Redskins, Rams announce trade for No. 2 pick


They struck the deal Thursday.  They hoped to hold it until Monday.  They failed.

So now, they basically are saying, “Ahhh, f–k it.”

Each team has sent out a joint release from their respective General Managers, Les Snead (pictured) and Bruce Allen:  “In order to execute each of our club’s plans for free agency and the upcoming draft, we have agreed to a trade between our two teams for the 2nd pick in the 2012 draft.  We will submit this trade to the NFL for approval.”

The teams didn’t disclose the terms.  It widely has been reported that the Redskins will surrender the sixth overall pick in the 2012 draft, a second-round pick in 2012, a first-round pick in 2013, and a first-round pick in 2014.

63 responses to “Redskins, Rams announce trade for No. 2 pick

  1. It will be interesting to see who the Redskins decide to take with the 2nd overall pick since they gave up so much for it.

  2. Snyder should have just given away this years draft instead of the meat of the next 2 years drafts. STL is gonna love having AT LEAST one pick in the top 5 and another 1sr in the top 15 for the next 2 years

  3. Dear Rams,

    Remember when we were in L.A. together? We had some good times. Anyway, you’re probably wondering why I’m writing to you. Can we borrow some draft picks? It seems like you’ve got some to spare. For old times’ sake?

    Your friends,

    The Oakland Raiders

    Hey, it’s worth a shot. We’ll take what we can get.

  4. As a Browns fan, I can’t stop weeping. All my hopes, dreams, and aspirations hung on this one man…nay, hero…to sweep me off my feet so that we can live happily ever after. I would have given 4 first-rounders to make my dream come true…is any price too high? What other position is there than quarterback? None! It all depends on him! Sad, sad day.

  5. Plus…RGIII’s parents were Army SNCO’s who busted their asses for years keeping their family straight and together. RGIII is the total package of athletics, brains, and morals….a true “pro’s pro”. DC is gonna love this guy.

  6. Redskins had better hope RGIII is gold or the whole front office can out their heads between their knees and kiss their arses good bye !!!

  7. Wow the Rams just flat out raped the Redskins.

    They will have an extra top 10 pick this year, and another top 10 in 2013 and 2014.

    All for an unproven QB who may or may not pan out

  8. It’s funny to see so many uninformed people on this site bashing the Redskins for a move that needed to be done at any cost. We have more talent on our team that most people think and that credit Goes to Coach Shannahan, Who took over a team that was old and with no Depth and he has turned us into one of the youngest teams in the league.

    RB: With a talented committee in Roy Helu(Speed/Receiving threat), Evan Royster(Power Back) and a Expected to be resigned Tim Hightower (Very good backfield blocker) I believe we are set at this position

    WR: Santana Moss is more of a slot guy at this point, But a very good Leader and a reliable guy for RG3 to have, Jabar Gaffney is a Excellent possession reciever and really stepped his game up when Moss got hurt, He was a great pickup last year as the guy who was traded for him (Jeremy Jarmon) didn’t even make the opening day roster for the Broncos, Leonard Hankerson showed some playmaking potential in his limited playing time before he was hurt, This is a position where we will upgrade at through FA, a good solid signing like VJ, Marques Colston, or Pierre Garcon would really boost this position and I have no Doubt we will sign someone

    TE: Fred Davis was a playmaker and was on pace for a 1,000 Yard season before he got busted for Pot, Hopefully he has been humbled and has learned his lesson, We also have Cooley who if he’s healthy will along with Davis give RG3 a much needed Safety blanket to throw to. I believe this position is Set and we actually are more talented at TE than most other teams.

    OL: Trent Williams was really playing well before his suspension, He was holding his own against top Pass rushers such as DeMarcus Ware, He could become a Top LT in the next few years, But after him and G Chris Chester (Who was signed last Offseason) We need to upgrade the offensive Line by signing at Least a G (Carl Nicks or maybe a cheaper G like Ben Grubbs) and also a New Center would be nice as well (Maybe Chris Myers or Scott Wells) at RT I think we should let Jammal Brown compete with Willie Smith, The O-Line should be a top focus during FA and the Draft

    Our Defense was Top-15 and was very good even though They saw the field way too much (wasn’t their fault that Rex turned the ball over so much) a 3rd year in the 3-4 should mean more improvement.

