Report: Chiefs have already offered Peyton Manning a contract


Amid talk that some NFL teams will court Peyton Manning so aggressively that they’re willing to sign him without watching him throw, now comes a radio report saying the Kansas City Chiefs have already offered Manning a contract.

Radio host Brandon Spano reports that the Chiefs were the first team to formally offer Manning a contract, making him the offer on Thursday, the day after his release from the Colts became official.

At the moment this is just one radio report that hasn’t been confirmed elsewhere, but it fits a growing narrative that the Chiefs’ interest is real. Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel went right up to the tampering line, and may have even crossed the line, by gushing about Manning even before the Colts released him, and the Chiefs reportedly contacted Manning shortly after it became permissible within league rules.

The Chiefs are an intriguing option. They weren’t far from the playoffs last year in the weak AFC West and have a good chance of being better this year, considering that arguably their two most talented players, Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry, played a combined total of three games last year. Manning would like to have a receiver like Dwayne Bowe, and the Chiefs are in relatively good salary cap shape, good enough that they should be able to give Manning a healthy contract and still have room to bolster the roster elsewhere as needed.

We don’t know for sure that the Chiefs have actually sent Manning a contract and are simply waiting on him to put pen to paper, but it certainly does sound like the Chiefs are one team that will aggressively pursue the biggest free agent of the year.

62 responses to “Report: Chiefs have already offered Peyton Manning a contract

  1. Let the games begin. I have a gentlemans bet with some friends regarding his landing spot, and I love having bragging rights. Get him boys!

  2. This is the fourth Peyton article in a row…who will be #5? Seattle?

    Not wise to be the first to offer a contract, since the agent will only use that as a starting point with other teams, thus giving everyone else the chance to outbid you.

    Fools rush in.

  3. I don’t get the Miami narrative. Peyton Manning can live the rest of his entire life in Miami. Why wouldn’t he want to go to Kansas City (or any other place with relatively cold winters) if it gives him a better chance to win?

  4. Possible, but more likely this means KC realizes that Manning is not interested, and the Pioli PR machine is trying to keep the fans happy by making it look like they gave it their all.

  5. The chiefs are too many holes away from contention. I can’t sit here and truely say that any one of their playmakers on any side of the ball is the best at what he does. Mediocre at best. I see manning to KC turning into “Disappointing season for manning, chiefs” and “not enough weapons for manning”
    And by the time they get enough weapons he will be retiring. The chiefs are 3-4 good offseasons away from being *just* above college level. Problem is, their GM isn’t capable of 3-4 good offseasons in a row.

  6. @nekoo2011980 Someone that wants to win maybee? KC is loaded at the skill positions on offense, and have a top 10 defense. I don’t really understand how Miami even comes close to offering a supporting cast. Yea they have warm weather…but I think the ability to finish a career with more wins would be more appealing to me than warm weather.

  7. Bulletin to all other teams not named the Dolphins:

    You have no shot. Stop wasting your time. This is all a dog and pony show to minimize how rampant tampering is in the NFL. A deal has been done for a while. He’s going to Miami. He just has to wait a week to sign so as to make it appear like there was no tampering even though there was.

  8. Kansas City seems to be a good fit as all the pieces seem to be in place. Plus they are a pretty stable organization and have a devoted fanbase. Can’t say that for the Dolphins. Plus, there is precedent in KC, as Montana ended his career their with a couple of really good seasons.

    Although I still feel Arizona would be the best fit. Indoor stadium, Fitzgerald to throw to, solid up and coming defense. I don’t know, as Peter King says (as he does about almost everything), this should be INTERESTING.

  9. “neko02011980 says:
    Mar 9, 2012 10:21 AM
    who in their right mind would want to play in Kansas City when you could go to Miami???
    however, they are in a weak division.”

    You answered your own question. Why wouldn’t Manning want to go to KC over Miami?

    In AFC West he competes with Broncos (NO QB), Oakland (Mess) and San Diego (Choke artists).

