Jets extend Sanchez, exit Manning chase


So much for Friday nights being slow.

As the Broncos chase Peyton Manning and the Redskins catch Robert Griffin III, the Jets have decided to keep their current quarterback.

For now.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reportedly earlier in the evening that the Jets are out of the Manning derby.ย  Rich Cimini of reports that the Jets have actually extended the contract of quarterback Mark Sanchez.

It’s a three-year extension, which puts Sanchez under contract for five total seasons.

Still, until we see the dollars involved, we won’t believe it’s a genuine extension.ย  Instead, it may be nothing more than a public show of support — in lieu of the usual public show of support that consists of saying one thing before doing another.

The truth will be in the details, starting with how large of a check the Jets cut Sanchez when he signed a name other than “Peyton Manning” to the new contract.

134 responses to “Jets extend Sanchez, exit Manning chase

  1. What on earth has this guy done to earn a contract extension? Or is this just some faux extension like the one McNabb got last year?

    Either way, the Jets got me laughing real hard.

  2. So what your saying is the Jets have just taken themselves out of contention for the next 5 years.


  3. Rex to Sanchez:

    I’m sorrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

  4. What a great idea! Give a bad quarterback more money. Can’t wait to make fun of the Jets as the the “Sanchize” falls flat on his face again this season. Done guaranteeing Superbowl victories , Rex? How about you guarantee an 8-8 season this year?

  5. Why do teams continue to give out this dumb a$$ extensions when they have all the leverage!? Oh, and how bout this: “Mark Sanchez will make roughly $2 million more than Aaron Rodgers next year.”

  6. What will be interesting to see is who they sign to back him up. If it’s Henne or Campbell or someone like that then it may be an open competition……

  7. Some of you are seriously clueless…the guy has won over 30 games in his first 3 years…most playoof road victories and hes 25…theyll keep sucking?…if thats what “sucking” is, ill take it

  8. W….O….W

    I never feel sorry for Jets fans…. but tonight hell is freezing over because they honest to god deserve it…… sorry guys….

  9. This move is going to make or break Mike Tannenbaum and Sanchez.

    And as a Jets fans, I hate to say it, but it might break them both..

  10. It really is a blessing playing in the same division as the jets. The rest of you don’t be jealous now.

  11. Smart move. Turn the page and move forward. Put some good players and a good system in place and he can get it done. Manning was not the right fit.

  12. RichCimini Rich Cimini
    Sanchez will get $27M guaranteed over next two years. Means he ain’t going anywhere for a while. #Jets

    RichCimini Rich Cimini
    It’s a three-year extension for $58.25 million.

    How bout those numbers? mmmmm hahaha

  13. Let me totally diffuse all you Jets and Sanchez haters right now (although I know I’m going to get flamed for this because fanboys on this site don’t like the truth).

    Mark Sanchez in his three years in the NFL has more playoff wins then Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, Carson Palmer and Tony Romo COMBINED.

    Mark Sanchez, despite what people want to believe, had the best year of his career this year with TWO ABSOLUTE CANCERS fracturing his huddle. One is now gone, (enjoy Philly Plax, hopefully you are an even worse influence on Desean then you were Santonio) and by all accounts (Cimini, Mehta) he’s already reached out and repeatedly talked to the other.

    Mark Sanchez’s stats this year looked like this:

    An 8-8 record, 26 touchdowns, 18 interceptions, 3,474 passing yards, and a 56.7 completion percentage.

    For comparisons sake Eli’s in his third year looked like this:

    An 8-8 record, 24 touchdowns, 18 interceptions, 3,244 passing yards, and a 57.5 completion percentage.

    So in summation, I’m glad this has happened, I’m glad the pursuit of five-head is over before it started, and while many fans of other teams can go and flame away, if you were to draft a QB with a first round pick, you’d PRAY that he had a winning record, kept improving every season and took you to two conference title games in three years. TRUTH.

  14. The Jets can’t exit a Chase that they were never in. Plus we have to see what $$$ are guaranteed in this so called extension before we know how really dumb Tannebaum & Rex are!!!

