-Men

  33. gcsuk says:
    Mar 9, 2012 5:31 PM
    steve1iron says: Mar 9, 2012 4:50 PM

    Jacobs will absolutely not end up in New England. He’s a no class jerk. Stick a fork in him. He’s done.

    Do the names “Albert Haynesworth” and “Chad Ochocinco/Johnson” not ring a bell?


    Jacobs is still too classy for the Patriots.

  34. Jacobs averaged 5.6 yards per carry in 2010 with 10 carries of over 20 yards.

    He’s a back that needs a hole to run through and last year’s O-Line wasn’t opening holes for anyone.

  35. I remember a player…many years ago, on a great team, had the same stats, was a hero at one point…he too was eventually cut….it was me at the age of 12….

    Brandon, we appreciate what you did, but it’s time to move on…don’t be bitter, you are always welcomed back..just stay classy….haha

  36. As a Giants fan, at times I hated this guy. The tiptoeing behind the line of scrimmage, the games off, the big mouth etc. But there were also many things I will always remember like the 2 SuperBowls, the shots to many defenders and most recently the stuff with Rex Ryan that was well deserved. Good Luck!

  37. baroneski29 says:
    Mar 10, 2012 1:56 AM
    Will be missed. Gmen don’t win either superbowl without him. Straight bruiser. Ask Al Harris.


    i think you are referring to charles woodson in the nfc championship game of ’07.

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