Bengals head to free agency with $49.9 million in cap space

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Now that the salary cap has been determined for 2012, the cap space for each team likewise has been calculated.

Earlier this evening, we posted the cap room, or lack thereof, for each team.

The Bengals lead the way with $49.9 million to spend.  If they choose to spend it.  There’s no per-team minimum spending requirement until 2013.

Other teams with $40 million or more in cap space include the Broncos ($44.7 million), the Buccaneers ($42.7 million), and the Jaguars ($40.6 million).

The Cardinals currently have the biggest current excess at $16.4 million.  The Lions also are $11.5 million over.

On average, the teams have $14.6 million in space.

52 responses to “Bengals head to free agency with $49.9 million in cap space

  1. Mario Williams, a RB like Mike Tolbert, and a CB like Aaron Ross. That’d be a good start.

  2. The Cardinals are $16M over the cap and they are thinking of signing Peyton Manning? This should be interesting to watch…

  3. We all joke about Mike Brown being a skin-flint, but he’s sure sitting pretty right now, isn’t he? 🙂

  4. Cincinnati does not deserve a football team. Reds, respect due. Los Angeles Bengals of Anaheim.

  5. I don’t see the Bengals or Jags spending anywhere close to that number. Cinci can really be a force though if they make a few right moves and have a good draft this year. They rebuilt things the right way and even if they do fall back a little next year, they should be in position to compete for years to come.

    Also, they really don’t have any glaring needs aside from RB and safety if Nelson goes, so they can really make a big splash or two if they want.

  6. cannot wait for 2013 so that these cheap blood sucking parasites are forced to spend a minimum amount, the one that is earned from the general public

  7. They could start using that money to buy some fans to come to the stadium…last seasons blackouts occurring during a playoff year was unforgivable.

  8. Somebody has known these numbers is why PM was in Denver yesterday…

    It’s a lock, he’s going there and bringing the Colts offense with him…

  9. I find it crazy that four teams have over 40 million in cap space. It sucks for the fans of those teams I bet.

    Do you see that all four of those teams except Denver have problem selling tickets? Maybe if they put out a better product, fans in the area would come out and support it.

  10. I am a Bengal fan and sad that we won’t bother spending any of this money on some of the great talent in FA. But at least I am not a Cards fan. How can they be so far over and still suck so bad? I guess that’s what happens when you pay a reciever 15 million a year.

  11. Could you imagine how dangerous they would be if they were actually going to spend even half of that? I look for less than $10 million to get spent this season so that Mike Brown can get his last big enormous paycheck before he has to actually be a credible league owner.

  12. In the movie Moneyball, there is a scene where the A’s trade for another team to stock their pop machine, that depiction is the Benals in a nutshell X10. They would bring their players to games in yellow school buses if they could. They will leave money on the table in salary cap until it becomes cost prohibitive to do so.

  13. Hey you pro-owner shills don’t complain. Mike Brown was your hero during the lockout. I remember you bums.

  14. @eastcoastblows

    While the Bengals have sucked lately, they have at least been to a few Super Bowls. I can name plenty of teams that haven’t won a Super Bowl, and some that have never been. They also made the playoffs last year and have a good, young team.


    Oh, you’re part of the Steelers organization? Or are you a sad individual living vicariously through a sports team? There’s a difference between rooting for a team, and acting like you’re on the team.

  15. Kmurph….I see your point for the most part. The only thing is those numbers are elevated because of the rollover from last season. Those bigger numbers are really only half the total unused plus this years room. Now it’s a question of who uses it to make a splash like the Broncos certainly look like they are trying to do.

  16. These comments are mish mash of nitwit blather and mindless nonsense from people who have nothing of verbal value to add to society.

  17. @kmurph1226 :

    As a fan of the Jaguars, you’re partially right.

    Part that you’re wrong about:

    1) The Jaguars haven’t had a blackout since 2009. We’ve had a couple of close calls, but the bottom line is both the citizens of Jacksonville and the local businesses have stepped up to the challenge and answered the call. We have more average attendance per game than teams like the Bears and Steelers. Our stadium is grossly oversized for our market. We don’t use it as an excuse, a blackout is a blackout, but just as we don’t use it as an excuse, it’s not fair to say that we struggle selling tickets whenever we have gotten over that hump.

    As to what you were right about:

    1) We do have lots of cap room and the product on the field is very reflective of that. That being said, the new owner (Shad Khan) has stated that he understands that you have to spend to the cap in order to be competitive, and he is more than willing to do that. It’s a new era, new owner. You can’t criticize the team right now for it’s past failures, because Khan can’t control the past. If we don’t spend aggressively this year, I’ll be right back here and gladly eat my words.

  18. Purpleandgold4life…. Who’s your team and be honest about it don’t be ashamed that your team didn’t make the playoffs and mine did. I bleed orange and black through the winning and the losing. You are to ashamed to be honest about your true team. Your probably a fan with a team in every division that you root for at the start of the season and then by the end of the season your team is in the super bowl LOL!!!! go crawl back into your hole and be quiet.

  19. It is generally assumed a team needs about $6 million to sign their draft picks. Given that the Colts and Rams don’t look like they are going to add much in free agency nor 10 other teams.