  15. They were never in the Manning chase. This off season has been brutal for them. First Sporano now Sanchez. LOL.. sucks to be a New Jersey Jets fan. Suck it losers….

  16. “mj2sexay says:
    Mar 9, 2012 11:31 PM
    Let me totally diffuse all you Jets and Sanchez haters right now (although I know Iโ€™m going to get flamed for this because fanboys on this site donโ€™t like the truth”

    Boy, I didn’t know Mark Sanchez’s mom read PFT. You learn something new everyday.

    As if bringing in Chad Henne was going to do anything for the Jets, though. When has bringing in a second average QB ever solved the problem of having an average QB? You’ve just got two duds.

  17. @wetpaperbag3

    It’s a 3 years, 40.5 million extention, which is added to the 2 years 18 million remaining on his contract.

    The deal is now 5 years, 58 million.

  18. Watching Sanchez last year i cant believe they would not just admit hes not that good definitly not an NFL caliber QB time for him to go .

  19. actually with his rushing TDs….Sanchez had 32 Tds last season…and what…someone actually defends him so it must be his mother?…the guy is a good player who is only getting better…cant wait to see what you trolls say when Flacco’s contract eclipses this one

  20. I may be crazy here, but let’s play connect the dots.

    1. Peyton visits the Broncos today.
    2. Washington suddenly gives up the farm for the #2 pick.
    3. Jets extend Sanchez to a new deal.

    Is all of this coincidence? Or does it tell a story?

    Just follow me here…total speculation on my part.

    Skeletor and Elway still talk, right. They’re still good friends. I’m betting Shanahan got word from Elway that a deal was struck today with #18 and the Redskins freaked out and made the deal with the Rams knowing they were out of the Manning picture.

    The Jets somehow caught wind of it too. They know they’ve got no real shot at trading up, and Sanchez is all they got. Not to be outdone by anyone, the just pull the “We were never that interested in Manning. Mark’s our guy and to prove that we’re giving him an extension” card.

    Seriously, I just have a hard time believing that all this major stuff goes down today without some talk going around.

    Although it could be that the front offices for Jets and Redskins are complete morons and have doomed their franchise for a few more years.

    Yup. That’s it. Nevermind.

  21. wow–20 mill guaranteed to take him off the ledge. sanchez isnt the problem with the jets its the rest of the mamalooks he has around him including his coach.

  22. So now they are trying to show they wanted him all along and never wanted Manning. They just screwed up an already fragile man. Good work Rex.

  23. mcjon22 says:
    Mar 9, 2012 11:18 PM
    Fireman Ed just bought Giants season tickets
    A lot of us type “LOL” when it’s not really “LOL” but this is a real, actual LOL. Awesome.

    Whoever compared Sanchez to Eli at the same point in their careers (stats wise), that seems fair. Problem is it’s harder for a QB to develop under a defensive HC who isn’t that concerned with the offense or making sure it gets better. Sparano has a big task ahead of him.

    I don’t think it was wise to extend him right now (albeit, I don’t know all the facts/reasons behind it) but I almost feel sorry for the kid after all the crap slung his way by his teammates this offseason, and I’m a Pats fan.

  24. Yea, I’m Sanchez’s mother. All I did is spout out FACTS. So save your insults.

    I miss this place during our run the past two years. Don’t worry, the front office and Rex got a nice wake up call (amazing how the team BOTTOMED OUT and was STILL 8-8) and you can bet will be back next year. The Jets still employ the best defensive player in the NFL.

  25. LOL! Well if it isn’t the old “Mark, even though you are an extremely mediocre and inconsistent at best QB. Hoping you will totally disregard that fact we wanted to ship you out of town for Manning but since we’re a mere clown show, here’s a contract extension to make you totally forget about us trying to get rid of you” trick.
    …. Epic fail by Tannenslob

  26. You give Sanchez an elite offensive line to keep him up right. You give him an elite (clutch) receiver (Holmes) and a solid power back in Greene with a washed up but useful on the spot LT to compliment him. You give him one of the best defenses in the league to make sure he’s always getting the ball back. And he repays you with mediocre BACKUP numbers and lets your defense win every game?

    The obvious next step is to extend him. Kudos Jersey Jets.

