Suh pulled over in Portland, cited for speeding

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Last December, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh had an automobile accident in Portland, which gave rise to the kind of allegations that often give rise to a lawsuit.  Suh was neither cited nor charged.

On Thursday, Suh was cited in Portland for a more routine traffic misadventure.

The Oregonian reports that Suh was pulled over and ticketed for speeding, improperly signaling, and not carrying proof of insurance.

Police said Suh was cooperative.

So, basically, there was no stomping.  (Except on the gas pedal.)

33 responses to “Suh pulled over in Portland, cited for speeding

  1. The big question is whether, for the first time in his life, he will admit he did something wrong.

  2. Seems he is as reckless behind the wheel as he is on the field. No discipline in his personal life for rules or laws just as on the field. At least he is consistant.

  3. These comments are awesome. Hes a turd for speeding? Seeking media attention by speeding? I didn’t know that such law abiding angels visited the site.

  4. One can clearly see Suh is reforming his life. He obviously did not run into any trees this time, did he?

  5. I hope he fights this. We all know they were unfairly targeting him because of his reputation.

  6. If this keeps up, the Lions may have a easy decision of which of the big 3 (Stafford, Megatron, Suh) to trade or let go for salary cap reasons. For all of Suh’s headlines, he really didn’t have a good year last season on the field.

  7. Nothing wrong with getting a ticket, especially at age 24 with a high performance vehicle. The thing that is troubling and reckless is the no proof of insurance, theres no excuse for that. Everytime he shows up with something like this the spotlight gets brighter and hotter. Next year is a very big year for him, because he has to show who he is…..the 10 sack guy who dominated and was beloved or the 4 sack guy who was a divisive figure on and off the field.

  8. Before I get too excited I’d like to know how fast he was going. Was it 61 in a 55 or was it 101 in a 55? Big difference. If it was the former and he cooperated as stated, this is nothing…. If it was the later, he needs to rent a race track…

  9. It’s not just the speeding that makes him a turd. This isn’t his first offense behind the vehicle. He comes up lanes excuses for being a bad driver. He wasn’t well liked by many of his college teammates…voted the dirtiest player in the NFL by his peers and pulled a Haynesworth by stomping on a player. Dude is a turd and it’s only going to get worst.

  10. Two traffic incidents in four months.

    How long before Chrysler pulls his endorsement deal???

  11. The justice system in Portland will enable him just like the Lions did. Just hope someone doesn’t get killed by this clown.

  12. Speeding? You published an article because a player was caught speeding? And did they cite him because his weight was incorrect on his driver’s license?


  13. The reason he didn’t have insurance on the car is probably cause its one of probably like 20 cars he owns but barely drives and he wanted to take it out for a spin. Why even bring up something like this, you can tell the media is trying to keep this suh as the bad guy even tho I believe he’s learned from his mistakes last year.

  14. Really? This is news? Extremely worthless post.

    And all you sanctimonious clowns posting that a speeding ticket is some sort of character flaw… your real names. Or PM them to me. I’ll have one of my LE buddies run your names and we’ll see how many of you are hypocrites. I’m guessing just about all of you would turn up a traffic citation record. Clowns.

  15. It’s a good thing Suh is an NFL player, because with two tickets in such a short time, he couldn’t get a job delivering pizza.

  16. “Before I get too excited I’d like to know how fast he was going. Was it 61 in a 55 or was it 101 in a 55? Big difference. If it was the former and he cooperated as stated, this is nothing…. If it was the later, he needs to rent a race track…”

    According to the link, he was on I84 in Portland. There’s a speed limit of 60 on I84 there. 60! Same road has a 75 speed limit in Idaho.
    Not signaling on an expressway! Oh the horror! He joins roughly 95% of all Americans with that offense…

    So, lets see – no drugs, no weapons, no beaten girlfriend. Nice to the cops. Seems like a decent person off the field who just isn’t a very good driver.

  17. This story is a setup once again to incite negative comments…

    Not news. Just intended like 60% of these blurbs to insult people. This is horsebleep and I have had enough!

  18. @eyeh8goodell,

    Point taken, and i’ll readily admit to getting two speeding tickets in my life, as well as another for failing to completely stop a stop sign, so no, a speeding ticket in and of itself isn’t a big deal.

    However, there are some trends starting to emerge with this guy that are starting to look eerily similar (a wreck or two in college or right after, coupled with other traffic citations) to another bad-a** DT who, like Suh probably thought he was invincible, and I really hope, if someone hasn’t already, that someone sits this guy down and tells him the fate of Jerome Brown.

  19. Proof of insurance is different than no insurance. Proof of … means he didn’t have his paper card. Learn the laws people before you run your mouths. Most cops don’t even write people for that. I am sure he has insurance.

  20. So how is this news? Oh that’s right because it gives you all another chance to take petty cheap shots at Suh. You’re all SO OUTRAGED that Suh would have the nerve TO SPEED.
    It’s a good thing they stopped him when they did because he was probably out trying to run down orphans in his car right?
    It’s ok to be jealous that he’s not on your team and it’s ok that none of you can name a player he’s ever hurt or knocked out of a game (it’s never happened) but it’s time for you ladies to calm down.
    See ya in the super bowl next season.

  21. Is there a better DT in the NFL with a less intimidating voice than Suh?

    If Mike Tyson and Suh were trash talking before a fight and all you heard were their voices, I think most people would put their money on the foul-mouthed girl with the lisp.

  22. Doing 91 mph in a 55 is pretty reckless, don’t know how his license hasn’t been revoked yet. Guy seems like a bonehead to me.

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