Redskins traded more for Griffin than Giants for Eli, Falcons for Vick

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The Washington Redskins like Robert Griffin III so much that they gave up far more for the right to draft him than teams have typically had to trade away to secure franchise quarterbacks in the NFL draft.

Washington will send St. Louis its first- and second-round picks this year and first-round picks for 2013 and 2014, all to get the second overall pick this year from the Rams. That’s a huge haul for the Rams and a huge sign that the Redskins think very, very highly of Griffin.

Consider this: The Redskins just agreed to give up far more for Griffin than the Giants gave up to acquire first overall pick Eli Manning in 2004, or the Falcons traded to move up to take Michael Vick first overall in 2001. In 2004 the price for Manning was two first-round picks, a third-round pick and a fifth-round pick. In 2001, the price for Vick was one first-round pick, one second-round pick, one third-round pick and Tim Dwight.

Although a team trading away three first-round picks is not unprecedented, it is extremely rare: It hasn’t happened since the famous Cowboys-Vikings Herschel Walker trade in 1989.

In terms of the value given up for one quarterback, the most similar trade in NFL history to Friday night’s Redskins-Rams deal may have been the 1976 trade that sent Jim Plunkett from the Patriots to the 49ers for two first-round picks that year, a first- and second-round pick the following year and a backup quarterback named Tom Owen. That trade did not work out well for the 49ers, although Plunkett would later be the starting quarterback on two Super Bowl-winning Raiders teams.

The Redskins-Rams deal will go down as one of the most significant trades in NFL history. What we don’t yet know is whether Griffin will lead the Redskins to multiple Super Bowls as Eli Manning has the Giants, or whether this trade will be viewed more like the Herschel Walker trade, as it allows the Rams to stockpile talent and win Super Bowls. Or maybe both.

110 responses to “Redskins traded more for Griffin than Giants for Eli, Falcons for Vick

  1. That all depends if the Redskins can get real talent around Griffin. Throw him in there as is, like it or hate it, he doesn’t do a whole lot better than Grossman.

  2. IF you believe he’s the guy, then you pay what you must. Almost nobody goes deep in the playoffs without a stud QB. Dilfer and Brad Johnson were a decade ago. It’s a QB league.

  3. Washington gets their guy and sacrifices its future all in one move. How do the Redskins plan to surround Griffin with talent? Hope it’s not free agency because that has been disastrous for them for over a decade.

  4. As a Browns fan I wanted him. Thank you Heckert for not getting him now ’cause we have way too many holes to fill and that trade, in my opinion, would have actually set us back more.

    I am all for signing Flynn(who I wanted first before all the hype fo RGIII), sign a free agent receiver, draft Claiborne at 4, OL at 22, LB in 2nd round and we are much improved.

    Just Sayin’….Go Brownies!!!

  5. I don’t understand why people sat its three first rounders? The redskins are getting griffin with this years first they are just swapping places. To me its two firsts and a second not three firsts. Anyone follow what I am getting at?

  6. RG3 will be throwing to Jabar Gaffney, Donte Stallworth, Anthony Armstrong, and a fading Santana Moss. Not exactly a murderers row of WR’s to start a career with suddenly enormous pressure. Washington has pissed away Picks for ineffective veterans anyway, but this move will set the Redskins back 5 years.

  7. Not a bad deal if he ends up being a franchise QB. Cam newton turned around one of the worst offense in NFL history into a very good offense. RG3 will do the same . Haters keep hating .

  8. What is failed to be mentioned here, is thanks to the collective bargaining agreement, the Skins will get RG3 for four years at less then probably 80% of what all other starting QBs in the league make. The high picks are worth more than they used to be because missing on the pick doesn’t cripple your salary cap like it used to.

