Manning visits Broncos in Denver

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A few years ago, when we’d catch wind of a tip that we trusted, we’d just use it.  Now that we’re mainstream (sort of) and legitimate (partially), we have to be a little more careful.

And so, sometimes, we’ll drop hints about something we’ve heard but can’t yet report.  Like last night, when suggesting that it would be a good idea to keep an eye on Stillwater, Oklahoma.

A tipster, whom we regarded as either very trustworthy or an evil genius, told PFT last night that Peyton Manning will meet with BV.P. of football operations John Elway and other Broncos officials in Stillwater and then head to Denver to meet with Broncos owner Pat Bowlen.

Mike Klis and Woody Paige of the Denver Post now report that Manning will meet with the Broncos in Denver on Friday night.

Earlier on Friday, Mike Sando of connected the dots via, tracking a plane linked to Bowlen flew to Stillwater on Thursday night, and then made an early-morning trip to Miami and back to Stillwater.

92 responses to “Manning visits Broncos in Denver

  1. It’s over.

    Tebow better start practicing catching passes instead of throwing them.

  2. That would be pretty cool. I would like to see PM in Denver for two reasons – 1) to see if he can end Tebow-Mania and 2) it is not in Washington where we have no need for him.

  3. But seriously … this is a good match. The AFC West is weak … the addition of Peyton (and probably Little Wayne too) would boost the Broncos over the top … the team is run by a HOF QB … and it would give Jeebus Tebow a couple years to learn how to be a QB.

  4. Don’t care any which way regarding where Manning lands, but Denver makes a ton of sense for a number of reasons (discounting weather). Plus, it allows the Broncos to get out from underneath the Tebow craze and send him packing to a franchise that is in desparate need of buzz. Here’s looking at you Jacksonville.

  5. Manning’s first visit will either be purely for leverage, or the only visit he will make. If I’m a Denver fan, I’m hoping he doesn’t leave quietly.

  6. Not a Broncos fan, but I do think this is the best spot for him. Great D, former QB at the helm and AFC west opponents.

  7. Adam Schefter
    “Denver Post is correct. Peyton Manning is en route to Denver to visit the Broncos. First visit does not mean Denver is leader in the clubhouse.”

  8. I don’t blame him stopping for a lay over in Denver, it’s a long flight from Miami to Seattle.

  9. Using Denver and KC as leverage against eachother so he will get the most money from Miami/Arizona. This guy is good

  10. I’d think this sorta dispels the cold climate notion thrown around. But Denver is missing more pieces than some of the other teams. They need at least another WR and better linemen.

  11. He is too old to play in high altitude, unless of course the new NIKE NFL unifrom will have a minature air tank embeded into it…….

  12. The Mile try City…forget it fellows there’s no Super Bowl in your near future regardless of what you may think will happen if Peyton landed there…I mean do you really feel you’re that close or was it more luck and thinking Tebow has some kind of devine intervention? Yes you have a solid defense which kept you close in games which allowed your offense the opportunity for some lucky breaks and last minute wins…that won’t happen again…

  13. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense for Denver to try to get Manning. It’s the perfect way out of Tebowmania. It’s the only way they can really justify getting rid of or shelving a guy they drafted in the first round and that everyone loves, if they can get someone like Manning.

  14. Please….Denver gives Manning easy access to both KC and Zona. The old oki doke.

    Both better options.

  15. I am amazed at the number of people that quickly make this anti-Tebow instead of grabbing the best free agent qb available. Please stop attacking Tebow and look at what the team looks like with manning. Also the defence is not as god as you thenk. Have you forgotten the two patriots games?

  16. As much as a Pats fan as I am and as much as I dislike the Colts I am rooting for him to show up Irsay but he hasn’t played in over a year and he played a minimum of 9 games, per season (Houston), indoors. This is not going to be the Manning of 2-3 years ago throwing it all over the place for 4,500 yards. Rooting to see him do it though………..

