As expected, cap comes in at $120.6 million

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Unexpectedly, the salary cap figure for 2012 was finalized a day early.  It’s the only thing “early” about the process this year.

As expected, the number will be $120.6 million.  (Jay Glazer of FOX reported that number Saturday night.)

Teams must be in compliance with that number by Tuesday at 4:00 p.m.  In the offseason, only the cap numbers of the 51 highest-paid players on the team are included in the calculation.

It’s only a slight increase from last season’s limit of $120.375 million.  The cap is expected to spike in 2014, when the new TV money kicks in.

For now, teams will have to contend with something that they previously haven’t had to confront during the free-agency era:  a flat cap.

10 responses to “As expected, cap comes in at $120.6 million

  1. Add the slowly increasing cap to the fact that the salary cap floor doesn’t kick in until 2015 – allowing teams like the Bucs and the Bengals to spend as little as they want until then – it certainly looks like the NFLPA got taken for a ride. Which means that the next labor deal will be an even bigger fight than this one. (The owners know it, which is why they keep talking about the 18 game season nonsense.)

  2. Well then players should just learn to accept flat salaries for the next two years.

    Hahahahahaha! Right De Smith? Hahahahahaha!

  3. Will you be posting the team by team cap space now? I’m eager to see where my team lands. (Although we’re never major players in free agency)

  4. The Eagles are $17.8M under the cap as of the new $120.6M cap including D.Jax’s new $9.515M tag (revised upwards from $9.4M).

    I’m anxious to see who the team picks up 😀

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