Jurors hear accusation that Chris Cook choked his girlfriend


Jurors in the trial of Vikings cornerback Chris Cook heard a recording on Friday of Cook’s girlfriend telling police that he had choked her, even though she claimed on the witness stand that he hadn’t choked her.

Cook’s girlfriend, Chantel Baker, had a scraped and swollen face, a bloody nose, damage to her eardrum and red marks on her neck as she told police that Cook had choked her.

I said, ‘You’re not supposed to do that. You’re not supposed to put your hands on a girl,'” she told police in a recording that was played for the jury, via the Star-Tribune.

However, Baker said on the witness stand that she had lied about that. Prosecutors contend she was telling the truth to the police but lying on the stand to protect Cook from the serious consequences a felony conviction would have on his NFL career.

Cook is charged with felony domestic assault by strangulation and felony third-degree assault.

4 responses to “Jurors hear accusation that Chris Cook choked his girlfriend

  1. Vikes fan here. This guy took his gf to a strip club to propose to her – you really shouldn’t expect anything less out of him. Starting to look like another Pacman Jones here.

    Talented guy on the field, but if can’t be stand up at the same time – throw the book at him and the Vikes should let him go. There’s no room for bad boys on a rebuilding team.

  2. Nice Pic he looks like he could snap in an instant.

    Problem I have if I am a juror is what to believe from her is it the first version or her testimony on the stand.

    How do I know what she said in the first place was not out of revenge and her conscience later got the better of her or Cook did the attacking first.

    She is the star witness if I can not take her word either way it is not for me to sit in a deliberation room and say either story is true and the other version is not.

    Jurors are rank amateurs there not body language experts nor should they be and they sure are not a lie detection devices.

  3. No doubt the dude is a creep that I will not dispute and that he should have walked away regardless.

    However like stated what complicates this case is her changing her stories. In a court case you are simply told to throw out evidence or testimony you can not trust. How do you trust someone willing to tell jurors on the stand he did not do that…..

    I think he started I do but it sure does not help the prosecution case when your witness changes their story.

  4. God-del and his henchman are going to be busy this off season. SHOW ME THE MONEY, fines fines and more fines for character unbecoming to the league.

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