Falcons sign Vince Manuwai

The Atlanta Falcons have beefed up their offensive line.

Vince Manuwai, a guard who has played his entire NFL career in Jacksonville, has signed with the Falcons.

The 6-foot-2, 335-pound Manuwai was a third-round pick out of Hawaii and was, when healthy, a starter for the Jaguars from 2003 to 2010. But he suffered an ankle injury during the lockout, showed up to training camp out of shape, and was cut by the Jaguars in July of 2011. He didn’t catch on anywhere else after that.

Manuwai heads to Atlanta already knowing the playbook: Current Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter was the Jaguars’ offensive coordinator for Manuwai’s final four years in Jacksonville.

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  1. When healthy (2003-2007), this guy was a beast of a run blocker, and by far the best pure Guard on the Jags line. He blew out his ACL and MCL in the season opener in 2008, and has never been the same.

    Low risk, high return signing for the Falcons.

  2. He is a beast when healthy. Would have gone to multiple pro bowls if he played on a higher profile club. Was a true road grader in the run game, but was also good in pass protection. Has had nagging injuries and ballooned when the lockout hit and he didn’t have access to trainers. I was hoping we would sign him for the veteran minimum. He is definitely past his prime, but has the capacity to be an effective starter if he can get healthy. Quiet guy who lets his game do the talking. Great locker room guy. If he can get his weight down this could be a steal. He likely only has a couple years left and will be a guy they rest out of precaution during the week, but if he is good enough to play on Sunday, he will have a noticeable impact.

  3. @terra: yes plenty! now go cry.

    @kane337: When he was healthy with the jags he was an EXCELLENT LG, he would completely dominate in run blocking in some games. I think back to the 2010 season when the jags played in Tennessee, and ran the ball for 90% of the game (cold Dec. game), the jags with Jones-Drew ran it down the Titans throats and Manuwai was a huge part of that effort and win. I don’t know how much Manuwai has left in his tank and like the article says, he got injured and came to camp out of shape. I think Del Rio at the time was not very happy at all with him showing up out of shape, and that led to him being cut. But, if the falcons can get him in shape and that injury doesn’t bother him anymore, he makes a great LG.

  4. He was a great LG for the Jags in his time here. He had very quick feet for a big guy and is a very strong physical OG. In his last year with the Jags he only gave up 1 penalty(5 yard false start) and only gave up one sack starting for the year at LG.

    This past year with out him we started Will Rackley who gave up 7 sacks and 7 penalties(4 holding penalties), and LT Eugene Monroe giving up 9.5 sacks(the most sacks he’s ever given up) probably had a little to do with Manuwai not being there anymore.

    Gene Smith hates players that have been on the team before he was GM and unless you’re a top starter he’ll get rid of you for an inferior player, just because he drafted the inferior player. I’m mostly saying all this just so you Falcon fans know you’re not just getting some camp body. If he can get back to his 2010 form he could be a great pickup for you guys.

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