    In AFC East he has to beat New England, NYJ and Buffalo showed they can win in that division.

    He wants a super bowl, he has a much better chance of making the playoffs in the AFC West than the AFC East.

  10. He’s going to Arizona – my bet/guess. It’s indoors, Larry Fitzgerald is a stud, non-diva, receiver and they can make some noise in that division with Manning. I know he said no to the NFC but they back track on that saying he wanted to stay out of the NFC East.

  11. if given a choice of south beach or kansas city who would in their right mind want to live in KC. Yuck!

  12. When you have chronic pain do you move to a cold climate or a warm one? It’s one thing to visit for a game, an entirely different thing to live and practice there. Denver, KC, NY – not gonna happen IMO.

  13. Who in their right mind would want to play in Miami? The Chiefs are ready to win and only have to worry about the Chargers in the West. Manning wouldn’t have to play Brady twice just to win the division. Lay off the blow man.

  14. I figured he would go to either the NFC West or AFC West. Over the last 3-4 years, these have been the weakest divisions. He has an excellent chance at winning the division with any one of those teams. A team like the Jets or Redskins, on the contrary, still might not even be the division favorites, even with Peyton.

  15. Manning already won a playoff gave in arrowhead before.

    38-31 in a shoot out when the chief had roaf, shields, gonzo, holmes and trent green. SO all this nonsense of he cant play in weather needs to stop.

    KC has awesome cap space, plays in an easy division and is loaded on young talent.

    MIA is dysfunctional and has head cases all around.

    Fro all of you who said “he has a home there”, yeah he had it there when he resigned with indy last year also. So its not a top factor in his thinking.

    and for Troll who says its not wise to be the first in…. You show the client that you are serious. You show him that you are a professional and are really serious about bringin him in.

    They create the best case for manning and offer it to him, if he turns it down then you move on and start looking into other FA.

    Why would you wait a week or whatever just to offer him the same contract you would of in the first place? You offer him the contract that makes sense for your team… if he takes it good, if not, bye.

    Anyone who gets into a bidding war over manning is going to lose. It would take up too much of your contract and you couldn’t build around him.

    I think this is an AWESOME move by the Chiefs.

  16. This article failed to say that Brandon Spano is “DENVER” radio host…

    If K.C.’s own reporters can’t even get any information from the Chiefs…how come this guy can? Mmmm….

  17. clbrwns says:
    Mar 9, 2012 10:32 AM
    He’s going to Arizona – my bet/guess.

    I’m thinking he’s going to want to go somewhere that can keep a QB on the field longer than 5-6 games.

  18. It will be just as weird to see Manning in a Chiefs jersey as it was seeing Montanna in one.

  19. If the Texans are willing to get this done, its a done deal.

    He will go to the Texans. Mark it.

  20. fishtank86 says: Mar 9, 2012 10:26 AM

    The chiefs are too many holes away from contention. I can’t sit here and truely say that any one of their playmakers on any side of the ball is the best at what he does. Mediocre at best. I see manning to KC turning into “Disappointing season for manning, chiefs” and “not enough weapons for manning”

    You mean aside from one of the best RB’s in the game? A pro bowl WR, the veteran Breaston and the up and coming Baldwin? Nevermind that the Chiefs defense showed the NFL how to beat the Packers and was one of the best down the stretch. You’re right though. They went 7-9 and almost won the division using 3 different quarterbacks, one of which being named TYLER PALKO. A horrid qb who almost beat the Steelers.

  21. Kansas City is the best fit overall in my opinion. Our Defense is better than Arizona’s which i put at #2. I just hope he does his homework.

  22. yourbassist is 100% right. KC could have a VERY good offense with Peyton. Don’t forget about the TE Moeaki (sp?). They came within one game of winning the division even with nearly every one of their good players getting hurt. Peyton easily puts them over the hump.