  17. He is in Denver tonight and Az tomorrow and meeting with the Dolphins sunday….. He is clearly going to use Denver and Az for leverage to sign with Miami!

  18. Broncos, Chiefs, whatever. The Chargers own Peyton. Go ahead and get your ass whipped twice a year. Hope that cold weather doesn’t give him a stiff neck!

  19. I think Peyton Manning is a god amongst football players but I think this has bad news written all over it. The Denver Broncos lack an explosive receiver and as good as Manning is, he surely benefitted from the weapons he had in Indy. The Broncos don’t have a legitimate tight end, their best receiver is D. Thomas? A good running game but that might worsen because the offense will undergo a facelift under Manning if he signs. The defense is a force in Denver but are the pieces on offense really that good? If I was Peyton, which I am not ;), I’d be looking at K.C.

  20. As a fin fan it is great news that he is visiting Denver first! The first team a player visits is usually the team that is used to pry more money from the actual team that a player signs with.

    Manning will fly to Az next and then meet with the Dolphins last. Peyton will be in a Dolphin uniform by Tuesday at 4pm.

    Attention all Miami media….Stay away from the mans condo and quit following his every move via hellicicopter. You are truly the only ones that can blow this for Miami at this point!

  21. Forget it Denver. Not happening. He’s 0-3 outdoors in January, his stats are very pedestrian when it’s cold, at 100 percent. He’s going to Zona.

  22. Manning is too smart to sign with Denver, he’s using everything at his disposal to drive up his value. Manning will sign somewhere where there is either warm weather or a dome, with a team on the cusp of being SB worthy and has an owner who will throw money around like it’s growing on trees and needs the PR……most likely Miami. The only thing Denver has going for it is that it is an AFC team in a rather wide open division. If Manning does go to that division it will be with K.C. but I ‘m really thinkin’ that the 49’ers could be the darkhorse for Manning.

  23. These means nothing chill out Bronco fans he is just doing his due dilligence. Schefter and Mortenson both said this does not mean Denver is the frontrunner, this article fails to mention that he will meet with Arizona on Saturday then fly back home and meet with the Phins, then he will make a decision by Tuesday, so its phins, cards, broncos.

  24. Anyone saying Denver lacks an explosive receiver clearly has never seen DeMaryius Thomas play. 4 catches for 204 yards against the Steelers in the playoffs, for instance. Eric Decker is a solid number two as well. Also, Denver does not have bad weather. I’m a season ticket holder, and it just doesn’t get that cold here very often. Manning may choose not to play in Denver, but it won’t be because of a lack of offensive talent or so-called bad weather.

  25. Manning has probably learnt a tip or two from Jeff Fisher… play a few teams against each other in a bidding war (esp. when Miami is involved) and you’re going to end up with a sweet deal!

    If Manning lands in Denver, they need to ship out Tebow. Similar to Luck, there’s no place for both on the team. Not that I would ever compare Luck to Tebow, but that would be the only way to shut the fan noise. Once Manning starts winning games for the Broncos, people are quickly going to forget Tebow.

  26. For all of the talk about Tebow. HE was reported to be working on his game back in Febuary. So, he’s trying to get better. Elway, was a great QB, But, a bit over rated for me. And in Manning, its just a case of careful what you ask for…

  27. We can all thank Josh McDaniels for getting rid of Cutler. It was in his long term plans all along. I wonder if Manning has a bad 1st half if the Tebow chants would start.

  28. @chalkruz1989
    Really? No explosive receiver? Did you not see Demaryius Thomas this last year?
    He battled back from an achilles injury and was taken AHEAD of Dez Bryant in the draft. He is a very fast, strong, and tall WR. He will be one of the top WR’s in the leauge in the next couple of years.

  29. In John Elway’s eyes, he absolutely has to make this move. With the Tebow-maniacs, the opportunity to grab Peyton Manning will be the only way Elway can save his career as an exec for this team. He will be hated if he benches Tebow for anyone else, and he will be fired if he let’s Tebow start and drive the franchise into the ground.

