Nike uniforms will be unveiled on April 3

As the opening credits rolled for Friday’s PFT Live, I posted a short and sweet tweet regarding the unveiling of the new NFL Nike uniforms.

The considerably-less-than-140-character message drew plenty of attention, so I figured it made sense to mention it here.

On April 3, Nike and the NFL officially will launch their partnership at an event in New York.

Nike’s intentions regarding the NFL uniforms remain unclear.  An executive promised “dramatic” changes when the deal was struck in 2010.  The NFL more recently has explained that the changes will primarily be reflected in the construction of the jersey.

Most recently, Nike CEO and president Mark Parker said that the company will “have some fun” while “respecting the traditions” of the teams.

We’ll all get something slightly more definitive on April 3.

78 responses to “Nike uniforms will be unveiled on April 3

  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that in an effort to ‘upgrade’ and ‘modernize’ the NFL’s ‘look’…., the new Nike uniforms will be hideous and fans will react negatively.

  2. I hope they can atleast get the team colors right, I thought few years ago Oregon was in one of its biggest games in school history, and wasn’t wearing any school color. I thought that was weak.

    P.S. Please no highlighter shades on any uniforms.

  3. THANK YOU!!! Cannot wait. Reebok is outdated when it comes to creativity. Such a shame that the NFL (the world’s greatest sport) was handcuffed with having the worst attire for the players AND the fans.

  4. “On April 3, Nike and the NFL officially will launch their partnership at any event in New York.”

    I don’t get it!?

  5. 49ers new unis – Denim looking pants and a red and white buttondown flannel looking jersey. What!!??

  6. First free agency and then this? Then the draft? Excited to see if they are tasteful. I am a fan of the Matte finish on some of the helmets in college (VT and Oregon).

  7. Its about time the NFL upgrades its uniforms. Im excited to see what Nike does with the uniforms. I dont expect a huge change, but change none the less is good.

  8. So big free agency signings that normally prompt jersey sales will be clearing Reebok inventory, and all jerseys will be (at best) slightly outdated within a month… noted.

  9. The Seahawks were one of the first teams to jump on for a new look. As a fan, I kind of like the current uniforms, mainly because so many people seem to hate them. “Oh, no, people think our uniforms are ugly, we shan’t be welcome at the Cotillion this weekend!”

    That said, I wouldn’t complain about a return to a silver pants and helmet. Keep the current shade of blue, it’s unique among all the teams who wear blue in the NFL, and keep the current logo.

    Oh, and make another screaming lime green alternate, please. People really complained about that one. I don’t get the hate, though, given the Bears and Dolphins have alternate jerseys that make them look like giant traffic cones.

  10. @raqaiw so did the NCAA and schools supposedly. Look how tha turned out. The only thing that they can’t just change without approval is the logo

  11. Calm down people, NFL and the Teams have final say and to change the uniforms will have to go thru the same rules as before. You have to wait 5 years before changing uniforms design. Seahawks are the only team that has said they might be changing design when Nike comes on board. You think they’ll redesign the Packers, Niners, Bears, and few others that has had the same logos and design for decades? No! But it will be interesting what Nike has in store for the uniforms. I wonder if they’ll design a Pro Combat alternate uniform like they do for college and high schools.

  12. there arent going to be any major changes to the uniforms..mostly to the material that is used..teams have to apply to the league to change logos or designs and the league has final say..this is a non story

  13. Good bye Reebok, the uniforms were out dated and lost creativity. Don’t worry fans the N.F.L. will not let Nike put out any ugly uniforms. They r going to be cool, but not overboard. Remember Nike wants everyone to go out and buy new uniforms. Who will buy new uniforms if they think teams colors r ugly. Can’t wait to see Jets new uniforms

  14. theroc5156 says:
    Mar 9, 2012 1:46 PM
    I cringe on what the Bengals are going to look like.


    How could it be any worse?

  15. In general, the uniforms do not and should not be messed with… I’m talking the classics like Raiders, Colts, Cowboys, Steelers, Rams, Chargers, Chiefs, Packers, Browns, Lions, Bears, Saints. Arguably a couple of others. Hands off, period.

    Then there are the hideous, newer uniforms that I say go to town on, Nike. Because, really, could they be any uglier? Seahawks, Bengals. The only thing worse could be the University of Maryland mushroom tripping gear.

    Others would argue about on how ugly the Bronco’s uniforms are. I mean, they make orange crush look good. Falcons are terrible except for the logo (just keep that) and start over. Let Nike at these. I’m not high on the panthers and jags, but they are not so bad.

    Then you’ve got the tweeners, that I would say, just leave them alone, for traditions sake. It’s nice to have different generations wearing the same NFL gear and it conveys the history that goes along with the leauge.


  16. As I thought. I’m starting to realize just how much dick this site sucks. Not even ESPN’s mods are this sensitive. Goodbye and Godspeed to those who have the misfortune of dealing with you.

  17. Everyone over 28 will hate them because they are ‘traditionalists’ and MOSTLY every 28 and under will love it. I still wish Under Armour would have snagged the contract but they aren’t a big enough name. YET.

  18. How could it be any worse?


    It was worse. See the Bengals uniforms from 1968-1980. I love the current ones. Well, the all-black ones anyway.

