Mark Sanchez: New deal shows I’m the leader of the Jets

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In announcing that he has signed a new contract with the Jets, Mark Sanchez said he is now absolutely certain that he’s the franchise quarterback.

“I’m going to be the starting quarterback for the next few years here, and that’s exciting,” Sanchez said, in comments distributed by the Jets’ P.R. staff. “It gives the team just a reminder that I’m the leader of this team, and I’m excited to get back, and I’m going to be working my tail off these next few months to become the best possible starting quarterback that this franchise can have.”

At the moment, the full terms of the new contract are not available. So we don’t know whether this is really a deal that marries the Jets to Sanchez for years to come, or whether this is like the contract Donovan McNabb signed with the Redskins in 2010, which was advertised as ensuring he would be their franchise quarterback for years to come but in reality didn’t even keep McNabb’s starting job safe for that season.

And at the same time that they announced the new deal for Sanchez, Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum confirmed he had made overtures to Peyton Manning. But Sanchez said he had no problem with that.

“Not at all,” Sanchez said. “I knew that’s a part of Mr. Tannenbaum’s job, to look into every viable option, whether it’s at offensive line or running back, receiver, any defensive position. It’s something they have to do. But the best part about it is they chose to stick with me.”

Another issue facing the Jets is whether this contract is one more example of Sanchez being coddled by the brass, as multiple stories, quoting multiple anonymous sources, have indicated is a problem within the locker room. Sanchez disputed that notion on Friday.

“I think number one, if you’re an unnamed source, you don’t speak for yourself and therefore you don’t really speak for the team, so I really didn’t pay it any mind,” Sanchez said. “When people say I’m coddled, I wish they could just sit in a meeting after I haven’t played my best . . . there’s nothing close to coddling going on in there. At times, it’s pretty rough.”

If Sanchez is going to last as the leader of the Jets, he’s going to have to have a lot fewer rough times, and come back a lot better.

90 responses to “Mark Sanchez: New deal shows I’m the leader of the Jets

  1. “Shows I’m the leader of the Jets”…
    Right into 3rd in the division and out of the playoffs..again.

  2. Yes you are Markie!!!

    And this morning, fans from NE, Buffalo & Miami are thrilled that you’re the QB of the jets too….Along w/those of 31 other teams.

    2 years from now when Rex & Tanny fired…this will be the #1 reason why.

    By the way…Happy 44th anniversary jet fans,,,from the looks of it, along w/tanny’s cap hell, you’re well on your way to another 44

  3. Yeesh, I mean, I know they have won games with this guy. But I just dont think those wins were BECAUSE of Sanchez.

    As soon as that D starts slipping, the Jets are going in the tank.

  4. ” there’s nothing close to coddling going on in there. At times, it’s pretty rough.”
    ..”like one time, Rex said that if I keep throwing interceptions…I would have to go sit in the corner for 5 minutes!”

  5. More years and money does not make him the leader of the Jets, only his attitude, his teammates’ attitude towards him, and his play on the field will make him the leader of the Jets. The contract means nothing if it is not backed up on the field. If he screws up on the field, the money and added years will just mean that the Jets made a bad personnel decision. His teammates are not going to think “He has the most money, therefore he is our leader”.

  6. I’m glad he is absolutely certain he is a franchise QB because the majority of football fans would disagree.

    He is so confident that is why he said for the next few years:) instead of for years to come.

  7. Yeah, he’s a leader alright..He had his tail between his legs when Santonio was throwing a temper tantrum inside the huddle at Miami.

  8. Luv the way fans say “everyone in the AFC east is thrilled”.

    Shhhh here is a secret. The Bills and Fish are going nowhere. Wait, let me check the last few years final standings…..Yep its true.

    Having said that, Pats fans, you are all free to rejoice. BUT, Marky Sanchize has won in Foxborough in the playoffs.

  9. .

    Recent google searches by Santonio Holmes include both “long walks ” and “short piers” .


  10. Really Sanchez? If you’re so certain about being “The Man” for the Jets, then why didn’t you make this declaration a week ago? Because the Jets were looking to upgrade with Manning but failed, that’s why! You would have been shipped out if they had landed Manning.