    Elway has the perfect exit strategy from a catch-22 that had him up against the wall. This is literally the only way out. Outside of getting the first pick in the draft next year and drafting a new QB.

  30. Yes, love to see PM rolling in the Rockies! Keep Tim? Not so sure with the same agents, and uber competitiveness they could make it work. Bet the new guy in Jax would love to get him for a 2nd rounder and a player or $$! Tebow on the Jags is the only way they could get butts in the seats, unless of course they have strippers at the portals or free beer!

  31. He needs to go to Denver just we don’t have to put up with skip Bayless and his constant puckering up of tebow’s lower torso area

  32. Don’t see Denver happening…..outside stadium and cold weather games. Just testing the waters with a few of these teams to see what gives. Earlier reported KC offerred contract…again I don’t see happening with outside stadium. He’ll end up in Miami or Arizona with the warm weather.

  33. I realize it’s a business and all teams want to win the big prize, will do anything to win. But I feel for the players who are affected by the intensity of this quest for Peyton’s services. Wherever he lands, a QB will lose his starting role. Peyton’s the starter, period. Tim Tebow may not be the most effective QB (in terms of style or complete grasp of reading the opposition), but he’s brought a lot of excitement to Denver fans and he fills seats. However, he IS the only type of man that would step aside for a couple of years, welcome the mentorship without too much drama. Peyton needs a backup QB, one who is willing and ready. Tim would be ready and better than the backups that Indy had (not prepared whatsover to step into Peyton’s cleats). He would benefit greatly learning from Peyton.
    Having said that, Peyton will have already scrutinized the rosters of all teams he’s interested in talking to. According to his former coaches, Peyton will be asking the questions/conducting the interviews.

  34. As a Brady fan, let me get my biased nonsense out of the way: Manning playing in Denver will not be a fair indicator of what kind of QB he is because the thin mountain air will further inflate his passing #’s.

    That is all.

  35. Just because this meeting has been reported by several media sources, doesn’t mean it’s the only one taking place. While Peyton is very cooperative with media, he does appreciate his privacy. This frenzy is a new experience for him. Probably never expected how crazy it would be-guy has played with only 1 team. He was comfortable with media in Indy and not used to being chased. But he was kind enough to pull over in Miami to speak with reporters. He’s just a guy, albeit a highly respected and coveted one. This wild process is unchartered territory for him. He’ll no doubt be working all weekend and he’ll make the choice that is best for him and his family.

  36. Well, last year, Tebow got all of the credit for a solid defense, an outstanding kicker, and a mediocre schedule. I can’t wait for Tebow to get all the credit for Peyton Manning’s success.

  37. I am amazed at the number of people that quickly make this anti-Tebow

    Psychologically, it’s a manifestation of insecurity and self-loathing. Poor souls.

  38. Sorry donkey fans….manning is not going to Denver. Not going to play in the snow and the cold. Sunny miami or dome arizona are his best options. Still stuck with tebow and his 40% completion percentage and 25% 3rd down conversion percentage.

  39. burgundyandgold says:Mar 9, 2012 1:53 PM

    That would be pretty cool. I would like to see PM in Denver for two reasons – 1) to see if he can end Tebow-Mania and 2) it is not in Washington where we have no need for him.

    One of the funniest, most ignorant comment i have ever seen on this website – washington has no need for a hall of fame qb?????
    I guess i haven’t been watching the redskins offensive powerhouse for the last – maybe 15 or 20 years – very funny. Yeah, keep grossman instead of peyton manning – hahahahaha!!!!!

  40. “I am amazed at the number of people that quickly make this anti-Tebow

    Psychologically, it’s a manifestation of insecurity and self-loathing. Poor souls.”