  27. I like this move… He is a hard worker and is showing improvement. Its not his fault Wayne Hunter is on the Offensive line. This move also created some cap room for some upgrades. Hopefully Hunter and Scott will get traded and we can go out and pick up some decent Free Agents. Even if Manning goes to Miami the Jets will still make the Playoffs next year.

  28. @lobacz87
    If you honestly think Sanchez was a big part of them winning games the last three years you haven’t been watching much football. Just because a guy wins doesn’t mean he is a good QB. Sanchez is a mediocre QB who got praise just because his team played well. This could be the stupidest contract extension i have seen in a while

  29. I can’t believe this is happening, this guy(Sanchez) has no future with the Jets, there has to be some catch to this extension. I was hoping they would demote this bum to a back-up and then try to trade him or when his contract runs out cut him. I was hoping for Jason Campbell or anyone else that can move the ball or even throw the ball more than twenty yards without an interception. I won’t be happy until they get him the hell off the team.

  30. Do Jets fans have team jackets that turn inside-out into Giants jackets? They certainly would be handy right about now.

  31. Swamp Boy is losing his leverage little by little. He’s going to have to throw for somebody pretty soon. And then the dream dies. No more swindles. He’ll have to learn to live on the $100 million plus that he has.

  32. Sanchez is still young and won 4 playoff games in the last 3 seasons. His numbers compared to Eli in the first 3 seasons are close. Dont nail him to the wall yet. Give him some time. The impatience of this day and age is insanity.

  33. “What on earth has this guy done to earn a contract extension? Or is this just some faux extension like the one McNabb got last year?

    Either way, the Jets got me laughing real hard.”

    Oh, I don’t know, like making 2 AFC championship games? Maybe sometimes winning triumphs over stats.

  34. Wow, can you hear the applause across the AFC that the J-E-T-S will continue to suffer under Sanchez for 3 more years? And the applause in Miami and Denver is also deafening as there is one less team competing for Manning…

  35. Great day to be a Giants fan

    We are and always will be the #1 team in the NY market

    Goooo BLUE

  36. lobacz87 says: Mar 9, 2012 11:23 PM

    Some of you are seriously cluelessโ€ฆthe guy has won over 30 games in his first 3 yearsโ€ฆmost playoof road victories and hes 25โ€ฆtheyll keep sucking?โ€ฆif thats what โ€œsuckingโ€ is, ill take it

    Hahahaha, teams win games you dumbass. His QB rating is in the bottom half of the NFL. Keep thinking he’s great!

  37. Certainly this must be the news jet fan has been waiting to hear. No more worries about the jets trying to sign that Peyton guy (I’m sure they’ll all say he’s a stiff anyway). The next great annoucement… the jets have signed Chad Henne.

  38. Congrats Team Pepsi Max, now you’re all set to pick up yet another USC bust in next year’s draft.

    “With the first overall pick of the 2013 NFL draft, the New York Jets select….. Matt Barkley, USC.”

  39. BTW, Sanchez was the 23rd ranked QB in the NFL last year out of 34 with a 78.2 rating. Here are the guys that finished behind him.
    Kyle Orton
    Matt Cassel
    Josh Freeman
    Colt McCoy
    Tim Tebow
    Rex Grossman
    Sam Bradford
    Christian Ponder
    John Skelton
    Curtis Painter
    Blaine Gabbert

    Have fun Jets, you got your guy!

  40. Sanchez is a terrible QB, I could have led them to the AFC championship games with that defense.

  41. 1. HaHa

    2. Cool three more years of entertainment.

    3. I am so glad I not a Jets fan. If I was I would be stomping on a fire helmet right now.

    4. I am so glad Mike Tanenbaum is not anywhere near my team.

    5. HaHa

    6. Is Woody Johnson on drugs?

    7. Can’t wait to hear Rex spout off about how happy he is that this happened. Guess what Rex? No Superbowl for the next three years.