  23. Hmmm seems the only thing Miami has to offer is nice weather…really, those rain storms that pop up some with serious lightning, the possibilites of hurricanes and let’s not forget that unbearable heat…this thing about playing in cold and or outdoor weather is lame how many teams have indoor facilities? Minnesota, New Orleans, Atlanta, Detroit, St. Louis??? So this not wanting to go to a cold weather place seems also lame most places really don’t start getting bad weather until possibly December and some of these teams if in the playoffs well you’re going to have to play outdoors and possibly in bad weather…

  24. @anrgydeafman: That’s what makes me believe this report. If a KC guy broke it, I would say it’s Pioli spin. Nothing leaks unless it’s for a PR purpose. But from Denver?

  25. brutus9448 says:
    Mar 9, 2012 10:32 AM
    if given a choice of south beach or kansas city who would in their right mind want to live in KC. Yuck!

    Well if you’ve spent 14 years in Indy you can make it in KC…I’ve been and lived in both places the weather is pretty close to the same the night life not that he hangs out is pretty much the same. Personally South Beach is overrated it’s like the East coast version of Hollywood a bunch of overrated and overpaid celeb airheads…

  26. For those who say that KC has more pieces than Miami to compete right now, did they drink away the memories of the 31-3 drubbing that Miami gave them this past season in Arrowhead? Didn’t the Chiefs also lose their first two games 89-10?

  27. Manning in KC would be great for my heart rate. I can take a year off and assume the Raiders won’t win anything. Let Allen and McKenzie do their thang. Then Manning snaps his neck at the end of the season, retires, and the Raiders storm into the playoffs the next year.

  28. Let me get this straight teams in the NFC East out doesn’t want to play against baby brother, teams that play in the cold out doesn’t want to go to an outdoor cold weather team….well he hasn’t left many options on the table…if he chose Miami the only team in the AFC East who plays in warmer weather he still has to go to Buffalo, NYJ and New England…these are the road games….

    New England, the Jets and Buffalo, Miami will travel to Houston, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Arizona and Cincinnati.

    hmmm 3 indoor games one even back in Indy 2 outdoor games San Fran can have some nasty weather and we all know Cincinnati for sure can have some nasty weather

  29. Another point that people haven’t really mentioned. They went 7-9 with all the injuries, crappy QB play (Palko, really), horrible head coach, and all this with one of the toughest schedules outside their own division for any team last year. Lions, Packers, Steelers, Patriots, Bears and Jets. Add Manning and an easier schedule plus whatever other additions made (a new RT) and they would have a great shot at the playoffs.

  30. I’d seriously doubt a guy that CHOSE to play college ball in Knoxville, played 14 years in Indianapolis, and lives in the film room is going to make this decision strictly on weather or the surrounding city’s attractions.

  31. moagecu says:

    “In AFC West he competes with Broncos (NO QB)”

    You mean the one who took the Broncos to the playoffs, won a playoff game as an underdog for the first time for that team in a decade?

    You mean THAT “No” QB?

  32. For those who say that KC has more pieces than Miami to compete right now, did they drink away the memories of the 31-3 drubbing that Miami gave them this past season in Arrowhead? Didn’t the Chiefs also lose their first two games 89-10?

    bro….we had Cassel, he’s easily one of the worst QBs in the league

  33. Is he looking to win a division or a championship? Yes, he could go to KC, play in a weak division and probably make it into the post season, but I think he has his sights set higher than that. And to assume that he would shy away from playing against Brady twice per year is foolish. This guy is a competitor and I think he’d actually prefer tough games against NE and NY, etc.