  9. As a Redskins fan, all i can say is. What did they have to lose? Since 1992 they average 6.6 wins a season. They have had over 20 starting QBs. They made the playoffs only 3 times (2-3). Won the NFC East ONCE. The days of winning champions with likes of Doug Williams and Mark Rypien are gone. It’s a QB league. They need a Franchise QB and took a gamble. I like the kid and hope it works out, but if it doesn’t, so what? They win 5 games? That would be no different than the last 20 years! I’d much rather lose with a young athletic RG3, than an old out of shape McNabb or a Jeff George, Tony Banks, Rex Grossman, Shane Matthews, Patrick Ramsey, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. They had nothing to lose.

  10. Growing up in North Carolina I was a Redskins fan until the Panthers came to Charlotte. I still pull for them all of the time till they play us. I hope that this will work out and they become a factor in the east. I remember Sonny then Kilmer and Joe with a number since then. I hope that this works out for the except when they play the Panthers.. I think it will work out just fine GO PANTHERS

  11. They know Griffin is only one guy right ? He can’t be all over the field on offense and defense.

    QBs win championships, just not on their own. Have fun RG3, it’s gonna be a long, long first few years in the NFL…

  12. The tiger cannot change his stripes. Once again the Redskins have mortgaged their future to obtain a player who may, or may not, be worth a first round pick at all. The Rams are geniuses. Those #1s in 2013 & 2014 are likely to be pretty high picks. Unlike Washington they will be able to obtain quality linemen, defensive backs and wide receivers. Washington will have to rely on whatever is available in free agency; at premium prices. Not that I care. I’m a Ravens fan and the great and magnificent Oz would not and will not pull a bonehead move like this. He works with what he has and has managed to win a playoff game 4 years in a row.

  13. Don’t envy the football situations either Luck or Griffin will find themselves in over the next 2-3 years. Bradford too, for that matter.

  14. Ask yourself this, would you mind your team giving up its past two 1st round picks and one 2nd round pick for RGIII? I think most teams would.

    Take the Eagles, would they give up Danny Watkins, Brandon Graham and Jaqwuan Jarrett for RGIII? OF COURSE THEY WOULD!

    Think about it academically guys, not just the knee jerk caveman reaction of OH 3 FIRST ROUND PICKS! BAD!

  15. remember ….Shanny-tan thought Beck was THE man ……he has no eye for talent and cant develop it either ……have fun with this one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. So,,,now we see Miami back in a very familiar NFL QB on their roster.

    You know that from office is going to screw up the Manning deal too.

    So, Flynn to Seattle??

  17. lordfontleroy says:
    Mar 10, 2012 6:28 AM
    What if Indy take Griffin?
    Then Shanahan is one of the luckiest people and should immediately go buy a powerball ticket. Luck seems better suited to me than Griffin does. They both may turn out to be good but Luck will struggle for a couple years on the high school team that will be left after the Colts get rid of everybody.

  18. Nothing against III but three 1sts and a 2nd?!? I thought the rookie wage scale that the owners wanted so badly was to prevent giving away the farm for highly promising but unproven (@ the NFL level) talent. Is Snyder out of the country or sniffing a bad batch of glue? Al Davis is ROFLMFAO. My condolences to Redskins fans. I’d like nothing more than to see RG have every success against any team not named the Packers. But all it makes me think about is the 1974 trade the Packers made to acquire John Hadl from the Los Angeles Rams.

  19. Ok if he is a bust that just proves first round picks are over rated so losing two picks aint that bad as a skins fan im happy with the trade. I know we wont be tanking games at the end of the season no more lol.

  20. I love RG3. I am a Browns fan. But when you compete against morons like the 4Skins for the 2nd pick. There was no way we were going to win the rights. I hope we helped drive the price up and the 4Skins just sold the future. Ejoy you fat naked pigs in a barrel.

  21. Pleased with the risk the skins are taking. Haters will hate but the skins needed this. Young talented QB with game breaking ability…no more AARP patch work.

