PFT Live: Martellus Bennett and Dolphins talk with Armando Salguero

Another week of PFT Live comes to a close with Friday’s edition at noon ET.

Mike Florio will be joined by Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett on the program. Bennett will hit free agency next Tuesday and we’ll find out where his head is at before the marketplace opens for business. Is he open to a return to the Cowboys or is he looking to try on other uniforms?

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald will also join Florio and it’s a pretty safe bet that Eli Manning’s older brother will be the big topic of conversation. We’ll find out where the Dolphins’ heads are at before the pursuit of Manning heats up over the weekend as well as what else might be on tap in Miami during free agency.

Finally, Florio will present his offseason “to-do” lists for this year’s Super Bowl teams. What will the Patriots and Giants need to do to make a return appearance in the big game next season?

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

6 responses to “PFT Live: Martellus Bennett and Dolphins talk with Armando Salguero

  1. Please don’t go back to Dallas. I’m sure we can find anyone to drop balls and miss assignments for way cheaper.

  2. AGREED ! We can find someone else who’s not S- SCARED to get hit. Yes-Dallas will takes its chances on someone else who wants to underacheive vs MartyB who is interested IN cRAP records. PLEASE take him, anybody!!!

  3. I bet Armondo gets no one on one interview after these remarks about Peyton.

  4. It never amazes me that blind hate for a player can do just that… it blinds fans of what a player really brings to a team.

    Screw the stuff about not liking his personality. Whatever. He’s not done anything to get in trouble with the law, and the one stupid mistake me made was years ago.

    We can forgive guys like Dez who constantly get into stupid situations, but we can’t give a guy a 2nd chance who made a mistake when he was still at an immature age.


    2011: Ranked #10 TE in NFL… #18 Pass Blocking TE in the NFL… #1 Run Blocking TE in the NFL
    2010: Ranked #4 TE in the NFL… #11 Pass Blocking TE in the NFL… #2 Run Blocking TE in the NFL

    Let’s look at Phillips/Bennett, shall we?
    In 2011, Phillips played a total of 333 snaps on offense, allowing 1 sack, 2 hits and 3 pressures.
    In 2011, Bennett played a total of 428 snaps on offense allowing 0 sacks, 0 hits and 2 pressures.

    The difference is that Bennett is amazing at both pass and run blocking, and Phillips is terrible.

    With Romo getting clobbered due to the OL, can we really afford another noob error (see Gronkowski).

  5. Martellus is one of the best run blocking tight ends in the NFL… If he can polish of his receiving skills, he’ll be a real problem for opposing teams. Although you werent spectacular in Dallas, best of luck to Marty.

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