    8. J-E-T-S………..yets….yets …..yets

    9. Darth Vader up in NE broke his cheek today because he is LHFAO too.


  42. @mj2sexay

    Sanchez has already started three straight years and he walked into the best possible situation with, at worst, an above average defense and a good running game, so to insinuate those playoff wins put him ahead of the QBs you named is absurd. There isn’t one coach or GM that would take Sanchez over any of the QBs you named, with the exception of Palmer and thats because of his age and injuries. His stats would be good in 1981 not 2011, and if you think because his stats are similar Eli Mannings in year three that foretells future success you are probably going to be disappointed. His TD to INT ratio is at the bottom of the league, as is his completion percentage, and when the rules are tilted so in favor of the offense those stats are even worse. Good luck, the Jets are going to need it

    I can only come to one conclusion – Sanchez has pictures of Fat Rexy with strange toes in his mouth

  43. Bad, bad, extremely bad move. Committing to mediocrity with a kid that struggles to hit 175 yards most weeks passing with a stellar o-line is a big no-no. Throw out the stats against teams with extremely poor defensive backfields – this kid is clearly a dud, and this was a very poor decision to not give Ryan ammo to climb the hill, much as it was a poor decision to go up and get him in the ’09 Draft. Tannenbaum is a desperate manager, which stems from his ineffectual planning and poor scouting staff. However, adding $20 mil over another three seasons to the contracts existing money will make it easier for them to part ways sooner, just not when they needed to now.

    Smells like a QB drafted in the first three rounds this season, Jets fans. That is, if Tannenbaum wants to start doing his job.

  44. trbowman says:
    Mar 9, 2012 11:16 PM
    What on earth has this guy done to earn a contract extension? Or is this just some faux extension like the one McNabb got last year?

    Either way, the Jets got me laughing real hard.

    How many playoff games? Yeah…shaddup!

  45. Theyโ€™re still good friends. Iโ€™m betting Shanahan got word from Elway that a deal was struck today with #18 and the Redskins freaked out and made the deal with the Rams knowing they were out of the Manning picture
    i doubt it, i think, deep down, the Redskins knew that Manning would never go to the Redskins to play his baby brother twice a year, so they got desperate and made the trade.

  46. Why not just double down and trade Sanchez for Romo?

    I am predicting we hear about a QB acquisition in the next few days to ‘back up’ Sanchez, officially, but one who could likely step in quite quickly and take over the team if needed. Someone not quite high profile enough to make it obvious – like Chad Henne or Curtis Painter.

  47. So many hater…hardly any love. I love Mark. I wish this extension would’ve been for ten years. He’ll be a great quarterback in this league. Yea, he makes some bonehead throws and idiot decisions…but you can learn from that. He also makes throws in windows I wouldn’t trust 90% of the QBs in the NFL to make. Mark will wind up in the Hall after he wins 3-5 Super Bowls. Haters will hate. But remember, when Sanchez breaks through…I was here in the toughest of times.

    J E T S

  48. lobacz87 says:
    Mar 9, 2012 11:23 PM
    Some of you are seriously cluelessโ€ฆthe guy has won over 30 games in his first 3 yearsโ€ฆmost playoof road victories and hes 25โ€ฆtheyll keep sucking?โ€ฆif thats what โ€œsuckingโ€ is, ill take it
    Rebecca Lobacz is right. Sanchez guided the Jets to their single greatest moment of the last 40 years – beating the Patriots in a Divisional Round game.
    That’s something Jets fans can hold onto for the next five years.
    Heady times indeed!

  49. I think Sanchez was a reach to even draft. but to extend him with what you have seen and the play others get from rooky QBs,
    wow, no other team in the league is held back by QB play like the jets are.

  50. Considering that the Jets never really had a shot for Manning, they were never in “the chase”

  51. SUGGESTION: Think outside the box.

    All the media have the Colts taking Luck, now the Redskins getting RGIII. Says who?

    The Colts have all options on the table.

    Here’s one to consider: sign Matt Flynn as QB. Then trade the #1 pick to anyone and score a booty even larger than the Rams got. Flynn scored six TD’s against a playoff-hungry Lions team last year. This guy is ready to go right now.

    Flynn is the wild card in all of this. If you don’t know Matt Flynn, study up. I don’t care if you don’t think he’s any good, it’s the GM’s that matter. Think of signing Flynn from the Colts perspective and what they would get in return.