  34. Any of you who say that KC is not a viable option for Peyton Manning do not know what you are talking about. You obviously don’t watch football or know anything about NFL teams. The Chiefs almost won the division last year (yes, a really bad division) without two of their best offensive weapons Tony Moeaki and Jamaal Charles and their best defensive player Eric Berry. Not to mention that we were using backup QBs. For Peyton the Chiefs will have many weapons for him to use next year. Dwayne Bowe, Jonathon Baldwin, Steve Breaston, and TE Tony Moeaki. Their defense is going to be sold next year as well. Eric Berry, Brandon Flower, Tamba Hali, and Derrick Johnson is coming off of his best season ever. What does Miami have that Peyton Manning can use? Brandon Marshall? Who else? Not to mention that Miami has 10 million dollars in their cap space, that isn’t even enough money to pay Peyton 2/3 of what his first year contract will require. The Chiefs are 63 million dollars under the cap. Put Peyton on the roster and ask him what they want him to do with their leftover 40 million. And with a defensive head coach in Romeo Crennel and a new Offensive Coordinator, Peyton will be able to run the offense the way that he wants to. The only problem with Peyton coming to KC is that it is an outdoor stadium. If Peyton comes to KC, the will obviously win the AFC West and will likely be superbowl contenders. Think before you talk.

  35. Is Matt Cassell & Kyle Orton free agents? Just curious I may have missed something, I just haven’t heard anything regarding the quarterbacks they had on there roster last season.

  36. Ummm last time I checked KC was a last place team!!!!! U are what your record is! That vaunted D also gave up 50+ pts a cpl times last year……..

  37. Manning won’t sign with an AFC West team. The Chargers have his number and he knows it. He certainly doesn’t want to play them twice a season.

  38. Manning won’t sign with an AFC West team. The Chargers have his number and he knows it. He certainly doesn’t want to play them twice a season.
    I’m sure Manning got right on the phone with his agent and specifically said he doesn’t want to go to the AFC West because the Chargers are there. lol

    How dumb can you be?

  39. Nov 2011 Dolphins 33 Chiefs 3 in Arrowhead. Anything else you would like to know Peyton? Oh by the way Mr Ross says he will do the same with the offer. Thanks KC for making the first offer but in this game being last wins.

  40. Unless the Texans pursue him aftter saying they won’t, this is where he’s going. it makes too much sense. Same kind of small market with just as rabid fans, they’re in the AFC, decent enough weather, good offensive parts with room to add Reggie Wayne, the weakest division by far, and even a history of taking on a legendary QB synonymous with another franchise in the past.

    If they can cut Matt Cassell without much consequence and re-sign Kyle Orten as his backup, they just became a serious contender as long as Berry and Charles come back in one piece.

    No way he’s going to play for that buffoon, Stephen Ross. The only thing he’ll try to do is use him to drive his price up since Danny Snyder’s stayed out of this one.

  41. “the weak AFC West” Okay Mike if you and rest of the jackwagons that are pushing the weak division angle would do any real research you would find out that the AFC West had a higher winning percentage last year than the AFC South, AND the NFC East(you know that division that is supposedly the toughest division in football?) Additionally they were tied with the NFC West (the other division that is called weak) Yeah, so both of the “weak divisions” had a higher winning percentage than the “tough” NFC East. I am not knocking the NFC East, they did produce the Superbowl winner so credit the Giants for the SB win but why continue to spew the myth about the two “weak” divisions when there are clearly two “weaker” divisions?

  42. Better question would be: what real championship player would want to play for Miami this day and time. Even Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcell couldn’t do anything with them. Just plain losers!

  43. For those who are knocking our defense, I just wanted to say that, that is what happens when your offense can’t move the ball because of injuries to our play makers…Having Tyler Palko and Matt Cassell had a lot of 3 and outs this season which leaves the defense on the field waaaay too long..

    We had key injuries on both sides of the ball and to reply to the dummies posting the score of last season’ tilt between the Chiefs and Phins, that was last year…We are getting our starters back this season and its 2012-13…

    I have full confidence that we will contend for a playoff spot, this season, Manning or no Manning..Peyton would just put us at SB contender…

  44. Why would Manning go to KC where they haven’t won a playoff game in 19 years and haven’t been to a Super Bowl in 42 years?

    Why not Denver – they were good enough to win the division and a playoff game WITH Orton/ Tebow at QB…..he must be licking his chops.

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