    DL: The return of Jarvis Jenkins who showed great potential during the Preseason should help a lot, We could use another end if we cannot re-sign Adam Carriker, and also more depth too, At NT Barry Cofield was very good and should get better in his 2nd year at the position plus the addition of Jenkins

    LB: We have a great tandem in Ryan Kerrigan and Brian Orakpo coming off the Edge, It’s Scary to think how they will improve with a better D-Line, at ILB we have London Fletcher (who I have no doubt will Re-sign) plus Perry Riley who Finally got the chance to start at the end of the Season and who showed some potential (Having Fletcher to help groom him will do wonders for his career), We also have some good depth with Rob Jackson and Lorenzo Alexander

    DB: At CB we have Josh Wilson who is better off in as a #2 or #3 B/c of his size, DeAngelo Hall is just plain inconsistent but I think if he does return he will get back to his 2010 form, We still should make a run at a CB like Brandon Carr, at Safety we Have O.J. Atogwe who when he was healthy was very good, LaRon Landry is gone unless he takes a 1 year deal, If he stays he could be a game changer for us but if he leaves we will give the starting spot to D.J. Gomes or find a replacement via the Draft or FA

    ST: I know they don’t really matter but for us these past years of Bad kicking has cost us a lot of wins, Graham Gano should be replaced and almost anyone will be a massive upgrade, at Punter we should re-sign Sav Rocca as he brought stability to the position for the first time in years, At KR/PR Brandon Banks should get some competition, and our ST unit which is headed by Lorenzo Alexander (who should of been in the Pro-bowl btw) didn’t allow a TD last year

    As for the Trade does it seem like too much right now? Yes but if RG3 turns out to be a Franchise QB it will be worth it and I really do feel confident he will Succeed, He has underrated accuracy, great speed, a chip on his shoulder for not being taken #1, he has great character unlike JaMarcus Russell, Mike Vick and a better work ethic than McNabb, He is a leader and he will give it his all to improve, As a Redskin fan I love this, We Need a Franchise QB and I believe RG3 will be our Savior.

  9. It widely has been reported that the Redskins will surrender the sixth overall pick in the 2012 draft, a second-round pick in 2012, a first-round pick in 2013, and a first-round pick in 2014.
    All time bad deals:

    3) Vikings trade for Herschel Walker
    2) Native Americans trade Manhattan for beads.
    1) This one.

    This will swamp the Skins for years to come.

  10. Man for the Redskin fans’ sake I hope Griffin becomes a stud. Kinda scary that a combine performance secured him as the #2 pick.

    I’m so excited for the Rams now…they could do anything, gettin as many 7 instant starters in 3 years, and who knows w/ the later round picks. GO RAMS!!!

  11. For that price, he better be good, particularly since he’ll have no new young talent to help him for the next 3 years. And how come Mike can use/imply dirty words, but we can’t?

  12. Man, the NFC East is again the Beast of the NFL.

    The G-men get the SB and now the 4 QB’s in the division are Eli, RGIII, Romo, and Vick.

    Remember how sorry the NFC East looked for most of last season? Big turnaround.

  13. Obviously this isn’t the first time it was pretty much known who the first two picks were gonna be and who was gonna take them, but i can’t believe the buzz-kills at the NFL league office aren’t gonna somehow eventually gonna try and put a stop to this stuff happening so early.

    The draft is probably their second biggest event after the Super Bowl, and there’s now no suspense until pick #3.

  14. Good job Rams. You’ll be picking in top 5 for 2013 and 2014. RGIII may be very good but he won’t be good enough to overcome Snyder, Shanahan & Shanahan.

  15. Despite the trade: 7 picks in the April draft left……$40 million in cap space….deep FA pool…..RGIII……good to be a Redskins fan!

  16. Abandoning your build through the draft slogan after only one year?! Typical Skins move . Atleast you guys are more than comfortable in the NFC East’s basement , cause
    Washingtons gonna be there for awhile , FAIL !

  17. That’s way too much to give up on a player who has never played a down. Not a huge surprise considering. Most smart teams build through the draft, the Dan Snyder regime builds through free agency.

  18. This trade is close to what the falcons did. Just awful. Te falcons trade is worse but only cuz it was for the second best wr in that draft and rg3 could be better than luck. But still 3 firsts and a second all of which will probably be top 15 picks. Not a smart way to build a football team at all. But good luck waiting 8 years to finally put a team around rg3

  19. I love how everyone bashes the skins and their talent level… Their talent was good enough to beat the Giants twice

  20. Overpay for free agents, overpay for draft picks. RG3 might wind up being worth it–key word: might. Maybe he’s Akili Smith or Ryan Leaf. They were highly touted prospects, too. Three first rounders, including the sixth pick this year and next year’s second-rounder. Wow. Jesus wept.

  21. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. RG3 doesn’t have the arm that Vick did/does, isn’t as pure a passer, and is slower in both quickness and straight line speed. He’s probably just as athletic and has way better intangibles, but overall he’s a worse prospect; mostly from the passing. 3 first round picks (to me) seems like they expect him to be better than a Vick. Bold.

