Redskins think they have a better shot at Griffin than Manning


Peyton Manning doesn’t appear likely to land in Washington, and so it may be time for the Redskins to turn their attention to Plan B: Robert Griffin III.

The Washington Post reports, citing a source with knowledge of the team’s deliberations, that the Redskins think they have a better chance of trading up with the Rams for the second overall pick in the NFL draft and taking Griffin than they do of signing Manning as a free agent.

That fits with a report we noted over the weekend, that the folks in St. Louis view the Redskins as the favorites to trade up and take the Rams’ No. 2 overall pick.

A Redskins-Rams trade would involve Washington shipping the No. 6 overall pick to St. Louis and probably having to package next year’s first-round pick and a couple more picks in addition to that. If the 2004 Eli Manning-Philip Rivers trade is a guide, the Redskins’ two first-round picks would be accompanied by a third-round pick and a fifth-round pick as a nice haul for the Rams.

And, if Griffin becomes a quarterback worthy of comparisons to either Manning brother, a nice haul for the Redskins.

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  1. That was to move up 3 spots, the skins would be moving up 4 and presumably have stiffer competition in the browns than the chargers did back then.

  2. Well, that’s obvious. He’d never join that circus. Shanny loves roll out QB’s too. And manning knows Snyder is as big as a buffoon as they come. Right up there with Coach Rex Ryan.

  3. Difference between this deal and the Eli deal will be the rookie wage scale driving up the price of the pick.

  4. “Redskins think they have a better shot at Griffin than Manning”


    Duh, ya think??????

    I mean Manning already said he doesn’t want to go to Snyders house of mediocrity so of course RGIII is a better option.

    Come on, let’s pick up the talent level

  5. A real franchise QB for a team that can finally have a the big piece to the puzzle in place. With Mr. III at the Helm the Washington Redskins can start moving up to contention level.

  6. I hate to give up a ton of picks for Griffin, but I’m happier to achieve success with our own guy then having Manning come in. Best of luck to you 18.

  7. The comparison of the Eli Manning trade really needs to stop. There weren’t 2 to 5 other teams in a bidding war with the Giants for Eli Manning. A number of teams will be competing with the Redskins in RGIII trade talks.

    So it’s going to take more than what the Giants gave up.

  8. I hope Washington pulls this off. RGIII will be the next Akili Smith. Unlike Luck, he has no experience reading defenses or picking from more than one receiver. Half of the QB’s taken in the top 10 turn out to be busts. This year RGIII is the one.

  9. If I am RG3 I would be very unhappy going to the Redskins. The shannahan’s are egomanics and control freaks. The team is a complete mess. Snyder has no discipline. It’s likely the team will be completely torn apart in the next year or two once the Skins failthis year. It does not look like stable environment where a young QB can grow and learn.

    The Browns look like a much more stable environment with Holmgren’s more conservative thoughtful approach to talent acquisition.

    Most likely RG3 will fail to live up to the hype. That is the nature of 1st round QBs. Most fail. The environment in DC simply makes it more likely he will fail.

    Given the likelihood of failure if I was a skins or Browns fan I would rather take a chance on Flynn. If he fails at least you do not lose a high draft pick. Plus in addition to getting a new QB you get Caliborne, Blackmon, Richardson, Coples or Ingram added to your team. Two blue chip players rather than one.

  10. I hope they just start calling him Griffin after the draft, I’m sick of the RG3 nickname already. We don’t call Clay Matthews III CM3 or anything like that, and his dad actually did play in the NFL.

  11. Im from DC and know from exp. that players come here for a paycheck or to disappear from the earth. People/ Players are only good before or after their stay here. If Manning or RG3 come here it would be in comparison to throwing a blind man wearing a red shirt in a Bull Pit. Will be 12th QB in 10 years. And besides who wants to have Santana Moss as there #1 receiever. Redskins are a complete joke all around.

  12. I find too often now that people neglect to consider in these fantasy trades (as an additional ++ with the early picks now) that rookie salaries are capped and trading for a top 5 pick was near toxic and more punishment than reward for sucking.

