Saturday one-liners

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Bills LB Kirk Morrison’s new two-year contract is expected to be worth a little under $3 milllion, and up to $4 million with incentives.

Another reason for Peyton Manning to shy away from the Dolphins?  Donald Trump wants Peyton to sign with the team.

The Patriots want fans to sound off on the Peyton Manning destination that would be most harmful to New England’s interests.  (Um, shouldn’t they be more worried about Eli?)

Free-agent RB Brandon Jacobs is now officially sucking up to the “fat boy” he recently told to “shut up.”

LB Jameel McClain, due to become a free agent, would like to stay in Baltimore.

Bengals CB Leon Hall was happy to see the FieldTurf on which he tore up an Achilles’ tendon get torn out this week.

Should the Browns take solace in the fact that Ryan Tannehill and Brandon Weeden got the better of Robert Griffin III last season?

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger thinks it’s important to have a close working relationship with offensive coordinator Todd Haley:  “People made a big deal about me being too close with Bruce [Arians], but that’s a guy you work with every single day.  You need to have some sort of working relationship where you can talk on a daily basis. Sometimes you butt heads.  I think that is good in any kind of relationship.  Hopefully Todd and I can have a similar relationship because I think it benefits everyone.”

Texans P Brett Hartmann has been suspended four games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.  (I had “Pat McAfee” in the official PFT Punter Suspension Pool.)

Speaking of Colts P Pat McAfee, he seems to finally realize that playing a fungible position doesn’t bode well when the new boss is firing a bunch of guys who don’t.

The Jaguars want to sign two receivers in free agency.  (As opposed to drafting a bunch of them, which worked out pretty well.)

If owner Bud Adams wanted to bring Peyton Manning back to Tennessee, the Titans surely would be in the chase for him.

The Broncos aren’t commenting on the suspensions of three players.

Here’s a look at the Chiefs’ depth chart as free agency approaches.

Nearly a decade later, the Chargers are still trying to replace SS Rodney Harrison.

Seabastian Janikowski’s four-year, $16 million contract is still screwing up the market for kickers.

Peter King puts Laurent Robinson of the Cowboys at No. 7 on the list of free-agent receivers.

Brandon Jacobs decided not to “sell his soul” to stay with the Giants.

Brian Baldinger thinks Peyton Manning would be a good fit for the Eagles.  (Some would say that Manning would fit the Eagles like that one jacked-up finger fits Baldinger’s hand.)

Some Internet hack thinks that the Redskins will make a beeline for WR Mario Manningham.

Former Bears DT Steve McMichael thinks bounties are mythical.

Lions fans should be happy that their team doesn’t need to pursue Peyton Manning.

Before becoming the Saints’ defensive coordinator three years ago, Gregg Williams turned down the Packers.  (Given what Williams’ defense did to Brett Favre in the 2009 NFC title game, it’s unclear whether Packers fans view this as good news or bad news.)

Should the 3-13 Vikings try to keep any of their free agents?

In Atlanta, Vince Manuwai will compete for the right guard position with Garrett Reynolds, Joe Hawley, and Mike Johnson.

Saints RB Mark Ingram has shed his boot as he continues his recovery from foot surgery; “I’ve been walking in two shoes for a week now,” Ingram said.

The Bucs could spend some of that cap money on offensive linemen.

Cardinals coaches and officials are keeping a low profile regarding the pursuit of Peyton Manning.

The Rams could use one of their two second-round picks on a successor for Steven Jackson.  (There’s no link for that.  I am capable of original thought.  Once in a while.)

If Marshawn Lynch ends up on the cover of Madden 13, will the game have an actual “beast mode”?

The price tag for the 49ers’ new stadium unexpectedly has jumped to $1.177 billion.  (Does the price tag for expensive things ever unexpectedly drop?)

6 responses to “Saturday one-liners

  1. As far as the 49ers new stadium is concerned where’s the money going? I hope they aren’t married to that current design they keep showing. High schools have better stadiums than that piece of crap artist rendering they got. I think the Arizona cardinals set the standard of Stadiums with the retractable roof and field.

  2. I think instead of ex-Bears DT, out would be more appropriate to refer to Steve McMichael as ex-wrestling superstar ave Debra’s ex husband.

  3. I must be missing something… how does the opinion of Donald Trump have any influence on Manning’s selection of the next team he plays for? A more likely reason for Manning to shy away would be him being concerned about a coconut falling from a palm tree and re-injuring his neck, if you were to make a list.

    Trump, like Ross, see the signing of Peyton as a huge financial benefit that is worth whatever investment is required. He may not sign with the Dolphins, but you can rest assure it won’t be because of insufficient money offered.

  4. I think the Buccs have to improve on both lines…sad so many picks were wasted for a below-par DL but it what it is. I think Dominic doesn’t know what he is doing (IMO) and the Glaziers should have canned him too. But then, that means spending even more money, so yeah, the painful cycle continues. Ugh!

    FA wish list as of now that I think they have to consider at all cost

    1. Mario Williams (priority and has to be done and unlike Haynesworth, I think this dude is a baller and will do way better, proving he deserves that big contract)
    2. Carl Nicks (this is great because it takes him away from NOLA, which would be awesome)
    3. Of all the receivers, I’m going to go with two that I would like to see added to the fold–V Jackson and Plaxico Burress. Burress proved he is still a legitimate red-zone threat, which would help Freeman tremendously and V-Jack just comes out a head of all other wide-outs, IMO. Burress’s deal would obviously be just above vet minimum and could have lots of incentives/escalators to push up his number to something he would be agreeable to strive for/motivation, even if it is money, is a great thing. Could get lucky and have him contribute 10-15 important TDS. I think he is a good option for a one to two year rental, or so I think.
    4. Gary Brackett. I think the Bucs have to consider him.
    5. Both Brandon Carr and Melvin Bullitt. When Bullitt stays healthy, he is actually a decent and reliable corner, IMO, based on what I have seen in his past performances. Not shut down by any means, which is why Carr would make the secondary automatically better. Cut Talib, time to move on, he is a clown and will never learn. And Ronde, one of the last true Buccs from the time I became a fan in 1995…it’s been a lot of fun and he has been all class and an overall quality player for the Buccs, but I think it is time he retires and moves on to something new. HOF worthy? Sadly, most likely not, but very consistent for most of his tenure and great piece of that vaunted D from 1998-2003.
    6. Stephen Tulloch (Him and Brackett would fix and upgrade our LBs immediately)
    7. And last but not least, can’t hurt to possibly take a look at Michael Bush. I mean he gashed the Buccs a few seasons ago and is a pretty good RB. Might compliment Blount nicely.

    then I would draft RB, OL, WR, CB, DE, OL again and another CB or S. Find some hidden gems, get quality ten year plus players that have lots of upside to become great–before you know it, Tampa could be relevant again with another strong draft next year and be in playoffs by 2013-2014 season.

    Okay, I can dream right and I had no sleep last night, so that might be part of the problem!

  5. I’m not voting for either Lynch or Thomas for Madden cover boy.

    I’ll be voting for Patrick Willis and/or Larry Fitzgerald.

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