    You’re not “The Man” in NY. You’re just the best option that they have right now.

  11. the defense is the jets. mark has proven nothing to justify this contract and prob never will. hes terrible in almost every aspect of the game. once the running game goes away and the defense slips up the games over cuz all you need is 3 points on mark and the games over

  12. A reminder that he is the leader? Couldn’t they just put a gold star on his name tag or something? Reality check: he is like 4 incompletions away from falling below the Kordoza Line.

  13. Thank god this guys not my QB. He sounds like he deserves the starting job just because of who he is, not how he’s playing…..and if the front office needs to give a contract extension out to signify their “leader”…wow. He shouldn’t need to say he’s the leader, if he is.

  14. I wouldn’t be suprised if he wears a “Starting Quarterback” onesie under his uniform.

  15. That’s great for the rest of the AFC East. Don’t forget he’s got Tony Sparano as his co-ordinator now, so it will be field goal after field goal.
    Hopefully the Jets can sort out their locker room first, because they had a mess last season.
    I couldn’t imagine having Sanchez for 5 years, I’d be a fan of another team right away. Chad Pennington has the Dolphin play book up there right now, he’s trying to teach Sanchez how to play. Good luck!!

  16. After seeing how well putting a C on a guys chest makes him a team-first leader, they take it one step further and show that if you pay a guy enough, he will play like a star. SMH

  17. I can’t believe the Jets resigned this guy.

    DC’s around the league know he doesn’t have an arm and is always looking for a 5 yard pass.

    They sit their safeties down in the box and Sanchez is screwed, along with the running game.

  18. @rexcancoach- Didn’t the Jets lose out last year and get swept by the Pats? That team is a joke and will have a losing record this year as they have zero leadership. Keep clinging to your arrogance as that doesn’t win games and neither does baby Sanchez posing for GQ! Cellar dweller Jets here we come! AFC East champ Dolphins!

  19. No Mark, the new contract says you found a sucker and there name is J.E.T.S. Jets Jets Jets

  20. ham1 says:
    “Real leaders dont need to declare that they are leaders.”

    you are dead on. Donovan McNabb always felt the need to declare himself the leader but never really proved it. I have never heard Brady or Manning publicly declare that they are leaders.

  21. People ride this guy so hard. I think he deserves a lot more respect. Can’t expect much more than he’s done in 3 years. Bonsai takes vision, patience, steadfastness, and faith.


  23. I’m a huge Jet fan and I kind of like this, especially in that I bet this was a deal that really doesn’t guarantee any more years and that it probably gives them more cap space somehow. What I hate is Sanchez’s quote “I’m going to be working my tail off these next few months”…Going to be??? After the season he had and the way he looked at the end of it, this guy should have hit the books, tape, and practice field after losing to the fins. The rumors you heard from believable sources (Francessa and Mehta in NY) all focused on him being lazy when it came to putting in the work. You never even heard Rex, who defended him all season, praise his work ethic. This guy needs a swift hard kick in the behind. By the end of the season he wasn’t checking down to his rb’s, they were the only receivers he even looked at before throwing the ball away!!!! This guy needs to really work and I don’t know if he gets it.

  24. Tannenbaum is an idiot to sign to this deal with two years remaining on his rookie contract. He should have waited to next off season to see what kind of year he was going to have in 2012. Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan will both be fired after the season and someone will clean up the mess that is the New York Jets.

  25. Sanchez is a joke. Whoever writes his press releases should be embarrassed. The Jets are going to suck next season.

  26. My deepest sympathies to the jets fan base.

    But look at the bright spot, you have another anniversary celebration next January !

  27. Jets had a God awful year that resulted in an 8-8 record, and they definitely need to upgrade several positions. Leadership = Mangold he is the best player and the locker room will follow him.

    Really not sure what impact Sparano will have on this team but I certainly believe that with the title offensive coordinator Tony will be far more effective a coach and more focused shedding the HC title.

    Dolphins are, well, pretty far off. Laugh all you want about Sanchez but he’s better than what you have. If you are lucky enough to land Manning that still does not make you a playoff team. And I really can’t see Manning playing for such an idiot owner.