    You don’t have to pay these ridiculous Matthew Stafford/ Sam Bradford contracts (sympathies to the Lions with CJ, Suh and Staffords).

    I’m surprised the Rams don’t try trading Bradford and taking RGIII.. don’t know what cap ramifications from something like that happening would be.

  13. The Browns look like a much more stable environment with Holmgren’s more conservative thoughtful approach to talent acquisition.

    Who would want to start their career in cleveland?
    RGIII Will be a redskin!

  14. It has to be more than the Eli trade, why.

    – The ‘Skin are moving up more spots, 6 to 2, is more than 4 to 1; so more picks or higher picks are needed.
    – Supply and Demand. More demand = higher comp.
    – Eli was public in not wanting to play for S.D.

    Prodiction: Two-#1’s, One – #2 and one – #5

  15. Dream scenario for Skins fans is to see Manning go to the Dolphins, and have Flynn go to the Browns. Both look feasible at this point.

    I don’t think any other team outside of the top 10 would be willing to trade up for RG3, and even if they do, the Rams would need to be willing to drop that far back.

  16. Rams will court the Skins all the way to the dance until they ditch them for the Browns and their 4th & 22nd picks.

  17. What if lets say the Rams asking price which it has been told is so high for the second pick.

    What if both teams really in this bidding war on draft day Skins and Browns just decide enough is enough and decide to trade with Minnesota who has much less of an asking price for the number 3 spot?

    If that is the case would the rams take RG3? and if they do then okay both teams are back to maybe having to offer up more to the Rams.

    My point is right now the Rams may think they are in the power position but are they? Skins and Browns do have the ability to turn this around on the Rams.

    This should be fun in the coming weeks to see how this unfolds.

  18. If the Redskins are smart they are also working a deal with the Vikings. If the Rams aren’t going to take a QB, stiff em with the pick and pay a little less for the 3rd pick. Then the Rams get stuck over paying for Blackmon. Rams don’t have as much leverage as they think. Unless the Rams call the leagues bluff and take RG3 then we got him, here’s the cost.

  19. The Shanahan’s were right on with McNabb and Hansworth so u people make me laugh about saying they have huge egos. The team is getting better since they arrived. The team needs help but we are getting younger and a RG would help.

  20. If the Skins concentrate on RG3 then they have to get both Carl Nicks and Steve Hutchinson in D.C. the first day of free agency and dont let them leave until they have a deal in place, then go after Colston or Vincent Jackson, they have the cap room to do it and those move would make them instant playoff contenders if they make those moves imagine the offense in D.C.
    RB- Helu, Royster
    FB- Darrel Young, Mike Sellers
    TE- Cooley, Fred Davis
    LT-Trent Williams
    LG-Steve Hutchinson
    C- Will Montgomery
    RG-Carl Nicks
    RT-Jamal Brown
    WR- Colston/V. Jackson, Santana Moss, Jabar Gaffney, Hankerson, Anthony Armstrong
    One word describes this if it does happen SCARY…

  21. The Browns giving their 1st and 2nd (not their 2nd in the first round) should be equally appealing to the Rams than Washington’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th. With the Browns 1st they can get Kalil or Blackmon (they can’t with Washington’s) and the Browns 2nd is several picks ahead of Washington’s. The Browns give up their 1st, 2nd and a next year 3rd, and Washington can’t beat it.

  22. If Griffin ends up as a Redskin, I’ll renounce my fanship dating back to 1970. Griffin is a lazy in preparation, over-rated on QB skills, cannot read defenses, will run and run, and will never bring a Super Bowl to Washington. He will cause the Redskins to lose more games and the Redskins will end up draft poor for years – after having brought sanity back to the draft situation. I loathe this punk with all my heart and hope his damage to Washington can be mitigated by a short career and out on the street where he belongs. He is nothing that is being said about him – nothing. One of the most overrated QB prospects since Vince Young.

  23. Ill say it before and say it once more… Redskins will be trash with whatever QB they get. They still play in a superior division. They should have been sent packing with the arizona cardinals.