  20. astcoastblows says:
    Mar 11, 2012 11:47 PM
    Cincinnati does not deserve a football team. Reds, respect due. Los Angeles Bengals of Anaheim.

    are you kidding me? Ohio…the birth place of football, and yes, Paul Brown, the Grandfather of Professional football. Ohio doesn’t deserve a team? last time I checked the only thing anaheim produced was a feel good movie..

  21. Congratulations, Bungals fans.

    It’s not easy being the cheapest team in the league.

    At least you won at something.

    Retraction baby yeah!

  22. And still will fail. LOL! 6 rings. Live in our shadow. Buh-bye.

    Drafting in the top 5 every year for the past decade helps with that.

    that’s because NOBODY wants to play for the Bungles.

    Cincinnati does not deserve a football team. Reds, respect due. Los Angeles Bengals of Anaheim.

    Bengals are a horrible franchise

    The Bungles will continue to play third fiddle behind the second fiddle Steelers and big brother Ravens

    why are these comments still on pft?

  23. “1) The Jaguars haven’t had a blackout since 2009.”

    take the tarps off the empty seats and see if the other half of the stadium sells out?

  24. eastcoastblows says:
    Cincinnati does not deserve a football team. Reds, respect due. Los Angeles Bengals of Anaheim.

    Come on, smarten up.
    It ain’t the city, it’s the owner and LA don’t want the team if Mike Brown is part of the deal.

  25. Bengals head to free agency with $49.9 million in cap space, and will somehow manage to fall back into the being the crap franchise they are.

    Normally wouldn’t pick on the Bungles, but their idiot fans have asked for it over the past few months.

  26. With that much money, they could actually go out and by an entire football team. Which might be a better way to get competitive….

  27. they have cap space AND the Raiders number one.If this was any other franchise theyd be sitting pretty and primed to do well,but it’s the Bengals.

  28. As a Bengals fan I have to admit that I can’t really argue against some of the knocks people have on the Bengals franchise, especially when it comes to ownership. Mike Brown is cheap and pretty stubborn. He’s the guy you want running your business not your football team.

    That being said, they won’t spend more than $25 million of it. If they were smart, they would extend the contracts of Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap immediately. They have the money to sign Carl Nicks and/or Ben Grubbs which would fortify a position of need. They then can concentrate on the secondary, receiver and running back positions in the draft. They should also give Pat Sims a nice contract as well, but he will get overpaid from another team. He’s solid but not great.

    They will sign 2nd-tier free agents that will be ok but not great. This is Mikey’s last year to make lots of money and he will take advantage of it before the Cap Floor hits next year. The Bengals will not have the success they had last year and may end up having to start over again. The cap floor may help but we will have to see.

  29. They should have already re-signed several of their own FAs but it seems like a lot of teams aren’t doing much to keep their FAs.
    I hope it’s not collusion.

    Really need Reggie Nelson, Fanene & Pat Sims back.

    I’m hoping they go after Marquis Colston – perfect fit for our Offense and a good guy.

    I’d give Payton Hillis a chance in our offense also.

  30. @theroc5156 …

    Very perceptive post!

    The guy who said Cincy doesn’t deserve a football team was way over the line. As you said, Mike is a good business manager, but lacks some of the creative vision to be a great team owner. But that’s on Mike, not the fans. The fact that so many have supported the Bengals so loyally for so many years despite Brown’s tight-fisted ways is proof Cincy does deserve a football team. And that’s coming from a Steelers fan. Given the talent you already have, that money is going to come in handy when he has no choice but to start spending it.

  31. “raiders757 says:
    Mar 12, 2012 9:19 AM
    Bengals head to free agency with $49.9 million in cap space, and will somehow manage to fall back into the being the crap franchise they are.

    Normally wouldn’t pick on the Bungles, but their idiot fans have asked for it over the past few months.”

    You mean normally you wouldn’t pick on the Bengals but they fleeced the Raiders in the Palmer trade AND Hue Jackson is back with the Bengals.

    Don’t take your anger over what your franchise did out on the FANS of another franchise. Be a man.

  32. There have already, in the past couple years, been a lot of moves that Mikey Boy Brown wouldn’t normally make. Mikey Boy isn’t completely in control any longer, or he has at least started to listen to his coaches and staff. Last year’s draft, Mike wanted Mallet, Gruden and Lewis wanted Dalton, we got Dalton. And that’s just one example. We have had some very good drafts in the past couple years, and the draft, not FA, is where you build your franchise.

  33. pftsc says: Mar 12, 2012 7:57 AM

    “1) The Jaguars haven’t had a blackout since 2009.”

    take the tarps off the empty seats and see if the other half of the stadium sells out?

    Really? The tarps cover a whopping 10,000 seats, keeping our stadium at 67k+, which in fact is almost 1/8th of our stadium being covered, still keeping us in the middle of the pack when it comes to stadium seating, etc.
    Seriously ppl, I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion on this site & beyond, but do your homework when you wanna throw facts out there or try to be a smart ass. I can live with the Jags signing for needs, not making much of a splash this year & go ALL IN next year with a young, ascending team taking the big leap of becoming apart of the elite. You’ll see!!

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