Miami media circus may make Manning wary of Dolphins


Appearing on ESPN’s 9 a.m. edition of SportsCenter Friday, Adam Schefter suggested that the immediate and circus-style media coverage of Peyton Manning landing in Miami after his release by the Colts may have affected the free agent quarterback’s outlook on playing for the Dolphins.

Citing people who know Manning, Schefter reported that the helicopter chases were jarring. Florio referred to it as a “South Florida frenzy.” Manning isn’t a “big city” type, and never had to deal with excessive, paparazzi-style coverage in Knoxville or Indianapolis.

He’d have to become accustomed to that if he made Miami his permanent home.

While it seems unlikely that Manning would rule out the Dolphins as a potential suitor because of what occurred over the last two days, you can be sure he’s factoring it in.

46 responses to “Miami media circus may make Manning wary of Dolphins

  1. What ‘s the media circus got to do with him playing down in Miami? Wherever he goes right now it’s going to be exactly the same, so get over it. If he goes to Kansas City, are the fans all going “underground”?? Of course not.

  2. The circus and the frenzy would only last until a few days after him signing. It would obviously start again going into his first few games.

    Lebron and DWade are not getting the paparazzi-style treatment anymore.

  3. If he doesn’t like the media circus and big city atmosphere of Miami, then you can definitely rule out Washington and New York. Neither are exactly front runners, but he’s certain to find far more peace in Seattle and Arizona.

  4. Garbage. If he would have flown to North Dakota he would have seen a similar throng of reporters trying to find out where he will sign. It is the biggest football story this year (along with the bounty gang)Once he has a contract most of the national media attention goes away until the season gears up.

  5. Mr. Manning, you won’t get that treatment in Denver. Best LT in the league, underrated o-line, veteran coach, low cap # to put pieces around you, good defense, and no “paparazzi-style coverage”. Do it like Elway, walk off style.

  6. That’s lame. Dan Marino, Dwayne Wade, and Labron James never had those problems in Miami. Why would Peyton be any different. Again the media speaking out of their ass.

  7. Yeah, he should just go to Denver then, he won’t have to deal with a media frenzy. =)

    All in seriousness, he’s already THE STORY, the media frenzy will follow him no matter where he goes.

  8. It just proves we appreciate him joining us and the actual chance to really win a super bowl with him. The same frenzy that he encountered playing in two super bowls in Miami. And enjoyed home field advantage. Miami loves Peyton manning. Just like we love Shaq. So we’ll see . When Ross throws that 3 year 60 million at him fully guaranteed will see what frenzy is all about. Manning is a frezy himself . He’s bigger than Elvis and the Beatles.

  9. That will happen anywhere. Minnesota gave favre the helicopter treatment and we’re up here in the sticks. Mannings is a big of a name as there is and the news coverage will get nuts. I mean you guys are reporting on how other people are reporting! Get the point!??

  10. Manning will not play for Miami. There are at least 10 teams with better situations than the Dolphins. Why they think they are the front runners makes no sense to me.

  11. Enjoy Lebron and Wade, because Manning will not be taking his talents to South Beach.

  12. The frenzy wasn’t just because of the Dolphins, it’s because of EVERYONE, ESPN, NFL Network, Yahoo Sports, etc. Don’t lay that hoopla solely on the Fins.

    Also, it doesn’t matter where he goes. The frenzy is going to follow him anywhere he goes. Indy, aside from possibly Buffalo, was the only non big-city team anyway.

    He’s the biggest NFL free agent in history…he’s going to get paparazzi style coverage anywhere he goes.

  13. I guess after 14 years in the NFL, countless commercials, SNL and a Super Bowl win Peyton Manning is just a down-home country boy who doesn’t like attention. Please. I think we can all agree there are a few more reasons to avoid Miami than a few choppers following you around.

  14. What would make him want to be in Miami anyway. Brandon Marshall? Please. Same division as Brady? lol. Not happening. No dome, sketchy run game, etc. I could go on.

    It will not happen.

  15. mortimeryoung says: Mar 9, 2012 11:38 AM

    Sounds like a good reason to head to Jacksonville.

