Suh not thrilled with reports of his 91-in-a-55 speeding ticket

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When last we addressed the latest news regarding Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, we passed along a simple report from the Oregonian regarding Suh being pulled over for speeding, improper signaling, and failing to have proof of insurance.

There are now a few more details.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Suh was driving 91 miles per hour in a 55-mph zone.  It cost him $435.  In all, he was fined $955.

There’s more.  Suh apparently didn’t like the fact that his minor misadventures in a 2007 BMW became news.  As he posted on Twitter:  “Love the HATE , please keep it coming!! #PDXNEWS #ESPN No insurance?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA #toofunny.”

The fact that multiple news outlets reported the news doesn’t make it “HATE.”  Suh enjoys a high profile, due in equal parts to a rookie year of fame and a sophomore season of infamy.  So, yes, media coverage of a speeding ticket goes with the same territory that pays Suh plenty of money to sell sedans and sandwiches.

Like a multi-millionaire forking over a $955 fine, it’s a small price to pay.

72 responses to “Suh not thrilled with reports of his 91-in-a-55 speeding ticket

  1. this guy looks like a ticking time bomb.. he is so amazing on the field tho..

    at this rate he is going to end up killing someone in the next 5 years.. be it a stomp.. a speeding car.. or his own career

  2. Looks like this is year three of Suh not learning.

    This guy is not a class act. He is not even respectable muchless a decent person, by all accounts. All accounts.

  3. @rickycubane

    I agree and I’m a Lions fan.. Suh needs to calm down.

    It’s hard to see how he hasn’t realized this because he’s an incredibly smart guy.

  4. As a Lions fan and a resident of the Detroit suburbs I’m apaulled, shocked and utterly disgusted! Suh, listen…if your gonna speed…do it in an American sports car!! A Corvette, a Camaro, a Mustang anything but a German made peice of crap!! Where is your loyalty?!?! Oh yeah, slow down it tends to make the news. Keep hammering QB’s. GO LIONS!!!!

  5. I really don’t like this guy’s attitude. It’s as it he’s desperately trying to put up a front of not caring about externalities, but it’s clear as day that this stuff is getting to him, and getting to him hard. He needs to develop thicker skin, fast.

  6. It’s not hate when you behave like an idiot and end up in the news. The solution is simple … stop being an idiot.

  7. Not true THEMONSTER. Just ask any lions fans. They all think he’s perfect. In fact, I hope all their kids grow up to be exactly like him. Additional chromosomes and all. Let’s talk in 5 years.

  8. The real question here is why anyone here besides teenage girls would care he got a speeding ticket?

  9. Unfortunately, Suh thinks he can do no wrong. No matter what, he’s right or he’s a victim. The worst part is that he really believes it. It’s scary because he will never realize he’s wrong, and thus will never change.

  10. Look I am a Detroit and Suh fan, but I wish he would know that although the speeding ticket is not really that big of a deal and yes it is being overdramatized, his reaction is what is stirring up the pot. He needs to display more maturity, and just brush past these things. If he would just admit he’s wrong and move along, things would be so much better for him. Suh is a very intelligent guy, he just needs to show his maturity and move along. I understand he’s frustrated because the media and people target him, but he makes it worse on himself when he doesn’t own up to it. Wishing the best for Suh, he really is a great talent. It’s just amazing how much different teams fans love to hate on him.

  11. I dont really have a problem with the speeding ticket. As long as he is sober behind the wheel. Of course it made the news! You’re a professional athlete! You sacrifice a lot of personal privacy for the millions of dollars you earn playing a GAME. Please get over yourself Mr Suh. I enjoy watching you play and you have tons of potential… Just grow up dude.

  12. Listen to all these model citizens in this forum. I bet you all never speed and 100% obey every traffic law. Getting caught speeding should not be news. Millions of people do it every single day, including athletes.

  13. Haynesworth – Grabbing women inappropriately, stomping a head, getting kicked off teams for being lazy

    Suh – Speeding tickets, stomping an arm, hardworking player

    Comments – Suh = Haynesworth

    Ummmmm, What?

  14. The people on here attacking posters who are criticizing Suh by saying we must be “model citizens” if we think speeding tickets are a big deal are badly missing the point of 95% of the comments.

    I don’t think many people could care less about the speeding ticket. It is the boorish, immature, arrogant response you get from this guy every time something happens that bothers people.

    Can’t this guy ONE TIME just say “I made a mistake”? No.

    His response to everything that happens to him is to lash out at everyone who dares to criticize him.

    I could frankly care less if he slows down. I do think it would be nice if he grew up.

  15. LMAO, let me know when you have some real news. People who drive expensive cars speed in them. Nothing annoys me more than seeing someone with a hot car driving like a batch.

  16. The man lives in a bubble. Adrian Peterson got nailed going over 100 mph and he owned it. Suh thinks we are haters because he was driving recklessly, and dangerously? Yep his world, we just have to survive him being in it.

  17. Hell, I get speeding tickets.


    But c’mon, Kong. You’re a spokesman for Chrysler. Do this in a 300 SRT8 392, ferchrissake. Think what a great commercial it’d make.