    With the whole “unknown” factor (how sure-thing college prospects often bust in the pros), seems like the risk-reward doesn’t stack up. I’d consider mortgaging my franchise’s future on a more pro-style prospect like Luck or Cam, but not a guy like RG3.

  22. if Bradford ends up being good(meaning the Rams didn’t blue they chance at RG3) then the Rams just made the biggest deal of the decade.

  23. Redskins got 1700 draft value chart points for passing on Blaine Gabbert last year. They gave up over 4,000 draft value chart points (optimistically estimating they finish in the middle of the pack in 2013 and 2014) to get Griffin this year. Gabbert and Griffin are the same age and a year ago the NFL draft board gave Gabbert a first round rating and Griffin a mid round rating. Same position, played in the same conference in college. Similar stats in the two years each started when they were both there. Gabbert with more wins, yards, touchdowns, over the same period of time. Loopy.

  24. Mar 10, 2012 1:10 PM

    Man, the NFC East is again the Beast of the NFL.

    The G-men get the SB and now the 4 QB’s in the division are Eli, RGIII, Romo, and Vick.

    Remember how sorry the NFC East looked for most of last season? Big turnaround.

    That would be the AFC North-3 play-off teams.

  25. 3 first round picks and a 2nd for a QB who doesn’t have weapons nor a top 10 defense? If it doesn’t work out for a 3 -4 years, he’s going to be out or want out and the Redskins are going to be the laughing stock of the NFC. The Jets will represent the AFC. And kudos to the Rams, they got a hell of a deal.

  26. What happens if Indy decides to take RG III? Hum…..They’re already cleaning house. Clark and Addai are gone. R. Wayne and Garcon are probably gone. Who is Luck going to throw to? They’re gonna need a scrambling QB to throw to a bunch of nobodies. Anyone heard of RG III? I’m just saying…

  27. my question is what are the Rams’ plan for when Sam Bradford gets his annual 10 games off for injury? All those draft choices won’t help them at QB

  28. Wait, they didn’t give up 3 first round picks. They swapped this years firsts, their 2nd rounder, and first rounders for the next 2 years. Seems fine to me and worth the gamble. The ‘skins drafted well last year and will maximize their picks over the next 3. Plenty of starters are found after the first round of the draft and they have lots of picks, regardless of how this pick turns out. Obviously, the team has watched Robert play plenty to make this decision. To say it’s too much to give up for their starting QB is just ridiculous to me. I’m sure they’ll do well in the 2012 draft and now have the one main component that lost them 4-5 games last year.

  29. How good will this trade look for the Redskins if another team makes a trade with the Colts? They would still get RG3 but it is possible they could have had Luck. I didn’t think it would be possible, but after watching the Colts get rid of everybody it would actually make sense from their perspective. Their roster is bad enough for the 1st pick next year no matter who they get this year (dead money prevents top free agents). The Colts sacrifice 2012 for a full rebuild (that they are already doing) and could make a similar trade with the Dolphins (still top 10 pick this year) or even the Browns get next year’s #1 as well as the #1 overall and add in a bunch of affordable picks from both drafts to build a competitive roster in 2013 or 2014. That would put the Colts on track at least 2 years earlier than standing pat. The Dolphins have a few holes to fill but they could easily sacrifice that for Luck.

  30. SOMETIMES the best trade is no trade. The Browns did not get sucked in. GREAT MOVE! I will take Richardson at 4, Floyd at 22 and Weedon at 37 all day over RGIII. 6 years of Good play for Weedon is great for a second round pick!

  31. What about the rumor that RGIII may not want to play for Washington (Snyder) and may refuse to sign with them? They could draft him and be forced to trade him to someone else…

  32. I broke my jaw when it hit the floor when, I saw how much the Skins gave-up to get this pick… This is a dumb move.. Good luck in retirement Shanahan because Your Fired!

  33. This is an AWESOME move for the Skins and badly needed to upgrade Shanahan’s offense. RGIII can do Anything: throw, run, audible ! At least the Haters are consistent, this time last year it was how bad Cam Newton would be. Haven’t heard a peep out of any of them since. Shannie needs a guy bringing in a full arsenal of skills and RGIII will do the trick.

  34. Is this a bad time to point out that some scouts don’t think Griffin will be ready to run a pro offense until at least his third year?

  35. Skins paid the price they had to, to get RG3. They haven’t had a good QB in about 25 years so thev’ve finally done what needed to be done. As an Eagles fan, I’m excited to see the Skins being relevent again. I look forward to battling and watching this cat 2 times a year. You may say they gave up too much but I look at what the Eagles have drafted the last 3 years and I would trade EVERYONE one of their picks for RG3. Way to be aggressive Skins, look forward to our matchups in the upcoming years!