  28. Sanchez has been OK for his three seasons and played well in the six playoff games he started. This guy is only 25. Remember what a jerk you were at 25? Anyone here who says he wasn’t is F O S.

  29. I thought you all said the Redskins made a bad trade. Who would you rather be. The Jets with Sanchez the next three years or the Redskins giving up 2 first round picks with RGlll the next 3 years? Bwahahahahaha

  30. Saying the Jests have been winners since Sanchez became the QB is equivlant to saying they have been winners since the new waterboy was hired…….as they both contributed as much. Sanchez must have ultra thin skin that he needs it massaged as often as he does……and with Rexy being the Master of Massage, they make a good pair.

  31. Sanchez sounds like he’s trying to convince himself this “guarantee” means something.

    Seeing as his coach also “guaranteed” Super Bowl victories in 2010 & 2011 that shouldn’t be a surprise

  32. Sad little jests fans… still holding on to “we were kinda close” but remain delusional as to how they got there. Hope you enjoyed your brief playoff window as it now seems to be all but forgotten.

    It doesnt take much for a fanbase that has been the AFC East laughingstock for 44 years!

  33. @patcheatiots

    It’s moves like this that have caused you to take time out of your life to create a username on this site based on a team that has kicked your teeth in for over a decade. Camera, no camera…. Herm, Mangini, Rex….you name it, we own it it it’s Jets related. Enjoy the weekly debate next season of how whether Sanchez is good or not. This new deal just makes it worse….

  34. People ride this guy so hard. I think he deserves a lot more respect. Can’t expect much more than he’s done in 3 years. Bonsai takes vision, patience, steadfastness, and faith.

    Your kidding right? How about stats? He had little to do with well…. very little. I mean really, comparing Sancheeze to a dwarf tree? Better to a deer in the headlights.

  35. There he goes shooting his mouth off again. Couldn’t he just say thank you and I’m looking forward to getting back on the field. Why does he have to go and make a statement like that? Sounds like a little kid saying…”see people like me”. Grow up Sanchez and just start working your butt off 24/7 like both Mannings, Favre etc. That’s how you get people to look at you as a leader.

  36. Oh you haters. Watch the games and check the stats. Sanchez is pretty damn good for a 3 year starter. 2 other rookie starters had no playoff wins between them in their first 3 years. (Eli and Peyton) Sanchez has 4, all on the road. His playoff numbers are EXCELLENT!
    Sanchez also had better numbers than Eli in his 3rd year overall.
    3 years, 2 afc championship games and a 500 season and all is lost? Puhleeeze. Unless your team had better seasons all three years, you should clam up.
    Its better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it.

  37. “Woody, you have to pay me top 10 money, I’m a two time Superbowl Champion!”

    “Actually Mark… the fat man not named Santa has been promising that for years. You didn’t actually win any Superbowls.”

    “Coach tells me we’re definitely going to win this year and if you want that guarantee you have to pay me like I’ve already won the Superbowl this year.”

    “If I pay you $20mil, will you get the hell out of my office?”

    “Make it $20.5mil and you got yourself a deal!”

  38. Being the leader of the jets is like being made the capt of that cruise ship that ran a ground

    Sounds good looks bad

  39. Sorry, not even Sanchez believes the sh*t he is shoveling here. This team is a mess, and he is not man enough to lead a cub scout troop. It only gets worse this year.

  40. Insert stupid comment about Sanchez that shows I know nothing about him or the Jets here!!!

  41. The most important part of this extension is HOW MUCH DID THIS LOWER HIS CAP NUMBER? The Jets did this for two reasons a lower cap number and they know Sanchez is their QB for a few more years.

  42. @rexcan’tcoach – I am going to predict that the Dolphins make the playoffs regardless of Peyton as Sparano is gone and now will further degrade the jets with a boring playbook. The Jets peaked with Rex earlier and will be the worst team in the East. They extended this loser as they had NO OTHER options. Philbin has been a genius in Green Bay and will do wonders with Moore (if a starter). Freeney may come to Miami and make the Fish a top 5 defense. Good luck explaining why the Jets will implode in the locker room and on the field. Dude, you had Favre and couldn’t get it done and now you think Sanchez is the answer. Comedy…pure comedy!