  22. zjfr2 says:Mar 10, 2012 6:26 AM

    What is failed to be mentioned here, is thanks to the collective bargaining agreement, the Skins will get RG3 for four years at less then probably 80% of what all other starting QBs in the league make. The high picks are worth more than they used to be because missing on the pick doesn’t cripple your salary cap like it used to.
    Umm ok but doesn’t the same apply to the THREE first round picks traded to the Rams? With a rookie quarterback how much better do you think the Skins will be this year? Even with Cam Newton having the best statitical rookie season ever the Panthers were still bad enough to warrant another top 10 draft pick. So the Rams have potentially 3 high draft picks “for 4 years at less than probably 80% of what all other” starters at their position in the league. If one high pick is worth more then it stands to reason 3 high picks are worth more also right?

  23. Rg is talented and this will change their division. But this will bite washington if rg ever gets injured

  24. It’s really not that bad for the Redskins as long as they have Bruce Allen as a GM. He has a terrible record as a drafter so those first arent as valuable as for other team.

  25. Don’t compare Cam’s situation to this. Please. Cam has a good supporting cast and a clever OC. Skins don’t have half the talent the Panthers do on offense.

  26. The people who are saying that this is a good deal because the first round pick does not cripple your team because of the new rookie pay scale do not make sense. It would be just the opposite. You are giving away 2 extra “good deals” With that being said, all things considered, I agree with an earlier poster who said Why not? They are already living on the downside of the NFL. Might as well live it with a good exciting QB.

  27. I have nothing against Griffin, but I sure would like to see the owner of the Redskins eat dirt again.

  28. .

    Not every first round pick is Peyton Manning. Many do not play up to their draft position, or worse.

    You could ask, ” would I have given up my team’s last two first round picks plus last year’s second for the opportunity to acquire Griffin? ” Then you have some actual values to weigh.


  29. I think RG3 is a great kid and person but an average QB at best. He doesn’t have the measurables of a Cam Newton. He is barely 6’2″. He put up huge numbers against bad defenses and struggled against average teams in college. It wasn’t because he did have talent because baylor is loaded with potential pros. He just doesn’t anticipate and read defenses well.

    The skins should have stuck with grossman one year and just got barkley from usc in next years draft

  30. they did what they had to do. Remember, they’ve got 50 mil under the cap. They can get a wr. A lot of other needs can be filled in the lesser rounds of the draft.

  31. Lol at sorry ass browns fans talking about the skins wow when the last time y’all been to the playoffs what 10 years ago lol just as bad of a franchise as us. y’all mad we got rg3 have fun with colt 45 i mean colt brennen i mean colt mccoy lmao

  32. RGIII will work out in the long run. Now Its just up to the Rams on whether they capitalize on all of those picks to see more familiar faces land in St Louie for the next decade or so. This trade could end up helping both teams, one or neither one, only time will tell.

  33. This is not 3 first round picks people – they SWAP first rounders this year and will take RGIII. Then, they give up two future first round picks – the second of which will be the 32nd pick in the 2014 draft baby. HTTR

  34. RG3 is a good kid..

    too bad he got sucked into the redskins..

    & what is all this HAIL nonsense?? you guys need to get real.. you just ruined a poor kids career.

  35. Actually, this move showed me something about Dan Snyder. He’s really desperate for a playoff appearance.

    See, RG3 has no help. His line will be porous. He will have to use his legs a whole lot just to get the “3-Mississippi” count. His full compliment of skills will not be utilized until he gets a good line and WRs.

    But that doesn’t matter. RG3 is a track star. He can run the ball. He can run for his life, eek out wins and make the playoffs. He may even win a playoff game. But Super Bowl isn’t really being planned until you get him help.

    I’ve actually seen this movie before. It reminds me of the Mike Vick-Atlanta Falcons experience. Vick have this rocket arm and no WRs. His line was so bad that the defender could intercept a hiked ball at times.

    But Vick ran for his life. He eeked out wins. The Falcons made the playoffs. They even won a few playoff games. Vick starred in a few Nike commercials.