  36. Or, just for the hell of it, they could trade the 2nd pick to Cleveland for a boat load of picks, move down 2 spots, and surprise us all….

  37. The NFC East teams have nothing to fear with Griffin.

    First, each team is now used to playing against a running back who thinks he can throw the football. The Dog Killer, er, Mike Vick, has demonstrated that the way to beat these type of overrated players is to blitz him and to keep his lazy butt in the pocket. There is absolutely NOTHING to fear with Mike Vick and the Redskins will find that having an equally stupid, lazy, weak preparation “quarterback” will meet with equal results – sometimes luck results in a touchdown – more often than not the quarterback is injured and worthless. And more often than that, there is an interception for the other team.

    Second, Griffin may not even be as good as the Dog Killer. That is saying something. Considering that the Redskins have paid more for this Yutz than Atlanta gave up for the running back who thinks he can throw, Washington is on shakey ground.

    Third, Washington does not have an offensive line that can block a good pass rush. You will see a lot of Griffin fleeing for his life and only in the short term will his legs be an asset. The older he gets the more mediocre he’ll be. And considering he won’t stay in the pocket to allow plays to develop, the Redskins could have a team filled with great wide receivers and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference. What will have to happen is that Washington spends the rest of its money buying a ready-made offensive line. If that doesn’t happen, Griffin is nothing more than a huge waste of draft picks.

    Fourth, Washington has good running backs. It didn’t need to pay three first rounders for another one who thinks he can throw.

    I’m a Washington fan, but the more you look at this huge “mistake” the more I am ashamed of being a Washington Redskin. This is putting every egg in one basket who will NEVER live up to expectations. Griffin is not as elusive as Cam Cheating from the Panthers – may not rise above mediocrity to even Mike Vick’s level, and could possibly be more stupid than the turf at Washington. He is a flash in the pan and the Redskins will never live this down. We have a twig with legs who will be the next Haynesworth. There is nothing in this jerk’s past that shows he’s a team player. Nothing.

  38. It had occured to me that the Redskins were hoping that Payton Manning would elect to sign with the Texans, and then, as odd man out, Matt Schaub would be a relatively easy pickup for them. Reuniting with an offensive coordinater with which he has had much success.
    Obviously, the Shanahan’s and Allen weren’t ‘betting on the come’ and made this move. Interesting. Daring.
    Tannehill is too raw to spend a 6 on, at first blush. Inexperience and a bit of lack of experience (foot injury, as well), a this point.
    He could turn out to be Johnny Unitus the 2nd, but…
    All that said, the die is cast.
    One thing is true, the Redskins are now a destination for potential free agents on both sides of the ball that would like to play with this young man. There is a great deal of money, thanks to the machinations of Bruce Allen, to spend on select free agents. They have money to spend against the cap to shape the team. This was not done in anticipation of coaching/ managerial staff being fired mid-season, or beyond.
    DC is a military town, obviousy, and Robert Griffin III will be loved immediately, with his parents background. By all accounts, he is a high-motor achiever. The young man studied Poly-Sci at Baylor! He has the physical tools. Let’s see how he stands up to the rush in the NFC East. Time will tell. Give it that time.
    I have a sneaking suspicion that this guy is the real deal, and, even as a rookie, will pay immediate dividends. Especially with what upgrades in the draft and free agency the team will make to help him.

  39. @ zampft says:Mar 10, 2012 1:26 PM

    The Rams owe a thank you bouquet to Cam Newton.


    First they should send flowers to Minnesota. If the Vikings don’t get that meaningless late season victory (over Washington no less) the Rams aren’t even in this situation. I would trade the win (not by tanking) over the Redskins for their additional picks.

    Geez, two years in a row. 2009 late season win over Philadelphia dropped them from 6th (the spot Cleveland traded to Atlanta for a boatload of picks) to 12th.

    The Vikings lose for winning. Sheesh!

  40. In regards to first round picks, two were traded away, and a swap in this years first round.

    That does not equal three first round picks given up.

    Or, maybe overstating the facts makes your post more dramatic. Oooh they gave up three first rounders, oooh they gave up four first rounders, oooh……..Sounds like chicken little “the sky is falling” “the sky is falling”

  41. It doesn’t matter to the Shanahans. If he isn’t good, and the Redskins don’t at LEAST go 8-8 this year, they’re more than likely be fired. Basically if he is good and they start winning, they look like geniuses. If he’s bad and the Skins are bad, they’ll be gone before this REALLY catches up with them in 3-5 years anyways.

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