    (Overview – police car pulls away, leaving Suh standing next to a black SRT8. He looks down at the ticket in his hand, and sighs, then gets in the car.)

    (Suh carefully fastens his seatbelt, then looks over at his [very hot] sister.)

    “I really gotta be more careful, y’know?”

    Sister sniffs, and looks back.

    “Yup, and when Mom finds out, she’s gonna take away your keys. Again.”

    (Kong sighs, and the view switches to the rear of the car, where the exhaust pipes bark, and the car pulls away, VERY carefully.)

    (Voice over)

    “The Chrysler 300C SRT8. Mom…is NOT going to be happy.”

  18. Looking at the comments, “haters” is accurate.

    In Metro Detroit it’s pretty common for people to drive 90 mph on the freeways. No joke. If you’re only going 85, there are places where people will tailgate you for going too slow. Michigan regularly loses Federal highway money for not being vigorous about enforcing the speed limits.

    For a couple of years they held an International Grand Prix event on the streets of downtown Detroit, but the Formula I drivers got mad because they were getting passed by muscle cars.

    People in Chicago drive fast. People in Detroit drive fast. People in LA think they drive fast, but they don’t!

    So Suh was driving Michigan speeds on a freeway Oregon. BFD. Making a speeding ticket sound like first degree murder is pretty stupid. Making a fuss out this story wallows in lameness.

    This smells fishy. Something tells me there’s more to PFT’s anger at Suh than just a speeding ticket. Then again it may be that someone has been hanging out with MDS and jumped on the “hate Suh,” bandwagon.

  19. 91 is too fast. He may be a really good driver … but some guy in the next lane may not seem him in the rear-view mirror and do a lane change at the wrong time. Brakes don’t work on a dime at 91.

    Poor judgment.

    Is this the only time he went that fast or the only time the authorities spotted him going that fast? Holy cow.

    How fast do you have to go to get put into jail?

  20. I’m not sure this kid is ever gonna get it, he’s just too damn militant. I was like that once. I was 16 though, and didn’t have expendable duckets, so it was harder to F-up this badly. You can tell IRS immaturity. No one is this dumb, least of all Suh. Seriously, kid’s not a moron. He sure acts like one, consistently too. Yes, every bad thing you do is news, and be glad ESPN follows that shiz, they’re one of the horses that pull this sporting behemoth from whose teet you suckle you naive, ungrateful $&@?. Grow up, be a professional and not a mercenary. Play like a man and not a child. Bears on Bourbon St. in 2013!!!!

  21. A speeding ticket is not news. If it’s isn’t criminal it shouldn’t be reported. This kind of stuff happens to many people every day. It’s not news.

    An NFL athletes life is not an open book just because they have endorsements.

  22. DummyKong Sue in a 6 year old BMW? I guess its the one his agent gave him in college.

  23. Suh is at the minimum suffering from a delusional disorder and additionally, likely, mildly psychotic. He has a false belief based on an incorrect inference with external reality despite evidence to the contrary. That makes him clinically delusional. His behavior both on and off the field show a delusional disconnect with consequences and that’s a symptom of psychosis.

  24. If he doesn’t like people reporting that he was driving insanely irresponsible, then maybe he shouldnt drive insanely irresponsible. Being the #2 overall pick, he can afford to hire a driver. That would cost less than his life or someone else’s cuz of his recklessness.

  25. Suh is a reckless fool with a balloon for a head. Don’t tell me he is intelligent. He is an idiot with an anger management problem and he tries to hurt opposing players. He did the same thing in college, even in practice.

  26. The speeding says he hasn’t learned. His response on Twitter suggests that he may not have the necessary tools to learn.

  27. Suh is an accident waiting to happen. Another prime example of an NFL player who will throw his talent away and end up on the has been list.

  28. jimmylions says: Mar 10, 2012 5:47 PM

    In Metro Detroit it’s pretty common for people to drive 90 mph on the freeways.


    You’ve obviously never driven in Portland. 91 is not remotely normal. Not that no one ever does it, but it’s not normal. Your talk about Detriot doesn’t mean much when Portland is where Suh is from.

  29. Hey retards anything over 20 miles over the speed limit is a criminal charge. As in driving to endanger! Maybe not in the ghetto or for drive by’s losers

  30. It’s ok keep taking cheap shots at Suh. You’re becoming indistinguishable from MDS.
    And, yes, if he actually did have his insurance papers and these outlets are failing at their jobs and reporting facts inaccurately then I can see how he would consider it hate. I sure wouldn’t want the same think to happen to me but then again I’m sure he’s used to it by now.

  31. Well, I’m on the second week of a virus, my fever is up, and I’m annoyed at the world, so let me come onto PFT and rag on Ndamukong Suh for going 91 in a 55 zone because, heaven knows, I’m a lil angel who has never done such a vile thing in all my perfect lil life …

    Give me a break! Guess all the church pews will be empty tomorrow since all the saints are on the football blog 🙄

  32. If that was me going that fast , I’d get 2-5 in Jackson. Quit driving so fast and keep your azz on the field and out the joint. Reeeediculous. Calling for this guys head for this is retarded. Bad attempt at a story actually turned good for you mad hatters.