  24. Rams are dying to give the pick away but nobody is biting on there ridicuoius demands. Theres no need to. Tannehill will be there for the browns or Redskins. I don’t see any leverage for the Rams. Only the Rams see this. LOL if nobody bargins with them are they really going to pick another QB, stir the pot up in St Louis with Bradford there. Pay two QB’s Top dollar, I dont think so. They will pick OL or WR, common sense on what they need. Browns already said forget it we have to many needs and your not getting both picks. Bruce Allen has done a great job the past two years with the Redskins and will not be fleeced by any team. Look elseware Rams

  25. I think they have a better shot at Theisman coming out of retirement to QB for them than landing either RG3 or Maning.

  26. Well the way I see it nothing is written in stone…so until Manning has signed SOMEWHERE or the Rams trade the #2 pick SOMEWHERE this is still all speculation and a possible smoke screen. And as for Manning’s reason for not wanting to play in the NFC East or NFC for that matter whether you have to beat your little brother or not I don’t see either of you playing in another Super Bowl especially against one another.

  27. Synder will find a way to screw this up too. He’ll miss out on RGIII and then over pay Flynn that will lock them into 5 years with a one hit wonder at QB.

    The Redskins will NEVER get back to the playoffs until Synder sells the team (which he will never do). The NFC East is far too competitive to have an owner like Synder. His best bet would be to move the team to the NFC or AFC West where bad teams can win the division.

    Hail to the deadskins!

  28. If anyone is wondering why Manning wouldn’t want to go to Washington…one word:


  29. As a Browns fan I hope this happens. I’m concerned about RGIII. I can’t put my finger on it. I think I’d rather go after Flynn or see if Kolb shakes out in Arizona. Or take Blackmon and a RB with our two first round picks and target a QB next year. I don’t know why but all this hype of RGIII is a concern.

  30. colinsnooks says:
    Mar 9, 2012 12:45 PM
    I hope they just start calling him Griffin after the draft, I’m sick of the RG3 nickname already. We don’t call Clay Matthews III CM3 or anything like that, and his dad actually did play in the NFL.


  31. The skins should keep their draft picks and take Ryan Tannehill with the 6th pick and sign a veteran free agent like Jake Delhomme or Jeff Garcia to help mentor him. Then work on the offensive line thru the draft and free agency and sign either Vincent Jackson or Marques Colston.

  32. Out of all the pictures of RG3 that are available to the press, you guys choose this one? I also question the one of Blackmon in the article about his 40 time as well.

  33. If anyone is wondering why Manning wouldn’t want to go to Washington…one word:

    How about one more word: Eli.

    I love these people who think that Snyder is a worse owner than the Irsay twins. The only reasons the Colts have been successful are Polian and Manning – Irsay has been along for the ride. Now that Irsay has decided to start imitating Jerry Jones as GM, the Colts will be lost in the wilderness for 20 years just like the Redskins.

  34. crindal3000 says: Mar 9, 2012 12:38 PM

    i pity every player in washington

    why all the thumbs down? i’m just pointing out that Washington is a horrible organization from top to bottom 🙂

  35. Skins will draft rg3 or tannehill. Mark my word. We will upgrade the line. We will pick up play makers at wr. All the fools in the media think we want Peyton. Lol. Shanny has a plan folks. Better believe that.

  36. Can someone please explain the allure of posting old and no longer applicable insults on a post for a team you don’t root for. Yes Snyder ruined this team but he’s been out o the picture since shanny came in. Did the control freak shanny’s ruin all the other qbs they worked with or did those qbs put up the some of the nest numbers of their careers and before someone mentions mcflabb I think andy reid trading him goin the division and his time in Minnesota explain how done he was

  37. Snyder may have ruined the team in terms of winning…but the league has used his model to get where they are financially…he pays his players better than any other team…sure there are examples of failures and poor decisions that have affected the win/loss totals…but the team has made money and spent it the way they please ..and if they wait a year to find another QB so be it Washington is a town that is all about demands and consumption…they are in a position to make a splash and re-energize the base…whatever they do..they will have a loud mouth group that is disaffected no matter what they do

  38. Love it. All the draft and personnel experts who show up here every day spouting their words of wisdom for all us unknowing, unwashed simpletons who like football. Thank you very much, Retards.

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