Aaron Curry restructures to give Raiders more cap space


Florio mentioned late last month that the salary cap-strapped Raiders had the ability to shed a large amount of cap space via specific contract restructurings and releases. One of the players Florio mentioned was linebacker Aaron Curry.

Curry, acquired from Seattle last October in exchange for two draft picks, was owed a $5.75 million base salary in the final year of his deal.

Curry announced on Twitter late Friday that he has reworked his contract, likely ensuring that he will stay with Oakland in 2012.

Curry joins quarterback Carson Palmer, defensive tackle Richard Seymour, and safety Michael Huff as Raiders players that have restructured since the season ended. The club also released cornerback Chris Johnson on Friday night, and may soon do the same with linebacker Kamerion Wimbley.

33 responses to “Aaron Curry restructures to give Raiders more cap space

  1. Great news! Curry played well last season. He’ll likely have an even better one with DA building an actual NFL defense… as opposed to Al’s antiquated man D, coached by Bresnahan.

    Hopefully McKenzie gave him a multi-year contract.

  2. Aaron Curry then Tweeted: “I restructured my contract because I was born a Christfilled Raider! I’m excited to be able to Glorify God and build His Kingdom w/ the best Franchise ever!!! #TEAMJESUS #RaiderMentality #RaiderMentality ” aand “I’ve decided to be living proof that God is a a Raiders fan!” #BestTweetsOfAllTime

  3. If the Raiders can restructure Wimbley, that would be huge. Seymour, Palmer and Huff have lead by example, Wimbley should do the same. Al Davis gave his career a second wind getting him out of Cleveland, it’s time to show some loyalty. Plus, Wimbley is a beast, makes a good Raider..

  4. Biggest BUST in Seahawks history. And how cute, he’s pretended to have found Jesus and religion so he try to escape criticism for being one of the very worst linebackers in the NFL. Look at that tweet, that Neanderthal must have the IQ of his ugly ass kids.

  5. Kinda off the subject, but wow to what the skins gave for the 2nd pick! Makes the deal for Palmer not look so bad, which never really was. If you look at recent transactions like what Atl gave for Julio Jones and the skins deal. Carson IS a top 10 QB in this league! I will miss some of Al’s bold off-season moves, but i like how they are making sensible moves and the media is having a hard time with their typical Raider bashing.

  6. I think Curry still has some real potential in our defense. While Wimbley is a solid pass rusher, I’m not inclined to take a cap hit of that size for a linebacker in a 4-3 (he shouldn’t be our best pass rusher anyway).

  7. Reggie McKenzie learned a lot in the Green Bay front office. Under-the-radar, Oakland is doing a lot of good this off-season. Contenders? Probably not right now, but you have to start somewhere and the last 2 seasons gave Raiders fans something to look forward to. They swept the division 2 years ago and were one game from making the playoffs last year.

  8. aaroncurryisbust: I’m pretty sure Brian Bosworth was the biggest Hawk bust. While Curry was highly rated out of the combine, Bos was practically a movie star while in school. Do you not remember the first meeting between the Bos and Bo? The anticipation was epic, the outcome made Bos an instant bust.

  9. I’ve said before Curry was a great pickup. He’s young with a ton of upside, and he came cheap (those two draft picks are LATE). His willingness to re-structure may be his way of thanking OAK for giving him a second chance.

    I was at his first game in Oakland against the Browns, and he made it a point while warming up to acknowledge the Black Hole section right away.

    He plays heard and shows a lot of emotion. Pair that with a defensive-minded head coach and a GM who buys into him (I read McKenzie likes him), and good things may happen.

    Curry, Palmer, Seymour, and Huff have all shown that they’re team players. Wimbley: You in, or out???

  10. aaroncurryisbust says:Mar 10, 2012 12:08 PM

    Biggest BUST in Seahawks history.
    IDK bout that, he was a beast against the run for Oakland. It was poor coaching and not being able to determine his strengths and put in situations to succeed. Pete Carroll is the Seahawks biggest bust ever! After two 7-9 seasons, the fact that SF is in position to dominate the NFCW for years, and the Rams improving. Heck, the funny thing is they love Carroll in Seattle, and i dont get it.

  11. aaroncurryisbust says:
    Mar 10, 2012 12:08 PM
    Biggest BUST in Seahawks history. And how cute, he’s pretended to have found Jesus and religion so he try to escape criticism for being one of the very worst linebackers in the NFL. Look at that tweet, that Neanderthal must have the IQ of his ugly ass kids.


    Brian Bosworth and Rick Mirer disagree.

  12. Only idiots who know zero about football could possibly think Mirer and Bosworth were bigger busts than that worthless POS Curry. Boz was a decent player who had a severe shoulder injury. Mirer showed enough potential to be traded to the Bears for a 1st round pick. Curry was LITERALLY among the very worst LBs in the entire NFL the instant he stepped on the field, despite being the highest paid player on the team.

  13. Curry was one of the lone bright spots on our D last year. He has classic “Raider Speed” but also HE CAN ACTUALLY TACKLE. Jesus, that was nice to see last year. He was huge vs Cleveland, the first San Diego game (knocked out the SD LT) as well as vs Minnesota, and Chicago. A huge upgrade over Quentin Groves and the oft-injured Travis Goethel.

  14. Seahawks fans are just bitter because all Curry needed to succeed was a change of scheme. You can knock Al Davis (and his last head coach, Hue) all you want, but remember that their core philosophy revolved around putting players in position to make plays. Curry has almost no responsibilities in Oakland except run fast and hit hard. The man to man defense was quick to pick up and light in depth. All he had to do was play football. He didn’t have that luxury in Seattle.