  43. The Dolphins may have a suspect owner but the Jets have a combination of loser coach, GM and VP. Shoot, the useless owner being Jerry Jones got lucky and got three rings earlier but the Jets will never see one ring with their “leadership”. I will take an owner that wants to spend money than a team that gives anonymous statements by throwing other teammates under the bus! What a loser franchise!

  44. RexCanCoach says:

    And I really can’t see Manning playing for such an idiot owner.


    Manning has played his entire career for an idiot owner.

  45. Like many of his Jets teammates he just doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. Sure he’s only 25. But when you sign a huge contract to be a starting QB in the NFL, you need to play the part. He’s simply extremely immature and insecure. Time he grew up and fast. He’s not a bad QB, but he’s inconsistent and too affected by childish emotions. He claims he’s going to ‘work really hard now’. It’s his job. He’s being paid to work, not pout and whine. Perhaps the internal turmoil of Jets lockerroom is a bad environment for him to mature-but IF he was any kind of true leader, he’d make it work.

    Don’t believe for a minute he wasn’t s**ting bricks when Jets mentioned Peyton Manning. Jets WERE NEVER IN SERIOUS PURSUIT of Peyton. Manning IS a proven LEADER, total class act. Jets were NEVER on Manning’s list of landing spots either. Too much dysfunction, internal backstabbing. Not his style.

    Sanchez is breathing a sigh of relief. Shut up, Grow up and do your job. It’s the only way you can prove leadership.

  46. Shoot, Pete Carroll said he wasn’t ready for the NFL just days before the draft! I understand that Namath being your only winning QB would cause delusions of grandeur with Sanchez. You should NEVER draft a Trojan at QB. Not one has ever won consistently in the NFL!

  47. what’s wrong with these USC QBs? Is something in the water that make people from LA feel so entitled? First Leinart whining that ‘he’s paid his dues and deserves to be a QB’ and now Sanchez talkin about how all that undeserved cash surely ‘shows that [he’s] the leader’, I’m beginning to think that if you’re a QB from USC, you’re a spoiled brat.

  48. ‘It gives the team just a reminder that I’m the leader of this team’

    can you see Brady or Manning saying that?


    They bring results to the table.

  49. 28th, 27th, & 23rd. Mark Sanchez’s overall QB rankings the last 3 years.

    Not producing to the level that he is being paid.

    Why the extension anyway, with 2 years left on his contract? It lowers his $14.3 million cap figure this year, but still makes zero sense.

  50. As a Dolphin fan I am excited that Sanchez will start for years. Put that with Sporano being there and it feels like Christmas again.
    I love how Sanchez & Ryan have to proclaim out loud things they wish they were. I can imagine them holding each other by a fireplace while Mark says, “you’re not a loser Rexy” and Rex responds with, “thanks Markie, you’ll always be my leader. Now take your shoes off I want to see your feet again”

  51. No, it doesn’t show your the leader of the Jets. It just shows you’re an overpaid Plan B because your team will have failed to draw interest from Peyton.

  52. This guy sucks when stafford came out all the analysts were only taking about how special Sanchez is how he will turn the jets into a winning franchise again and nobody believed stafford could do anything even though he was picked 1st and Sanchez 5th or 6th . But look today 5.000 yard passing season in his first healthy full season while Sanchez can’t throw down 10 yards and runs around like happy feet Joey Harrington .take that take that cuz its bad boy lions 4 lifeeee

  53. Every QB from sc sucks. Barkley will be the next big flop. All hype out there in fairy land. Get your QB’s from the SEC, B1g or last choice b12. The SEC & b1g guys are just a few years ahead of everyone else because of the DF they have to play.

  54. And Markie’s thinking with his deer-in-the-headlights look: “Omg…please don’t make me go out on the field again, please don’t make me go out on the field again, please don’t make me go out on the field again….

    PFT: Given some of the horrendous photos you post with your articles, you should really have a contest for best captions.

  55. Its comments like this that can turn the locker room against him. Since when has money determined your leadership status and he has done nothing over 3 years to call himself a leader.

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