    Isn’t the mere fact that Manning is visiting Denver anti-Tebow? If Tebow were any good, Denver wouldn’t be bringing him in. Are the Pats, Packers, Saints or Lions bringing him in? No, because they have good quarterbacks. Let’s lower the bar. Are the Bears, Falcons, or Ravens bringing him in? Again, no. They are satisfied with their QBs. Which teams are bringing him in? The Dolphins, Broncos, Seahawks, Cardinals, etc – teams with crappy, talentless quarterbacks.

  41. spellingcops says: Peyton, there’s no need to go ANYWHERE else! Lock it up, CHAMPIONSHIP!
    With or without Manning, Broncos still suck.. moron!!!!

  42. TheWizard said “I am amazed at the number of people that quickly make this anti-Tebow. Psychologically, it’s a manifestation of insecurity and self-loathing. Poor souls”

    Uh no, it’s just most people find Tebow and his goofy followers to be self righteous d-bags.

    Have a nice weekend.

  43. Why would he want to go to Miami when they have a terrible roster, he will end up with the Jets and I am a Broncos Fan that could care less about Tebow or Manning.

  44. Elway and Fox are so predictable. They have wanted this “Tebow Problem” to go away since day one. They want Manning bad.

  45. “Manning visits Broncos in Denver”

    Phew, glad you specified that he was meeting the Broncos in Denver. For a minute there I thought he was going to Boise.

  46. hooterdawg says:
    Mar 9, 2012 2:58 PM
    Mike Sando should get a life.

    He at least gets paid for writing about sports on the Internet. You, OTOH, don’t. Sando laughs at fools such as you.

  47. portnoychunk says:
    Mar 9, 2012 3:34 PM
    As a Brady fan, let me get my biased nonsense out of the way: Manning playing in Denver will not be a fair indicator of what kind of QB he is because the thin mountain air will further inflate his passing #’s.

    That is all.

    You mean like Spygate inflated the Patriots’ SB win totals? Or how having the best OL in football inflated Brady’s numbers against the dregs of the AFC East, porkboychump?

  48. Peyton is getting older. He’s just going there to ask Elway what wrinkle cream he uses so he can avoid it at all costs.

  49. Cold day in hell before he ends up with that circus called the New York Jets.

    Bank on that.

    Its a joke to even think manning would even consider them.

  50. TheWizard says:
    Mar 9, 2012 3:38 PM
    I am amazed at the number of people that quickly make this anti-Tebow

    Psychologically, it’s a manifestation of insecurity and self-loathing. Poor souls.

    New England fans such as yourself would be intimately familiar with that state of mind, given that you all spent most of the last century insecurely loathing the Yankees. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  51. The picture of Elway shown in this article was snapped as he was hissing at the opposing team’s coach.

  52. Everyone keeps talking about the Denver defense last time I checked the master mind behind it went to Oakland.

  53. The only way this works is if the Broncos trade Tebow. Sure, the fans will revolt but, when they start winning games all will be forgiving/forgotten.

  54. Well, as I posted hours ago, the Manning Sweeps has suddenly gotten very, very interesting–assuming, of course, that Manning is capable of playing. But apparently we’re not allowed to comment that football stories are deliciously interesting. If I said the topic was deadly dull, would I still be censored? 🙄

  55. you all spent most of the last century insecurely loathing the Yankees

    We ain’t all from Boston, bro.

    I hate the whole American League, let alone the Yankees.

  56. To be sure this is the only way to get rid of Tebow without the city having a fit.
    I still don’t see him playing in Denver. They made the playoffs, but they are not championship ready by a long shot. I would say Mannings choice in this will show if he just wants money or a Super Bowl.

  57. Denver is not going to get Manning. 3 of your players just got suspended for at least a quarter of the season for steroids.
    Manning, “Next!”
    Get ready for the cellar again Denver.

  58. Not sure why you all would get rid of tebow. Let’s say PM has 2-4 good years left. That makes great mentor time

  59. @bozosforall: Your mom is enjoying having my Brady jersey stuffed in her mouth as I take her from behind.

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