  33. Funny he gets mad at the “hate” yet he keeps doing stupid crap. Love the “stupidity” Suh.

  34. It’s really no big deal. I mean, I drive 91 mph every day; through school zones; drunk.

  35. Last year he crashed into a fire hydrant and then a tree and no report was filed because it was in inanimated objects’ fault. Now he’s ticket for doing what he actually got away with last year, he’s pissed. I guess does take the media placing him into that elite group of “untouchable” media darlings a bit to seriously, isn’t he.

  36. Suh speeding isn’t news….Suh stomping on other players isn’t news…Suh being a dirty player isn’t news…Suh continuing to think he does nothing wrong and NOT owning up to anything IS news…

  37. Why won’t he just shut up… I don’t consider speeding tickets to be news, everyone gets one (except me?).
    The guy just adds to the heat, then acts surprised.

  38. I hope the dude settles down at some point. With his driving adventures, you have to worry that he might becomes the next Jerome Brown (also was into driving fast).

  39. blackheld – That’s the best script for a car commercial that I’ve seen in the comments section of a football blog in a long time. Well done.

  40. In all fairness to Suh, he did call the “start of the engines” at the NASCAR Subway Fresh Fit 500 in Phoenix recently.

  41. Since ive lived in Detroit and Oregon the last couple years, i would say this in Detroit you HAVE to drive fast or you will get ran off the road. In oregon the people drive like pansies with their little 55 mph speed zone . I got some tickets there because you get fed up of being stuck behind someone that hasnt experienced real city driving

  42. when multiple media outlets report on a traffic violation, which IS unprecedented in sports media, the use of the word “hate” in modern slang is absolutely appropriate and justified.

    i think he’s a turd but I think you’re also trying to justify blogging about this, too

  43. So here’s what has happened this year for player arrests. I couldn’t find a list for speeding tickets. So are you all serious when you are slamming Suh for a speeding ticket?? A speeding ticket???? Get over it already haters!

    2/25/2012 Seattle LB Leroy HIll Arrested, charged with marijuana possession in Atlanta. Charges dropped.
    2/13/2012 Chicago LB J.T. Thomas Arrested, charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession in West Virginia after driving wrong way on one-way street.
    2/10/2012 Cincinnati LB Rey Maualuga Cited for misdemeanor assault after allegedly punching bar employee in the face.
    2/8/2012 San Francisco DL Ray McDonald Pulled over for traffic violation, arrested on outstanding warrant for 2010 DUI.
    2/1/2012 Denver RB Knowshon Moreno Arrested on suspicion of DUI, pulled over for driving 70 mph in 45-mph zone.
    1/27/2012 San Francisco LB Aldon Smith Arrested in Miami on DUI charge.
    1/23/2012 Detroit OT Johnny Culbreath Arrested, charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession in South Carolina. Paid $412 fine.
    1/19/2012 Cincinnati WR Jerome Simpson Indicted on one count of trafficking marijuana after authorities seized a package sent to his residence that had 2.5 pounds of it.

  44. Never hated Detroit like I do the packers and bears. I’m not a big Suh fan.

    I think he is dirty and tried to justify it with thought, “just playing to the whistle”.

    However here I kind of read into the twitter thing. It sounded to me that someone (maybe ESPN) reported that he didn’t have insurance and that was driving the “hater” comment?

    I love that the thread is twice as long as the article. I wonder more about people supporting him by saying they speed too or that you have to in Detroit. This was 90 in a 55???????

    I also find it funny in our current society that these players think they can tweet something and not have it taken out of context. Golden rule with email at work… keep it brief and only facts cause people will read emotions into it. Anything else you better make a phone call……………..Why don’t these guys understand that twitter makes things worse.

    Twitter should be for telling fans what your eating for dinner. Not trying to dispute a news article. Jeeze and people say Suh is smart – I don’t think so!

  45. Oh yeah… Sorry Detroit but if I had his money I would be driving a BMW also…… and whatever the best car coming out of Detroit is 🙂

  46. Because of his status, this kind of scrutiny will not go away. The best thing he can do is not respond, Or at least say the right things. That doesn’t excuse the way the media is. They LOVE watching talented and noteworthy people self-destruct.

    From what I read and what I observe in my own experience, 50% of drivers on 94 in Detroit do exactly what he did on a daily basis. That also doesn’t excuse what Suh did. He is held to a higher standard and should accept that soon, or at least learn how not to get caught speeding.

  47. The only reason I don’t drive 90 everywhere is because I can’t afford the tickets. He can. Plus, he’s in a vehicle that can handle at that speed. If you got the toys, play with him.

    The ‘Suh Hate’ on this site is palpable…

  48. 100% of the people that post on this site would NOT care about traffic violations if they had 20million in the bank.

  49. I love the Suh defenders that say this speeding ticket isn’t a big deal. He was going 36 miles over the speed limit. Not 15. Not 20. 36 miles over. Considering he’s not a professional driver – and his previous history of crashing into stationary objects – one misjudgement on his part could kill himself and more importantly some innocent who happened to be in his way.

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