T.O. will play his second IFL game on Sunday


When we last left Terrell Owens’ effort to get back into the NFL by way of the IFL, Owens had completed his debut with the Allen Wranglers.

And he wasn’t due to play again until March 31, because that’s the next time the Wranglers were due to play in Allen.

You see, Owens’ effort to prove that he’s a true team player arises from a contract that requires him to play with the team only when the team plays at home.

But Owens reportedly left the door open to joining his teammates on the road.  If the team the Wranglers will be playing will separately be paying T.O., then Owens may be playing.

Apparently, that’s what will be happening on Sunday in Santa Ana.  The IFL has announced that Owens will join the Wranglers when they take on the New Mexico Stars in Santa Ana.

In his debut with the Wranglers, Owens caught three passes for three touchdowns, all in the second quarter.