  15. I don’t think he’s pretending to have found Jesus. I think he’s genuine in that regard.

    As for being the biggest bust in Seattle, pfft. Everybody knows it’s Boz, everybody. But I did enjoy his movie “Stone Cold.”

  16. So what you’re saying is he is to stupid to play disciplined ball, and is alright while running around TRYING to hit people. Good Luck with that.

    Beast against the run?! If you mean being the guy who is always jumping on the pile, or near the pile after the play is over…Then yeah, he’s a ‘beast’ against the run.

    Curry restructured because if he had’t, and was cut, he would have ended up going to play for an even worse team than the Raiders, at a much lower price.

  17. The only times he didn’t blow up plays was when he was in man coverage deep down field against wide receivers. Blame the ex DC Bresnahan for that, not Curry.

  18. These players are showing that they are leaders on the team and are team players. Others should pay attention. Whimpy needs to sit up and look at what his teammates have done to better the team or does he just not get it?

  19. Biggest BUST in Seahawks history.

    Rick Mirer and Brian Bozworth would like to have a word with you…

  20. @ aaroncurryisbust . You show your neanderthal grasp of the NFL more and more with every post.

  21. @aaroncurryisbust is right, and the people arguing with him don’t know a thing about Seahawks football. Not that I blame them. The 1990s (specifically, the Ken Behring years) were not very good to the Seahawks and their loyal fans.

    But frankly, if you really knew anything about the Seahawks, there’s no way you would say Rick Mirer without mentioning Dan McGwire first. Rick Mirer started every game his rookie season (1993), threw for over 2800 yards, and was runner-up for Offensive Rookie of the Year. Seattle picked Mirer as a replacement for that joke Dan McGwire (who Kiper said had all the physical tools to dominate the NFL). At least we got about 10,000 passing yards and a handful of seasons from Mirer. McGwire never played more than a handful of games in a season. and was one of the worst QBs I’ve ever seen in the NFL – and yes, he was worse than Ryan Leaf.

    Also… Bosworth was pretty good before the shoulder injuries caught up with him, and he brought us national attention. The media and other fans only remember Bo Jackson. They don’t remember Bosworth head-hunting John Elway, acting like Elway had killed his dog or something. That was FUN and hilarious for Seahawk fans, watching Boz chase Elway out-of-bounds like he wanted to kill the guy. The Boz was vicious, and showed a lot of promise. And he was like the Hulk Hogan of the NFL, which was a nice balance for all the Chuck Knox seriousness. And yes, I still have my original Oakley Razors in Seahawk blue.

    Aaron Curry is definitely a bigger bust than Bosworth and Mirer. No question about it. We paid the dude money to leave. Think about that. We didn’t have to pay Boz or Mirer to get off the field. Curry was replaced by a rookie taken in the 4th round of the draft, who looked like a Superman compared to Curry. And man, I’m busting a gut at people saying Curry is a great tackler. That is HILARIOUS. The dude’s horrible inability to wrap up is what cost him his job here. He was infamous in Seattle for his horrible tackling, always trying to get the big shoulder hit and giving up huge runs. I’ve never seen the guy use his arms. And he’s probably the worst linebacker I’ve ever seen in coverage. Totally bites on every fake handoff, etc. Good riddance. Enjoy watching him in Los Angeles when “Tommy Boy” Davis sells the team, Raider fans.

  22. Yay for Curry!!!!!! What about Darren McFadden (DMC) Reggie needs to restructure his contract – this guy has not played a full season since he came into the League! Restructure his contract and Resign M. Bush who has proven himself by carrying the load three years in a row. M. Bush should be the starter for the Raiders!!! Reggie are you listen?

  23. Isn’t it funny how when a player leaves a small market team like the Seahawks or the Bungals, the fans of those teams completely turn on them?

    That’s small dick syndrome all the way.

  24. He’s really lost his mind since going to the Raiders. I guess that means he fits right in. All that religious grandstanding is just flat childish. A mans connection w/his higher power being splashed all over the internet. For what purpose? Does he want to be the Tebow of the L.B.s ? I am soooo glad the Seahawks shipped that Fool to the Raiders where he belongs.

  25. @joetoronto:

    Aaron Curry was hated by fans long before he left Seattle. Sorry to tell ya. In fact, we were all in shock and laughing when the stupid Raiders gave us a pick for the guy. There’s a reason no Seattle fans are blaming coaching for Aaron Curry’s lack of success. Mostly because it was due, in large part, to very visible shortcomings in his personal game – namely, his inability to wrap up on tackles (which cost us a HUGE number of big plays), and his lack of intelligence/instincts (biting on every play-fake).

    I didn’t see anything from him in Oakland to show me he’s changed. We never said he didn’t have heart. You’re going to see plenty of passion from the guy when he’s running right past the ball-carrier to attempt a sack on a QB who got rid of the ball 2 minutes ago.

  26. He has his choke plays but it’s the inability to cover that got him shipped out of Seattle. Carroll want’s an elite defense and if you can’t rise to that level then away you go. With Curry it was a matter of being able to still get something out of him. When they got not just one but two picks for him they jumped on it. It’s one thing to have a glaring weak spot but to have to pay him 5 mil. too was too much. And to be rewarded 2 draft picks for sending him & his contract to a team any real-live Seahawk fan HATES, was a masterful move by our John Schnieder. What a guy!!!

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