    Don’t let the media dolts shape your thinking. There are many, many options for the Colts.

  52. All this Sanchez hate is out of control…I know he’s not an elite QB (even tho he’s paid like one) but he’s definitely gotta an upside, What other 2nd year QB beat P. Manning and Brady back to back in the playoffs on the road? He also has 9 fourth quarter comebacks and 11 game winning drives in 3 years so it wasn’t all just a good defense. With that said, he’s still got alot to learn but cmon, you people act like he’s Curtis Painter or Tyler Palko.

  53. More than likely clearing cap space so they can land a few big targets in FA. I think they will likely get Vincent Jackson by this move.

  54. I’m trying to wrap my head around this move. Even if they’re out of the Manning game (never thought they had a chance since Manning demands discipline), Sanchez was still under contract for the next two seasons. The only thing that I can think of is that Rex thinks Sanchez has the prettiest feet in the business.

  55. roamingabriel says: Mar 9, 2012 11:23 PM

    What will be interesting to see is who they sign to back him up. If itโ€™s Henne or Campbell or someone like that then it may be an open competitionโ€ฆโ€ฆ
    Only if Sanchez reaaaaaalllllllllllllllllly sucks it up. They’re giving him $20.5 million guaranteed over the next two years (not sure how much guaranteed money was already there before this contract), which means they’re almost assuredly staying with Sanchez for the next two years (assuming a remotely even distribution of guaranteed money), as the cap hit would be huge.

  56. They extended – that? Nothing much more than a caretaker QB? Don’t make big mistakes and we will win on defense – that is Sanchez. He may be capable of more – but they haven’t let him do it yet. After a WHOLE YEAR in college – you would have thought more……

  57. uclafightfightfight says: Mar 9, 2012 11:18 PM

    He is sooo terrible. I canโ€™t believe there arenโ€™t 32 guys in the world who can play quarterback well consistently.
    Really Goobs? You’re an idiot.

  58. The jets just made a bad situation worse by extending Sanchez’s contract. DUMB is all I can say.

  59. gimmeabruschi says: Mar 9, 2012 11:27 PM

    It really is a blessing playing in the same division as the jets. The rest of you donโ€™t be jealous now.


    And yet the Jets are 52-53 all-time against the Pats. Sanchez is 3-4. So it’s a “blessing” for your guys to basically be .500 against another team?

  60. Obviously the jets owner has no idea what is going on. The offseason and the end of last season were complete chaos. most of it rex ryans fault for bringing such a lacsidasical atmosphere to the jets organization. the bickering and meltdown from within the locker room. then letting tannenbaum and rex glow over attempting to get manning and all this talk of replacing sanchez, completely crushing their former #1 draft pick. then throwing tons of money at him.

    im a bills fan and i think your ownership is awful. what does THAT say?

    say it with me now, J E T S division basement in 2012.


  61. Now the Jets only need to sign Chad Henne as Sanchize’s back-up (or more likely, competition) and their quarterback corp will be set.

    The Phins and other AFC East teams are stoked!

  62. The Jets will get rid of Wayne Hunter, and gets a much better RT. Why do you jet fans blame Sanchez? He needs better protection by the OL. He needs more time to throw. Wayne Hunter is a magnet for defensive ends. He’s not good against good teams.

    I’m glad the Giants won the 2012 superbowl.

    Go Jets

  63. Good move for the Jets. If you actually looked at the contract details, its essentially a straight up trade of 1 extra year guaranteed for Sanchez in exchange for six million more of cap space this season.

  64. pongonfl:

    Really? No other team has a QB who holds his team back more? First of all, maybe look up the starting QB’s in the league, because there are some who have yet to even have a good game before, about 12 starters. Its hard to hold your team back when over your first three seasons you win 30 games (yes, team stat), 4-2 on the road in the playoffs (yes, team stat), and posting a 9-3 TD-INT ratio with a 60% completion percentage and a 94.3 playoff QB rating ranking 7th in NFL history(INDIVIDUAL STAT) .if thats holding your team back, sign me up every day of the week!

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