Source: Sanchez deal has $20.5 million in real guarantees


I resisted repeating any of the various reports that emerged last night regarding Mark Sanchez’s new contract because the word “guarantee” was being thrown around casually, like it was when Donovan McNabb got $40 million guaranteed from the Redskins in 2010 — and the truth was that he got only $3.5 million.

Per a source with knowledge of the deal, Sanchez will receive $20.5 million in fully guaranteed money over the next two seasons as part of his new contract, with no offsets.

It means that Sanchez will be the starting quarterback for at least two more seasons — unless the Jets are willing to pay him the same amount not to be.

The extension pays out $40.5 million total, pushing his total deal to five years and $58.25 million.  And, for now, it puts Sanchez at No. 6 or No. 7 on the quarterback pay list.

And so Sanchez will be the starter — or at least make starter money — for two more years.  What happens after that depends on what happens in the next two seasons.

Once we get the official breakdown, we’ll break it all down.  For now, it’s safe to say that this isn’t a phony, stop-gap contract.  Which may be great news for Sanchez, but possibly bad news for Jets fans.

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  1. That is a lot of money for someone who is supposed to be the leader of a dysfunctional locker room and has only played in an offense designed to protect him and keep as much heat off him as possible. That is “Top 10” money, and I don’t think many people consider Sanchez “Top 10” material, including his own locker room.

  2. H





    Imagine how much Henne will get when he is the starter there next year!!

    I’m thinking in the neighborhood of 1 Billion Dollars, right Tanny??

  3. How many Sanchez haters on this site would love to have a qb go to the conference championship two years in a row before the age of 25?
    And before you say that the team led him and he did nothing, please check his playoff numbers.
    This guy has had the most scrutinized 26 td (32 total) season I’ve ever seen.
    I’m not saying that he is destined for greatness, but this idea that he stinks is ridiculous. He only played 16 college games when most qbs come in with 40-50 fames under their belt. He needs time.
    Sanchez haters do this also please; compare his first three years to Brees’ and Eli’s first three years. Tell me how they look

  4. Don’t laugh too much at the Redskins. Who would you rather be? The Jets giving up 20 mill with Sanchez the next 5 years or the Redskins giving up 2 first round picks & a second with RGlll the next 5 years? Bwahahahahaha

  5. Manning obviosly said a strong “No” to the Jets. Giving Sanchez a hige raise for his terrible play last season is mind-boggling. Ryan and Tannanbaum are now on very thin ice.

  6. Now that he’s more “comfortable”, his performance will no doubt improve. That is all.

  7. Wow top 6 or 7 money for this guy?!?! He might be the 6th or 7th best qb on his team, but not in the league…. DUMB!

  8. The Jets swung and missed yet again and it was the price they had to pay for flirting with sending overtures to Peyton Manning. Kinda like a parent who gives their kid anything they want just to not hurt their feelings. The Jets had their window of opportunity but moves like this have slammed the window shut. Trent Dilfer out of retirement is better than Sanchez. That GQ cover shot must’ve really got to ole’ Rexy.

  9. Sanchez will be in the Jets locker room waving his new contract around to the players who dispise him saying, “see I told you I was the leader of this team, it says so right here”.

  10. I guess the Browns and all the teams who miss out on Manning are also going to give their current QB an I’m sorry we really like you 2 year 20 mill extension.

  11. You know, the Jets used to be called the Titans way back when they played in Shea Stadium.

    As sort of a throw back, they should change their name to the ‘Titanic’.

    I think it works.

  12. This is why the Jets will never win a Super Bowl and will always be the minor league team in the New York area. You pay a guy who’s only proven he’s ineffective and a horrible leader to this point the money you could pay a REAL, proven, winning, starting quarterback. Absurd. They could just as easily have hinged the money on getting TO the Super Bowl in year 1, winning it in year 2. If he refuses, you look for a replacement and tell him to hit the bricks. Horrible organization.

  13. The rest of the AFC East just got better. Schottenheimer thinks his life is a twilight zone episode.

  14. This may literally be the worst contract in the history of pro sports. Why would you extend a player who you have come out and said must elevate his game, must play better than he is? I’m going in to work Monday, taking a dump on my bosses desk, then asking for a raise.

  15. willjasper says:
    Mar 10, 2012 8:44 AM
    Pretty good money for a guy who has yet to prove anything at the pro level.
    Yeah I guess if you don’t count a 31-22 career record including 4 road playoff wins, a 94.3 qb rating in playoffs with 9 td and 3 int, improved numbers every year, and 32 combined touchdowns this season.. most people who like to bash Sanchez really don’t know what they’re talking about. This just proves it.

  16. wwwmattcom says:
    Mar 10, 2012 9:14 AM
    The rest of the AFC East just got better. Schottenheimer thinks his life is a twilight zone episode.
    FIrst of all, Schottenheimer is a HORRIBLE offensive coordinator. Secondly, he doesn’t even work for the Jets anymore. Get a clue before you attempt to bash players.

  17. Gutsy and questionable move at best. Wow! I think this tells us that the Ryan/Sanchez experiment has two more years to get “it” done. Whatever “it” is in the eyes of ownership. It might also tell us that they knew for sure Peyton Manning wasn’t coming there.

