Justin Blackmon runs in the 4.4s at Oklahoma State Pro Day

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ESPN’s Josina Anderson is live in Stillwater for Friday’s Oklahoma State Pro Day. Wide receiver Justin Blackmon finished running two forty-yard dashes just minutes ago.

According to Anderson, Blackmon was clocked in the 4.45-4.50 range on his first forty attempt. His second run brought better results, with Blackmon timing between 4.41 and 4.46.

The forty times are impressive for Blackmon on paper, though it should be noted Oklahoma State has a notoriously fast track and NFL teams will adjust accordingly. As much as a full tenth of a second could be tacked onto Blackmon’s Pro Day time.

Other results from Blackmon’s Pro Day included a 35-inch vertical and a 10-foot, 4-inch broad jump, according to SI.com draft analyst Tony Pauline.

Blackmon stood on his 14 bench press reps from the Combine.

27 responses to “Justin Blackmon runs in the 4.4s at Oklahoma State Pro Day

  1. Having popped into Stillwater for a fair share of games, I can attest that Blackmon is as pure a baller as they come. In fact, he’s earned Brandon Weeden a couple million, which will severely disappoint whatever team burns a good pick on the failed baseballer.

    with Blackmon, think Boldin with better speed and more athleticism.

  2. @crumpledstiltskin:

    It tells me they are preparing to not get RG3 and Weeden is clearly plan B.

  3. just more proof that Floyd, not Blackmon, is the better WR. Faster (now proven since floyd ran the same time, only at the combine track), better blocker, better route runner..list goes on..not to take away from Blackmon though..just my opinion (and though I may appear bias, this comes from watching Floyd for 4 years, and also watching my hometown guy by the name of Fitzgerald..and noticing they are very much alike.

  4. The only questions about him was his speed and he seems to have answered those today. He tore up a very well coached Stanford secondary and I am confident that this guy is the real deal.

  5. That stuff is pointless. Who cares how far you can jump standing still. Who cares how many reps of 225 they can do. The person who holds the all time record for that went udrafted. Pointless.

  6. On Oklahoma State’s track, a high 4.4 might as well be a high 4.5 or even low 4.6 at Indy.

    It was smart not to run at Indy, because his straight line speed is average.

  7. dublindemon

    Actually, it should read:

    With the 6th pick in the draft the Rams will not be able to get Justin Blackmon.

  8. The guy he reminds me of is Anquan Boldin. Not great straight ahead speed but physically strong, gets open, runs after the catch, can provide some punishment to a corner trying to pin him on the line.
    This isn’t a repeat of Calvin Johnson, but I think he’ll be a great pro who will make someone happy for a number of years.

  9. Cleveland better jump on him ASAP. Give Colt someone to throw to. J Jones is not enough. Ut, again they need a lot more than just taking Blackmon.

  10. Clearly the best receiver on the board. He was unstoppable in college. Straight line speed couldn’t be more overrated. That being said, I had a similar opinion on Crabtree, so who knows.

  11. If you want a receiver that put up huge numbers in a gimmick offense, I would look at Hill from Georgia Tech. Much faster, just as tall, not quite as bulky. I agree that running in a straight line is vastly overrated (see: Rice, Jerry), but so are Blackmon’s stats in that offense. And I will give $1,000 to anyone who can find me an example of a guy broad jumping in a football game. Broad jumping in football just means switching groupies with your roommate.

  12. medtxpack says: Mar 9, 2012 12:41 PM

    Gonna be better than Dez…


    Maybe, he seems to be more aggressive on the field. He is also often compared with Bryant and Crabtree for multiple reasons though. He has a bad attitude, if things aren’t going his way he doesn’t give his all… The one thing that really stands out is Bryant and Crabtree have much better hands and from what I have seen in their NFL careers this could be a very very bad thing for Blackmon as the other two divas drop a ton of balls. Blackmon has every opportunity to show he is the real deal but he will have to put in the work.

  13. someidiotfromouthereintheprojects says: Mar 9, 2012 3:20 PM

    i like everything about blackmon. the only thing that scares me about him is the fact that he is a really, really nice guy. not that all nice guys are busts; it just makes me worry when a guy lacks a nasty side or mean streak


    Dude WHAT!!!!??? Where have you gotten your info. The bad attitude is the only real concern with Blackmon other than speed and his dropsies being a little too frequent. Ndamukong Suh can be nice sometimes too.

  14. Browns staff and coach attending…smoke screen. They could have watched it on Sports Center as all they did not know about Blackmon was his 40 time. Weeden? Just another guy. Are they going to “develop” him while they let Colt run the offense? Cris Carter says Blackmon reminds him of Tory Holt. Nice compliment, but Carter’s evalutation of wide receivers is somewhat suspect. If the Rams trade out of the second pick with Cleveland, I hope the Vikes take Blackmon. The Rams really need a tackle or Bradford will be crushed ala Bulger.

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