    But when they lost, it was always Vick’s fault. No matter how bad the actual team was (and they were terrible!)

  36. Three 1sts and a 2nd??? Wow that’s insane, especially in the new CBA era. St. Louis must be laughing so hard right now, they will be able to sign so much top notch young talent for reasonable contracts in the next 3 seasons, they are set up very, very well. As for Washington?—how will you surround your young QB with talent? Hoping you hit in the later rounds? That’s the exception, not the rule, so good luck with that. This trade is so unbalanced I can scarcely believe it. Can’t believe the Skins gave this much.

  37. Skins had to make this trade, not just so they could grab a great QB prospect, but to also let free agents know that they are serious about being contenders. Now when they reach out to players, they can sell them on something. VJ, Colston or whoever else would not of considered the Redskins if Rex or Orton was their QB..especially after they’ve been playing with guys like Rivers and Brees. The Redskins now have to hit a home run in FA and in the draft to offset this decision.

  38. Shanahan doesn’t care about the first round picks in 2013 and 2014 – if he doesn’t turn this thing around in 2012, he won’t be around in 2013 or 2014…

  39. Ask yourself this, would you mind your team giving up its past two 1st round picks and one 2nd round pick for RGIII? I think most teams would.

    Take the Eagles, would they give up Danny Watkins, Brandon Graham and Jaqwuan Jarrett for RGIII? OF COURSE THEY WOULD!

    Think about it academically guys, not just the knee jerk caveman reaction of OH 3 FIRST ROUND PICKS! BAD!


    Dude…I made an account just to correct your lack of common sense.

    1. If your saying first rounders aren’t important, then what makes you think that rgIII is not going to be RLeaf? You haven’t seen him read a legit defense and I’d be willing to bet you never saw a baylor game or saw him throw outside of sportscenter.

    2. Jaquan jarrett was a second round pick. To be accurate, you’d have to throw in Maclin…makes it a little tougher..

    3. If you’re going to say first rounders aren’t important, cite a team that doesn’t draft horribly…a team that hasn’t hit on a first round since mcnabb.

    Otherwise, youre a homer, and your insight is doodoo.

  40. Sadskinsfan and Skinspop – you guys are both right on the money….

    1) They did NOT give up 3 first round picks….only 2

    2) In regards to the 2 first rounders that they did give up – take a look at just about every 1st round pick EVERY YEAR and fully half of them are either “just ok” or flat out busts…
    If RG3 turns out to be the real deal…will end up being more than worth it.

    3) As a Jags fan – trust me – I know how potentially worthless a 1st round pick can be (Leftwich,Matt Jones, Reggie Williams)
    And am deathly afraid that Eugene Monroe, Alualu, and Blain Gabbert will follow.
    Holding out hope for Gabbert though – the dude definitely has the arm…last year was a totally screwed up sitch – with coaching and some more weapons I think he will be fine.

  41. I had high hopes for this kid until now. With Synder and Shanny mortgaging the future to draft him, he’s sure to be another bust in teh Redskins grave yard of QBs.

    My advice for RGIII now is simply, invest your signing bonus wisely as it’s likely the last one you’ll ever get.

  42. There is a lot of pressure here on the Skins for this to work out.

    But the Rams are under similar pressure. They’ve now got six first round picks in the next three years….wait…six?


  43. Value of first round picks? Depends on the team.

    For example, the Steelers’ recent first round picks:

    Troy Polamalu – future HOFer
    Ben Roethlisberger — Super Bowl QB
    Heath Miller – long time starter
    Santonio Holmes – Super Bowl MVP
    Rashard Mendenhall – starting RB
    Maurkice Pouncey – Pro Bowl center

    This would be a TERRIBLE deal for a team like the Steelers but for the Redskins — who squander first round picks every year — it’s no more of a roll of the dice than their sorry scouting team could produce any way.

