Joe Philbin hasn’t spoken to Peyton yet


Dolphins coach Joe Philbin faced the media for the first time since Peyton Manning became available on Thursday night, but he didn’t offer much insight into the Dolphins’ pursuit of the quarterback.

Philbin, who was at Sun Life Stadium for a charity event, said that he’s been so busy with work that he didn’t even know about the helicopter chase and media circus that accompanied Manning’s arrival in Miami after Wednesday’s press conference in Indianapolis. He was circumspect in regard to the team’s desire to sign Manning (or any other quarterback, for that matter) and said that, generally, his focus has been on other things this week.

“I have not talked to him, not at all,” Philbin said, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “We had a busy day in the office. We’re evaluating draft prospects and putting our playbook together so I have not spoken to him.”

That doesn’t mean that general manager Jeff Ireland, owner Stephen Ross or anyone else hasn’t spoken with Manning or his representatives, of course. Philbin would likely be involved in any sales job, but any head coach of a team that wants Manning is likely to send a pretty similar message that revolves around an offense designed to make Manning look as good as possible while giving him enough leeway to feel comfortable in new surroundings.

Philbin might have an easier time of doing that than some of the other coaches running teams in the Manning market. As a first-year head coach, he doesn’t have an established system that must adjust to Manning although it is anyone’s guess as to how much that helps the Dolphins in their pursuit.

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  1. Probably because Philbin would rather sign Flynn to a long-term deal, which would give him a few years to build the team the way he wants to.

    Bring in Manning, expectations skyrocket, and there’s pressure to win NOW. If Manning arrives and the Dolphins aren’t hoisting a Lombardi within two years, Philbin will be looking for a new job.

  2. I still think the Dolphins are making a mistake trying to sign Manning over Matt Flynn. Flynn isn’t nearly as proven a commodity of course, but he’s got a great relationship with Philbin already.
    And I’m still very skeptical over Manning’s playing ability and what effects he may have from taking some hard hits on the field.

  3. Relax, it will happen if and when Peyton picks a team, until then relax, by early next week we will probable have an answer. Bill p.s. don’t pay any attention to the talking heads, they get paid to run there mouth, and they all have the inside info, how come they all are saying difference info?

  4. Only time will tell if bringing in Manning and passing or should I say leaking articles that Miami is no longer looking at Flynn.

    It would be something if Manning does not sign with Miami and then tries to sign Flynn and Flynn tells Miami all the up with a red hot poker.

    If Miami lands Manning what will they classify as success? would 13-3 and 1 Playoff win be a success?

    If Miami has a successful record the 3 seasons Manning is there but they win no Superbowl’s would it be worth it? That is the question I would like to know.

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