    There is absolutely NO reason to go to Jacksonville
    and this includes the people that live there

  16. So he wants to play in the inferior AFC, not anywhere near his brother, somewhere where he can potentially win and where the media will not bother him. Sounds like the only place that will work for this Diva is Seattle.

  17. The only reason for Manning to sign with Miami: IF HE CANNOT THROW

    Since I think he can throw, my belief is that the current Miami “hoopla” is either:
    1- media created

    2- another strategic move by Manning: he figured that nobody would believe that he was seriously considering the Skins… he needs to feign interest in order to boost his contract leverage.


  18. Apparently everyone missed the following story:
    Peyton got off the plane and into an suv. On route to wherever he was going, he was followed by a caravan of paparazzi. An annoyed Peyton forced his driver to pull over. He then offered an impromptu press conference if they agreed to stop the pursuit afterwards. Peyton felt his safety was in jeopardy and was forced into doing something he did not want to do. I’d say he was startled at best.

  19. Manning in Miami is a done deal. If they lose a few games early people will opt for the beach rather than sit in the sun for a 1:00 game as they always do. Take from someone who knows. The diehard fans from the 70s are getting fewer everyday. Hell I am from the 60s.

  20. I think that some people in the media are just Dolphins haters and this is their way of showing that by making up incredulous stories.

  21. If Manning wants to avoid the media….welcome to Seattle! Half of America can’t locate it on a map, and the one time they did make the Super Bowl, everyone spent two weeks talking about how Jerome Bettis was from Detroit.

  22. So if Ross loses out on Manning (which would be hysterical since it seems logical he would go there and he LIVES THERE), does Ross throw in the towel and look to sell the team?

    He lost out on Harbaugh (in pathetic fashion and tarnished his reputation and Ireland’s in the process), got used and abused by Fisher to leverage his deal with the Rams and now what if Manning tells him to take a hike? He and Ireland already couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Miami.

    This would have to be the death blow. Marino won’t even stick his neck out for him to court a close friend and someone who refers to him as an idol.

    Could be pretty damn funny…….

  23. Can somebody explain to me how Miami is a better fit for Manning than KC, other than the weather?

  24. Steve Ross has messed up everything he touches in Miami. He has messed up the Dolphins with his USFL ownership mentaility. He put a nightclub in a stadium that hosts mainly day games. He burned so many bridges with the Marlins- they are just going to take as many events away from him as possible. His hotel dealings are upside down. He hired MLB professionals to run his NFL franchise. Steve Ross needs to sell the Dolphins.

    Ross will mess the Peyton deal up by giving a ton of money to a guy who was cut for Failing his Physical. Peyton is too much of a risk.

  25. I suppose he’ll also factor in that there won’t be a white Christmas in Miami. Oh and the possibility of a coconut falling off a palm tree and causing his neck to be reinjured.

  26. Forget Miami Peyton, the media is crazy down there. Come up here and play for the Jets And the media is mellow up here!!!!

  27. Go home to the south Peyton, not south beach. Houston, Dallas, just not NO. Arizona isn’t warm, its miserable hot.

  28. The guy who ruthlessly and repeatedly stole the Super Bowl Week spotlight from his brother is averse to a little media attention down in Fla?


  29. I live in Indianapolis.People don’t harass him around here. He is royalty in Indiana and is treated with respect…not followed with helicopters and news vans to the point he needs to pull over in a parking lot to make a statement. …I hope he does land in Miami…I will be an instant Dolphin fan…Manning vs Brady TWICE a year….oh yeah. I have been a colts fan since they came here….not anymore. Where Peyton goes…I go. I know MANY MANY others here in Indy that feel the same way.


  30. I live in Indianapolis.People don’t harass him around here. He is royalty in Indiana and is treated with respect…not followed with helicopters and news vans to the point he needs to pull over in a parking lot to make a statement.

  31. I actually wish he would go to Houston….he would be in the AFC South and we could watch him kick the crap out of the COLTS TWICE a year.

  32. He’s not talking about during the signing process which will have a lot of media right NOW, he’s viewing it as something that will persist day-in day-out in Miami over the period of him playing/living there which WILL be different from Denver or KC. Fact.

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