Vikings part ways with Cedric Griffin


The Vikings didn’t only release on Saturday their two starting guards, Steve Hutchinson and Anthony Herrera.  The Vikings also released one of their starting cornerbacks:  Cedric Griffin.

The Vikings announced all three moves on Saturday afternoon.

A second-round pick in 2006, Griffin was due to earn a base salary of $4.1 million in 2012.

Griffin tore an ACL in one leg during the 2009 NFC title game.  Then, in his second appearance after returning, he tore the ACL in the other leg.

In 2011, Griffin appeared in every game, starting 14.

The Vikings could try to clear up even more cap space by cutting other players or restructuring veteran contracts.

24 responses to “Vikings part ways with Cedric Griffin

  1. Good move, he has never been a good cover guy and since his double knee surgeries , he’s been brutal. Draft Kalil and sign Carl Nicks with freed up cap space. Then draft WR Stephen Hill in 2nd round. At least the left side of the line would be in tact and Ponder could have another receiver to throw to other than Harvin.

  2. Great player before the knees got assualted. It’s gonna take more than one season to get back to the Vikes of old, I’m afraid.

  3. You guys are all really messed up. I know he isn’t good anymore but he doesn’t suck either. He gave up a few big plays but that’s because of his speed and his attitude. His speed won’t get better unfortunately but you can’t blame his attitude on anything other than playing with an injury-struk secondary.

  4. Are you kidding? Cedric was never a good corner. He had a few good to great games in his career but was never a good consistent corner. He was often left in the dust and almost never made a play on the ball in the air.

    I give him credit for his tackling ability but beyond that he was average at best. Vikings were insane to sign him to an extension over a couple of good games. I hope the entire backfield
    minus Winfield is overhauled.

    Vikings haven’t had a decent pass coverage since the late 90’s.

  5. I think Abdullah should stay too. Aside from the mishap against the Packers Abdullah was a decent safety. He should stay until the Vikings are done rebuilding at which point he is either replaced or if he truly develops like many say he will, then Cikings should keep him.

  6. Asher Allen should stay as well. While he didn’t play well last season, you have to remember he was covering top recievers like Gregg Jennings and Steve Smith. Against regular dudes he may do a lot better. He’s got a lot of agility and I think he is a good player, though expensive.

  7. I’ve always liked Cedric, and find it really disheartening when an injury (or in this case injuries) make a guy irrelevant. He was never the best but he wasn’t terrible either. I hope he can find a new team and has some luck trying to rebuild his career after devastating knee injuries. Best of luck, Griffin!

  8. Another bum the Vikings cut, thank god. Griffin and Hutch are done & Herrera cant pass block.

  9. Finally they cut him and not surprised they cut Hutchinson and Herrera too. It opens the door for Kalil and the late round picks from past drafts to see how they do.Oh and the vikings don’t need to draft a WR they need linemen and corners if anything find one in free agency.As long as linemen are there to protect Ponder theres no problem with WR he is has speed to get around ends and tackles and the vikings rank 27th in giving up passing yards a game the vikings need corners too.

  10. hey vikings fans, your not getting Nicks get over it. everytime theres a big name guy available you think they are going to the vikings, Its the vikings no one wants to go there

  11. There has never been a player who got more undeserved criticism than Griffin. He was actullay pretty good. When teams throw your direction 90% of the time because they want to stay away from Winfield, you are bound to give up some yards. Good luck Ced (and former neighbor!)

  12. I’m not going to say this guy sucked, but he was very inconsistant, literally from game to game. I live on the border, so when the Packers aren’t hogging gametime, I get to watch grown men run around in purple. I’ve seen him play amazing games, not multi-pick, but near shut-down style. Other games he is getting abused by recievers half-as-talented as the guy he manned the week before.

  13. Abdullah, Asher Allen, etc. Ship the whole. Defensive backfield down the road. And make no moves for washed up Colts players.

  14. Griffin is a very sound tackler and hard hitter. Big body who plays the ball pretty well in the air. With the double knee injury cutting into his speed and agility it might make sense for him to convert to safety.

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