Sanchez extension could complicate 49ers’ bid to re-sign Alex Smith

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The 49ers’ contract talks with free agent quarterback Alex Smith have reached an apparent stalemate. The Niners are unwilling to meet Smith’s demand for a five-year deal, and are also being careful to not overpay.

According to CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco, the 49ers have refused to give Smith a Ryan Fitzpatrick-type deal because San Francisco’s front office believes the six-year, $59 million extension is not “indicative of Fitzpatrick’s true value.”

And as Maiocco further notes, Friday night’s Mark Sanchez extension, valued at $40.5 million over three years and $58.25 million in five-year net worth, could toss another unexpected wrench into the 49ers’ negotiations with Smith.

Sources tell Maiocco that the 49ers want to leave the door open for 2011 second-round pick Colin Kaepernick, for whom the club traded up in last April’s draft. Therefore, San Francisco is “reticent” to offer Smith a lengthy contract that would include $20 million guaranteed. Fitzpatrick’s reported guarantee was $24 million. Sanchez’s is $20.5 million.

And so while the 49ers likely value Smith more than the NFL’s other 31 teams, their attempts to retain him are becoming more difficult as talks drag on.

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  1. Smith should take what he can get and be satisfied. I don’t see too many options for him.

  2. SIGN ALEX!!..i respect what he did for us this season but my niners should stand firm only a three year deal take it or leave. The door has to be left a little open for kaepernick because the has a higher ceiling.

  3. I like Sanchez, I think he can play. He’s a clutch QB. Alex Smith is a better QB though, and should get paid more.

    49er fans be easy on Alex. If it were up to him he would have been re-signed, that’s why he has an agent. To get him the best deal that’s based on money and not emotion.

  4. “Reticent” means quiet, reserved. It is one of the most commonly misused words. Good job putting it in quotes. I would go so far as to mark it “sic”.

    Obviously, the word should be “hesitant.”

  5. With the roster spot occupied by Kap I can understand why they would be “reticent”, however the other side of that coin is that Alex should improve with a full offseason and the addition of a new weapon or 2. If the 9ers wanna attract a top-tier FA WR they better solidify the QB spot right now. Leave the organization some wiggle room after year 3 of the deal if possible unless you’re willing to move on from Alex right now.

  6. Move on if and get a better QB, Go after Peyton and Peyton says no, Then you move on. Im sure u can get another “ok” QB for cheap and make him look like Alex smith did last year

  7. Coaches and gm often says “we will do anything possible up win a super bowl” would some one tell me why the Ninners aren’t pursuiting Manning? Even of manning isn’t a 100% he can throw the ball better than smith.

  8. This may not be smart on Alex’s part. He simply hasn’t done enough there to be guaranteed such a large contract. If things don’t work out maybe the 49ers will realize that Manning may be the option for a couple years. Before you count this out, look at two good reasons for this. 1) Peyton (if healthy) lets them win games and possibly rings for the next two or three years. 2) Peyton can also be an incredible teacher for Kapernick leaving the door open for him when Peyton is done in a few years. I know the 49ers aren’t looking at Manning, but if Smith continues to be stubborn that may change. Just a thought.

  9. I wouldn’t give a guy who has won a grand total of one playoff game in 7 years a $20+ million signing bonus.

    Makes more sense to go after Manning and let Kaepernick be the understudy. Time to show Alex the door so he can become what he is destined to become: Clipboard Guy.

  10. Sometimes you need to know when a situation is your best fit. I suspect Smith knows this but that his agent is pushing this because he thinks he has the 49’s in a difficult position. What the agent does not understand, the 49’s are a bus that virtually any quarterback could drive.

  11. Simply tell him,

    “you can start here, or backup anywhere else in the league. You could start over ‘sanchize’ in new york but he just got a new deal, so take it or leave it.”

    Should solve it.

  12. Ok this will solve the problems stop contract talks with him and go after peyton…if peyton is trying to win no way he says no…alex had his chance to sign but wanted to be greedy he doesn’t deserve 5 yrs…I always been an alex believer thinking its not his fault because of the changes he had every year…but we can’t play games with him right now..if we don’t go after peyton and alex leaves were stuck anyway…so imo go after peyton and if for some reason he does say no go after alex he’ll still be there he’s not gonna get paid more money from another team then the niners..mark my words go niners

  13. Smith is a successful result of “the system”. Harbaugh’s system is the right fit for him. I think he should not balk and take what the 9ers offer.

  14. I think the 49ers are being smart here, Smith is an above average QB at best and Kaepernick has a much greater upside than he does.
    huh? AS is not an “above average” QB. He’s average and mediocre at best……… and every mediocre QB will have a nice, great game every once in a while.

  15. It’s hilarious reading all these comments about Alex Smith. “He’s mediocre” , “He’s above-average” – look, Alex Smith is what he is. He’s a known commodity. And he’s all the Niners have right now.

  16. Last season was the first time Smith lived up to being a #1 draft pick. He justified the money he got paid in his rookie contract while sucking for the first five seasons. That doesn’t entitle him to a big new contract. 9ers, go after Payton!

  17. I think Alex is making a big mistake. The I think he owes the 49ers for not letting him go last season and sticking with him. Any other team would have let him go. Take the offer or you’ll be on someone’s else’s sideline taking less money wishing you had taken this offer. Going after Manning along with RW would be the last piece to put together this monster of a team

  18. I think Alex is making a big mistake. The I think he owes the 49ers for not letting him go last season and sticking with him. Any other team would have let him go. Take the offer or you’ll be on someone’s else’s sideline taking less money wishing you had taken this offer. Going after Manning along with RW would be the last piece to put together this monster of a team


    I gotta say I just don’t see this front office going after Manning. As for Alex, he wants to be a 49er and the 49ers want him to be their starting QB. That’s “well documented” as Harbs would say. The rest is just a dog and pony show.

  19. Actually Sanchez’s contract is a perfect example to use. See what happens when you give a QB a fat contract after 1 good season! Sanchez is not very good and the Jets would not give him that contract today. I like Alex, but he has a lot more to prove because our passing attack was mediocre at best. You don’t give a run first team QB top tier dollars.

  20. The 49ers have a problem. They get to give a huge, long-term contract to an average QB or rely on a rookie who isn’t ready. They are too late to the Peyton party. If they get it wrong they will drop back to the middle of the pack in the NFC Worst and be handicapped by the salary cap.

  21. I can understand both sides, but it’s going to be harder to get any deal done when Sanchez is given money like that after the year he had.

    Sanchez – 56.7%, 6.4 yards/a, 18 int
    Smith – 61.3%, 7.1 yards/a, 5 int

    I think this is more the case of Sanchez being overpaid, but I’m sure it’s going to make Smith’s agent push for more. But signing Smith to a five year contract is going to be a problem, Kap is waiting in the wings once he’s finally ready.

    But Manning isn’t a solution. The 49ers have the worst offensive line in football and gave up the most sacks in the league last year, Manning wouldn’t last the entire season. Not that the 49ers are pursuing Manning anyway.

  22. It doesn’t matter what the Jets gave Sanchez or the Bills gave Fitzpatrick; the factor with them is that the team wanted them, or were the best option at the time of the contract. No one, except maybe the Seahawks are going to take a chance on him as their starter. There’s a good chance that the Niners could just wait this out and once no one offers him a decent contract, offer him half the amount of money that they proposed with their last offer and it still will be better than what any team offer him, as long as the Seahawks don’t make a move for him. Alex Smith is an idiot and should’ve ordered his agent to sign the contract while he had a chance to make some money that he certainly doesn’t deserve.

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