Rashean Mathis glad to stay home in Jacksonville


After signing a one-year, $5 million deal to stay in Jacksonville, Rashean Mathis said he’s thrilled to remain in the city where he was born, and with the team that drafted him in 2003.

“I’m home,” Mathis told the Florida Times-Union. “Not too many people can say they’ve been home for 10 years. It’s a blessing.”

Mathis decided to stay home without waiting for the opportunity to test free agency, although he didn’t necessarily take a hometown discount: Plenty of teams would be reluctant to sign a guy who will be 32 before the season starts and is four months removed from a torn ACL, as Mathis is. Mathis says he started running recently and isn’t at full speed yet but expects to be ready to go for the start of training camp.

If he’s not ready to go, the Jaguars have some safeguards in Mathis’s contract: There’s a $1 million signing bonus and $950,000 base salary, and he’ll have to be healthy enough to meet some playing time incentives to get the full $5 million.

Mathis said of the structure of that contract, “What we decided on was the best for both of us.”

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  1. The first commenter here is a real troll. This guy posts something negative on EVERY Jaguars story. Hey Toronto schmoe, why don’t you go comment on the story about the hometown Toronto guy who decided to stay close to his friends and family? Oops, he’s not in the NFL, though; it’s you, in your mother’s basement.

  2. No kidding, Joe c’mon man, quit making us look bad…it’s Canadians like you that I despise, not all of us are like him just so you all know ! If you got nothing intelligent to say, go talk to yourself in the mirror or something, some of us are just interested in ALL football news…not just our favorite teams.

  3. Just so everyone knows, JoeToronto is a Raiders fan. He thinks by talking BS about the Jags it will somehow prevent Oakland from moving their team to LA.

    Now if he could only find a job and meet a nice girl that doesnt require a payment up front.

  4. A Raiders fan calling another team irrelevant, seriously. Gotta love this guy’s intelligence.

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