Jaguars re-sign offensive tackle Guy Whimper

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The Jaguars announced Friday morning that they have re-signed offensive tackle Guy Whimper to an undisclosed contract extension.

Whimper, who turns 29 in May, was forced into the starting lineup for 15 games last season. He struggled noticeably and mightily to protect quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

The Jaguars will presumably hope that Whimper returns only as a backup in 2012. They need Eben Britton to get healthy.

10 responses to “Jaguars re-sign offensive tackle Guy Whimper

  1. NICE! Finally an O-Lineman that’s good, healthy and staying. Whimper had a low-$ contract last year and earned about $2M in incentives. Best to lock that down!

  2. Whimper was trash last year. He got beat more than anyone on the offensive line. He was a turnstyle on passing downs, however he could run block effectively. I guess as a backup he’s o.k. Still though, he is in his prime and hasn’t been very impressive, he probably isn’t going to get much better. I’d rather replace him with a 5th-7th round pick whose ceiling maybe higher.

    Please Eben Britton… please be healthy.

  3. Should have cut him. How much fear is a guy named Whimper going to instill in a defensive line?

    “Better watch yourself or Whimper’s gonna cut block you!”

  4. Guy Whimper couldn’t stop a toilet. On his best day, he is still a liability. Pretty sure he led the league in sacks allowed last year. This move stinks at any price.

  5. Great. First Mathis, now Whimper. The pieces for our Super Bowl run are falling into place. Meh.

    But hey, these are quality locker room guys, right Gene Smith?

    At least we have another year of watcing no form Mathis get schooled by third string QB’s. If youre going to watch bad football, it might as well be funny. He was bad before; should be a comedy now that he is a year older and coming off of a knee injury.

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