Jahri Evans restructures, saves Saints $2 million

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The Saints have freed up a little bit of much-needed salary cap space.

Guard Jahri Evans, who signed a seven-year, $56.7 million contract in 2010 that made him the highest-paid guard in the league at the time, has restructured his deal, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The restructuring saves the Saints $2 million in salary cap space.

New Orleans is still not in great cap shape, especially considering how much money they’re going to need to free up to sign free agent quarterback Drew Brees to a new deal.

And, of course, they’ve got some bounty-related problems to deal with at the moment as well.

13 responses to “Jahri Evans restructures, saves Saints $2 million

  1. If Syracuse could only fire Doug Marrone and give the New Orleans Saints an extra offensive line coach.

    Pete Carmichael can be the running game Coordinator, but if you have Marrone as the offensive coach and use him the way the Titans used Jim Washburn as every Titan defensive lineman left then you can have good production from the offense of line if Carl Nicks leaves!!!

  2. Evans is a team player no doubt to bad in 3 years the Saints will be asking him to take a huge pay cut because all these restructured contracts are finally coming back to bite them.

    3 years from now Evans will have no choice because the saints will cut him and his remainder of his contract will be too high for other teams to absorb the cost for his services.

    So who does it always come back to bite the player not the owners.

    Players do love restructured contracts short term but in the long run they all will be saying I did all that and now they want to treat me like dirt.

  3. Maybe that will allow the team to keep Carl Nicks now….as far as the bounty thing goes, the NFL should investigate the other 31 teams as well. If a player delivered a hit that’s illegal, he’s penalized, and later fined by the league. If an opposing player gets hurt by a clean hit, well, that’s football. All of the “holier than thou fans” that are out there bad mouthing the Saints, are the same people watching their home teams, and cheering loudly every time a big hit takes place. Bounty or no bounty, most defensive players will try to knock the daylights out of the opposition if the opportunity arises. If it’s illegal it’s on tape. Bottom line the Saints were wrong, but rest assured they are not alone by any stretch of the imagination.

  4. How does Evans restructured contract effect Carl Nicks’ price?

  5. How does Evans restructured contract effect Carl Nicks’ price?

    2 million more to spend can’t you read?

  6. Brees has been good for No, but he’s not worth 23 mil/yr. He has 1 ring and broke some records. It will take him 5 more years to get close to all the records Manning has broken his his career. It seems out of character for him to show such greed. One Dan Marino record does not make Brees the best QB, nor does it warrant 5 mil more than Brady/Manning. He best come down out of the clouds, quit the arrogance. There are 12 teams in the ‘Manning sweepstakes’, 4 or 5 who are chosing to remain anonymus. Did Brees not see what just happened in Indy. Peyton was there 14 years (Brees has been on 2 teams-6yrs each). He too CAN BE replaced. Maybe Peyton will be dropping into his hometown on the way back from Denver. Don’t be a greedy fool Brees or you coulf find yourself out of New Orleans. Your team has a lot of serious financial issues. Try being a team player for a change.

  7. At least not all the Saints are classless it seems. This is the same Brees that showed up to CBA negotiations. Why is anybody surprised he’s “furious” about the FT and demanding ridiculous amounts of money. Depending on where the cap comes in, he’s basically asking for 20% of the cap. Ludicrous!

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