  44. As others have said, this is NOT 3 first round picks. It’s a swap of the 2nd and 6th picks, making the net loss of picks for Washington a 2nd rounder this year and two 1st rounders in the next two years. Leave it to PFT to verbally smudge the truth to write a more sensationalized post.

    PS – As a Pats fan with two QB’s in nearly 20 years, I can only imagine what it’s like to be desperate for a QB. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out for the Skins…

  45. First of all, no matter how talented RG3 is, he will be surrounded with bottom tier talent that is the Skins.

    He will be overcoached by the same offensive geniuses who publicly and loudly staked their personal reputations on the greatness of John Beck just one year ago, although they have caught very little flack for such foolishness.

    And he will be working for one of the CHEAPER owners in the league, a man who spent 22nd out of 32 teams last year. People don’t seem to have recognized that the free spending Danny Snyder has disappeared and left the building, most likely because the man’s investments have taken a nosedive. I could also point out that Snyder is one of the stoopider owners in the league, but I think that is commonly accepted knowledge.

    Good luck to RG3, because he is going to need it.

  46. The Redskins suck, and this deal will insure that they will continue to suck. Shanny just held onto his job for a few more years.

  47. Hate,Hate,Hate!!!! Is all im hearing,What do you want them to do? Stick with Rex”I Throw INT`s”Grossman??? This team will be better and dont believe all the hype about the team not having any talent.Did you know that the Redskins are 45 to 48 million under the salary cap? The offense will be fixed weather you hate the skins or not.The Defense is already there dont believe me,ask the NY Giants!

    Haters need to worry about ther own teams situation instead of hating every move the Skins do,For example…….

    Steeler fans should be more concernd with getting under the salary cap…….

    Cowboy fans should be more concernd with fixing a secondary that has more holes in it than a flour sifter

    Bowns fans,well it does`nt take a college professor to know that they are just pissed off because the were out bidded…..

    In closing I will admit this was a lot to give up but I have a very good feeling that RGIII is going to be well worth it……Ever hear of Leonard Hankerson???…..He is going to be a star and I guarantee it!!!!!

  48. General consensus was that teams would have needed to atleast trade 2 1st round picks and this years 2nd to get the Rams pick. So really, the Skins only gave up an extra #1 to what people thought the value should be.

  49. So I guess everybody on this post went to a community college because y’all all sound plain stupid! I guess it would be hard for the skins to get some talent around RGIII..considering that they have 63mil in cap space! Only bad part of this deal is giving up this years 2nd rounder..but considering that they still have 7 other draft picks this year, calm the hell down & stop hatin’

  50. all this does is guarantee that the Rams will continue picking in the top 3 for the next 3 years. Not much will change for the Rams.

  51. It is 3 firsts and a second anyway that you look at it. In return, they get the 2nd pick in this draft. Gamble for sure. Good day for Rams fans. Just imagine what the Colts could have gotten from Washington…

  52. I’m tired of all the haters… My Skins have been suffering since 1991 & when we had a decent QB (Brad Johnson) our owner just thought Jeff George would look better in Burgundy & Gold… This is a Bold move that needed to be made… RGIII has better stats than Michael Vick or Donovan McNabb ever had in college… Robert threw 78 TD’s to 17 int’s in 3 + seasons… his passing pct went from 59, 65, 67, to 72 this past season… That 72 was with an avg of 10.4 yards per catch. First Down every time he threw the football on avg. He has a chance to be top 5, so HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!

  53. As a Minnesota fan, all I can say is congratulations Leslie Frazier and Co. for going all-out to win the 2nd to last game this year and costing us the 2nd pick. Not to mention getting a devastating injury to your best player. Everyone else in the state was screaming at the TV hoping to LOSE…but Frazier gets up there after the game and said what a great win it was, how he can have a merry Christmas now, talking like it was the greatest thing ever. One word. Dumb. Just plain dumb.

  54. Anything that gets compared to the H.W. trade is pretty scarry for one of the teams. I remember how well that worked out for the Vikes, a decade of suck.