    Meanwhile, the Dolphins and Broncos are looking better and better for Manning. Switching horse mid career?

  18. Good move by the Jets. Rookie Qb’s usually need 4 or 5 years or longer to hit their prime. Fix the O line problems and if he doesn’t pan out, time to get a different QB.
    Its funny how everyone says you need a great QB to win,but even though the Jets are a winning team Sanchez doesn’t get any credit at all. “Its the defense, the Jets are stacked, etc.” Yet the same people using those excuses also claim the Jets suck, their coach and GM sucks, their owner sucks etc. If thats the case then Sanchez must be amazing to have a winning record and 4 playoff victories(all on the road)with such a crappy team and organization around him.
    You can’t have it both ways. Either the Jets are a great team except for their QB or the Jets are a crappy team with a great QB.
    I personally believe that the Jets are a good, not great team and Sanchez is a good QB who has the potential to be a very good and possibly great QB.
    Besides Marino what QB’s had better 1st 3 year seasons than Sanchez. Not a lot.
    Somebody prove me wrong.

  19. jetfan28 says:
    Mar 10, 2012 8:56 AM
    How many Sanchez haters on this site would love to have a qb go to the conference championship two years in a row before the age of 25?
    Sanchez haters do this also please; compare his first three years to Brees’ and Eli’s first three years. Tell me how they look.
    Please don’t make an argument that he carried the Jets to the AFCCG two years in a row. He didn’t.

    Not a fan of your argument on Brees and Manning either. MOST quarterbacks who struggle their first three years don’t have the success of Manning or Brees. They are exceptions. Sanchez has shown nothing to lead anyone to believe that he will become a top tier quarterback.

  20. Matt More is not the same guy, He is WAY BETTER! Jets can’t have him though, he is not a free agent. Matt more will be a dolphin for many years!

  21. As a Jets Fan not super excited about this, but one thing is Im glad we actually have some consistency for the future. Can’t even keep count of all the QBs we’ve had over the last 20 years. Might not be the best choice but at least this core of guys can grow together for once.

  22. A well run team would of admit they made a huge mistake with Sanchez and moved on not wishing to compound it. Instead the brain trusts ( used very very loosely of course, ha ha ha) at the Jets give this loser a huge contract instead of going after Matt Flynn for less than half that.

  23. Most of the clowns commenting here don’t realize that Sanchez will be an elite quarterback once he gets his confidence dialed in. He’s proven that he can win big games in the post-season. If Rex can shut his mouth and get his players on the same page, I think the Jets will have a very good season this coming year with Sanchez as quarterback.

    I think it was much smarter to stay with Sanchez than to squander tons of money on a 36 year old QB who thinks he’s the cat’s meow even though he hasn’t played in a year because he’s had at least four neck surgeries and an experimental procedure in Europe.

    Staying with Sanchez is a smart decision, and I think this will be the year when Sanchez stop biting his nails and starts biting down on being a leader and an elite QB.

  24. I can definitely understand what the Jets are doing here. A few years I ago decided to lease a car from a dealership, & on the way home I noticed the alignment was really off, the breaks were squealing & the “check engine” light came on. So I immediately turned around & took it back to the dealership where I decided to just go ahead and buy it.

  25. I’m beside myself. Its days like these when I question why I bother being a Jets fan. I hear Arena football is pretty exciting.

  26. You pathetic haters are soo funny. Look at your own QBs before you talk about ours. i understand that Rexs talk put a bullseye on us. I have all stuck with Sanchez and all of the noise that comes from ur losing teams make me even happier. Hey Bills fans remember us beating you twice this year? Oh and what about Matty ice with Turner and you still were one and done. Ravens fans what about flacco and your gr8 running back and where are you guys now?look athe playoff stats. Numbers dont lie

  27. I’m sorry, Jets fans, but there’s nothing you can do for a QB that has no arm.

    Learning doesn’t even come into the equation.

    I can’t believe the Jets did this.

  28. LOL what ever happened to making a player prove themselves? This goes to the weight of what some of his teammates were talking about. Spoiled and treated like a baby by the Jets organization.

    Just another stupid move by the Jets especially when there were just rumors they were looking at Manning and then they realize that is a no go and reward Sanchez who’s feeling were hurt.

    What are his players to think? This extension will cause more of a riff in the locker room in 2012.

    Great job in the front office Jets.

  29. Sanchez did not take the Jets to the playoffs, the Defense did. When you’re having to win games in the fourth quarter, it’s because you were probably crap the first three quarters. I’d rather win games in the first three quarters than rely on luck in the fourth.

    Jets are in the same position as the Cowboys. They can’t see the problem is at the QB position.

  30. This is unbelievable, why in Gods name would they extend this guy when they didn’t have to? it’s no wonder the Jets are perennial losers. There’s no way they win a ring with this guy leading them, it’s time for me to pick another team to root for.

  31. Wrecks has been crushing Sanchez’ confidence from Day 1 – “guaranteeing” that a guy who should have still been in college was going to win the Super Bowl, not once, but twice.

    Then after “guaranteeing” Sanchez would always be the starter, Wrecks brings in Peyton.

    Now they have to “guarantee” a contract extension to bolster his confidence. Sanchez just better hope that the Jets have finally figured out what the word “guarantee” means.

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