  19. The Browns jersey? Take a white t-shirt, poop on it, stick it in a blender….there you go. Browns jersey 2012

  20. Use the new lighter/stronger materials….keep the classic uni’s like GB, Dallas, PIT, SF fundamentally the same. Completely redo hideous mid 2000’s changes like the Vikings/Cardinals/Seahawks. Contract the Bengals and Jaguars so I don’t have to fathom what those monstrosities will look like….

  21. “have some fun” while “respecting the traditions” of the teams
    New jerseys for animal team names(i.e Bears, Lions, Cards Eagles) will have actual fur of feathers.
    Which scare me because my Packers will probably be a blood stained butcher’s coat with a Big G on the back..

  22. Why don’t they just forgo the unis and pads and do it au naturale. They would think twice about bounties with there junk flopping about… concussions would eventually go down as well.

  23. there arent going to be any major changes to the uniforms..mostly to the material that is used..teams have to apply to the league to change logos or designs and the league has final say………..this is a non story

  24. And in a related story, NFL officials jerseys are being redesigned as clown costumes.

  25. upyoursnfu says:
    Mar 9, 2012 3:00 PM
    The Browns jersey? Take a white t-shirt, poop on it, stick it in a blender….there you go. Browns jersey 2012

    Or just take a brown shirt.

  26. Ummm…

    If it’s not broke…dont fix it.

    I coach youth FB (9-10 yrs. old) and the philosophy is KEEP IT SIMPLE – STUPID. I hope Nike does the same with these NEW jerseys.

  27. Curious to see if they make a change to the Bayou Bounty Hunters……. I kid I kid

  28. Degree of change to the uni’s depends on the number of zeros that follow the dollar sign and first number on the line. Personally, I would like to see a little 21st century in the accents but not the team logos. And definitely no feathers.

  29. 1. I hope the Bengals have the word “BENGALS” on the helmet and that’s all.

    2. The Seahawks uniforms can only improve. Worst color scheme in the league.

    3. Tampa Bay better bring the Gay Pirate back.

  30. Nike
    Over priced
    No true sizing
    Poorly made crap

    Leave the damn uniforms alone
    I guess the good news is there will a few extra grains of rice for the children that Nike uses as slave labor to produce there products

  31. They better bear no resemblance to any of the “leaked” jersey’s that I saw a few months back. Those things were hideous.

  32. If you google Nike Pro Combat NFL, you will get a good laugh out of what they did. Talk about making them look like cookie cutter uni’s. Luckily, NFL franchises control their logo’s, not some apparel company.

  33. I just hope that whatever happens, we don’t start seeing ads on the uniforms. It will be a dark day in America when we start seeing NFL players looking like pansy soccer players!

  34. Most Niner fans just bought jerseys again this year. I live in Sac and all I smell is moth balls and new close when it comes to niner gear.

  35. thepatriotsaregay says: “the Rams should really go back to Blue and Yellow.”

    Also, they should really go back to Los Angeles

  36. jimair1 says: “. . . New jerseys for animal team names(i.e Bears, Lions, Cards Eagles) will have actual fur of feathers. . . Which scare me because my Packers will probably be a blood stained butcher’s coat with a Big G on the back.”

    Joking of course (and successfully 🙂 , but it might be kind of cool to represent fur and feathers in print patterns.

    Not sure about the Bears, but it could certainly work for the “bird” teams. Jags could go with spots (what kind of a color is “teal” for a team, really? unless you’re the NHL Ducks), Bengals in full-on orange & black stripes (they’re halfway there now), Dolphins in . . .

    OK, I’m out.

  37. I’m a Browns fan and looking at the leaked photo’s of team uniforms.

    There aren’t any changes to ours – which is cool, but it would have been nice to see a fresh alternate package, like an all out orange uniform (jersey, pants and helmet) or go back to the early days of Otto Graham when they had the white helmets, with the white uni’s and they were outlined in Brown

  38. FWIW- My local sports memorabilia/jersey mom & pop shop told me that depending on the style of jersey (e.g. auth sewn. replica screen print) they’re expecting a 15 – 25% cost increase on their end alone. To help us both out, I pillaged his wall as he was selling all Reebok gear at 55% off 😉

  39. Ugly crap like a over did custom car,this will take away the tradition of the jerseys of teams with history .it will be good for Jacksonville maybe or texans

  40. I dont think there will be a big change in the uniforms besides for the alternates (they sell the Bucs black alternate Jerseys but they never wear them) but im most excited for their upgrade to their shirts, hats, jackets, ect…

  41. I have some older Redskins jerseys made by Adidas, and Starter. they don’t really look much different from the Reeboks. The Reeboks have the NFL shield on the front, and the others don’t. I don’t see much change with Nike. They will probably incorporate Dri-fit (under armour like material) on the sides of the authentics. I bet that’s about the only real change you will see.

  42. I just hope Nike doesn’t do the color on color uniforms (One solid color uniforms)! Those damn things are so tacky and classless! I’m a fan of The Broncos, and they wore them at least 6-7 times for home games, and they looked like the Cirque du Soleil! I hope never to see them again! For all teams for that matter!

  43. I’m always amused by the people who comment on Reebok’s apparel, like it’s so awful. Give me a break! Nike is so wonderful??? What a joke! Stupid brand loyalty. I’m so sick of the swish being in our faces. Actually, I’m tired of corporatism. Don’t need a vector or swish or any other logo on the uniforms period!!!!!!!

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