  55. touchdownroddywhite says:

    “The difference between this move and the trade for Eli will be the rookie wage scale driving up the price”


    Yeah… I called it.

  56. a) the rams should be really good soon b/c redskins will probably stink for a couple of years.
    b) the nfc east is interesting from top to bottom now with eli, romo, vick, and rg3. an ink bonanza.

  57. All the haters? No all the realists. Any one not a skins fan sees how bad this deal was. And as a Browns fan, Im not upset they got out bid. I would be more upset if they gave away the house to move up. Free agency doesn’t win super bowls. Building your team through the draft does. How can you people be so dumb?

  58. WTF, Oh my f***ing God, AGAIN we do the dumbest thing in league history. Im over supporting dumb dan for at least wanting to win year after year. ill take that over an owner who just doesnt give a f**k. but this idiot will never learn. someone please snipe him

  59. As a Packer fan I feel robbed…it’s like every other team in football has taken the Redskins to the cleaners BUT the Packers!

    Come on Ted…make something happen!!!!!

  60. I know they aren’t exactly the same…but didn’t the Bears give up 2 1sts and a 2nd to get Cutler?

  61. Welcome to the NFC East RG3 can’t wait to meet you, signed…

    Justin Tuck
    Osi Umenyiora
    Jason piere Paul
    Mathias Kiwanuka
    demarcus ware
    Anthony Spencer
    Trent cole
    Jason Babin…

  62. Think my beloved Colts could now make some noise about taking RGIII and the Skins would give them a little something something (like a 2013 2nd rounder) not to do that?

  63. To those saying that the Redskins only gave up two first-rounders:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. Ultimately, you traded four players for one player. Three of those players will be first-round talent, and one will be just outside the first round.

    You don’t get a pass on losing out on the #6 overall this year because you moved up to #2. You probably could have had Blackmon if you stayed put (and the Rams will probably get him now). Basically, you traded Blackmon or whoever else you may have picked at 6 to move up to 2…along with three other players.

    The Rams took you to the cleaners. As a Seahawks fan, I’m not happy, because it means that a division rival with a new front office is probably going to get the player they want this year (Blackmon), an extra high second rounder this year, and now have two #1s for each of the next two seasons. Hopefully, the guy making the picks will be about as successful as the last GM, but the odds that the new GM is that bad are pretty low.

    Great trade for the Rams…how it ultimately is judged for the ‘Skins remains to be seen.

  64. It accomplished all Snyder wanted

    1. Will sell a TON of Jerseys
    2. Got everyone talking about Dan Snyder and Redskins.
    3. Shows Shanny and Allen who’s still boss.
    4. Will put butts in seats.
    5. Will sell a LOT of beer at Stadium when lack of support means sam0-samo.
    6. With no #1 picks for next couple of years will enable Snyder to make more pay-too-much trades for FAs
    7. Did we mention everyone’s talking about Snyder and Redskins?
    8. Suck on it Payton Manning.
    9. Once again, YOUR offseason Champions!
    10. Everyone talking about Snyder and the Redskins.

  65. Big difference in what the Bears did with Cutler. He was a pure Qb with proven talent. rg2 is a bust before he starts. This will go down as the stupidest trade in history, at least for the skins. The Rams played them for fools!

  66. From an objective point of view, my eyes tell me its too much to give for one player who’s never taken an NFL field.

    Right now this deal looks bad for the Skins, but only time will tell.

    Truth be told, Ask the Packers, Patriots and Panthers how much they’d ask for Rodgers, Brady, or Cam in a trade. I bet dollars to donughts they’d ask for more than the Redskins gave up for RGIII.

    If RGIII develops into the player the Redskins are betting, they will not be regretting it one bit in a few years.

  67. “Redskins traded more for Griffin than Giants for Eli, Falcons for Vick”

    True. But with today’s CBA, Griffin won’t lock the ‘Skins into a cap-strangling gazillion dollar contract. It’s a totally different scenario. Now when a talent deficient team drafts first or second they’re obviously able to trade the choice for something of value. Thank you, CBA.

  68. horrible, sad day to be a skins fan. thought the days of making bad decisions that damage the franchise for years were over. gues not. will danny ever learn? thougt he finally got it. obviosly not.

  69. RG3 better be as good as advertised, otherwise they fall deeper in the hole they’re already in. As an eagles fan I say bring it….good competition always welcome. Hope you find some offense to go with RG3…..7-9 at best for 2012

  70. I feel badly for RGIII. As long as Snyder owns the Skins they will never win a Championship. Pity. I think he’s the best QB in the draft and the best to come along in years.

  71. I don’t understand why people sat its three first rounders? The redskins are getting griffin with this years first they are just swapping places. To me its two firsts and a second not three firsts. Anyone follow what I am getting at?

    No, your not getting it. The trade costs the skins 2 1sts and a 2nd. Drafting Griffin will cost them 3 firsts and a 2nd.

  72. RGIII might turn into John Elway. Doesn’t change the fact that the Skins just ensured that they will have little depth and will thus have trouble making the playoffs…as usual.

  73. The Redskins and Jets are really starting to look like mirror images of each other. An absolutely horrifying thought for Redskins fans. Good job, Dan.

  74. I get a kick out of people who worry that Indy may pick RGIII. Tragedy. That would mean the ‘skins are stuck with the guy called the best QB prospect in the draft since Peyton Manning.

  75. Dude will sell some tickets, that you can count on. The draft is such a crap shoot who knows how this will work out. The Rams have been picking high for years and they still suck. Will they make good use of the picks or take 3 busts? Only time will tell. How many 1st round QB’s become elite? G3 could be the next Cam Newton or the next Ryan Leaf. Check back in 3 years for the answer. At least G3 knocked Manning of the headline for a minute.

  76. I am from Texas and a Redskins fan, and have been watching this kid for some years now, High School and College. And I must say that he is the real deal. Yeah he may not show sucess right away, I hope he and the Skins do, but he is going to be a star in the NFL. As long as he stays focused and keeps the distractions down. His family is ex-military so I look for he to stay grounded and learn how to play ball in the NFL. First time I saw him play, he was a Jr. in HS and he blew me away then. I know the NFL isn’t HS or even college, but he has the talent to be a great player in the NFL. Yeah the Skins need to add talent around him, and may have given up alot for him, but whether the Skins take him or go with Luck, either way the Skins will have a franchise QB in their fold. GO SKINS!!!!!!!!

  77. Welcome to the NFC East RG3 can’t wait to meet you, signed…

    Justin Tuck
    Osi Umenyiora
    Jason piere Paul
    Mathias Kiwanuka
    demarcus ware
    Anthony Spencer
    Trent cole
    Jason Babin…


    Their tongues will be dragging on the ground chasing this kid around. Vick & RG3 in the same division will have the D linemen in the NFC East hitting the oxygen bottle.

  78. Or the third option, which is neither team wins any Super Bowls.

    The Redskins mortgaged their future to get a franchise QB. They still have a lot of holes to fill, and now have to go back to their over-priced, over the hill free agent system that has gotten them exactly nothing in the Snyder era.

    The Rams get a lot of picks, half of which may even pan out, but Fisher is a career .500 coach, who is 5-6 in the playoffs with three of those wins coming in the ’99 Miracle year. Also, no bounty system now.

  79. “boysrollpt2 says:
    Mar 10, 2012 12:02 PM
    For those having trouble counting. It’s not three 1st rounders. It’s 2 and exchanging 1.”

    It’s three 1st rounders that are being traded by the Skins. If you’re “exchanging” first-round picks, you’re still trading one of them. Seems that you were desperate to find something to snark on.

  80. Anything that connects to the infamous Herschel Walker trade as the draft pick giving party, cannot be good.

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