Bengals will make Monday pitch to free agent safety Nelson


The NFL rumor mill has connected free agent safety Reggie Nelson to the Dolphins and Titans, but the Bengals won’t let him get away without one last pitch.

According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Bengals will reach out to Nelson’s representatives on Monday, the day before the free agent market opens. Reedy gives the club a “slight chance” to re-sign Nelson, but ultimately considers him more likely to hit free agency.

The 21st overall pick in the 2007 draft, Nelson was an early-career bust in Jacksonville, but has rehabbed his market value some over the past two seasons in Cincinnati. The 28-year-old intercepted four passes and caused two fumbles in 16 starts last year. He returned one of the picks for a 75-yard touchdown.

Nelson is still a timid tackler, though. His next team would be smart to put Nelson in situations where he has opportunities to make plays on the ball as a “center-field safety,” as opposed to forcing Nelson to support the run.

15 responses to “Bengals will make Monday pitch to free agent safety Nelson

  1. I like him but he could go in my opinion. AFC North is no place for a poor tackling safety..We need a safety that is willing to knock a guys head off..Within the rules that is.

  2. I disagree with Silva’s assessment of Nelson. He’s not a timid tackler. He had multiple big hit tackles that were flagged as personal fouls, which was complete nonsense. He never seemed shy about coming up to make tackles, seeing as he was 2nd on the team in tackles.

    His weakness is that he blows deep coverages occasionally. That’s the real book on Nelson.

  3. Nelson a bad tackler? im a bengals fan and i seen him deliver big hits on tightends and running backs. Hes better than what people think and not to mention he’s fast as hell

  4. Reggie Nelson is a BAD tackler. Yes, he throws himself at people with ALOT of force and speed, but I have rarely seen him “wrap up” someone.

    Being a good tackler involves taking people down to the ground, not just running into the opposing team and hoping that stops the running, especially in the AFC North.

  5. 4 picks? should have had at least double that. can’t remember how many times he just dropped balls delivered to his lap, let him walk if he doesnt take a low offer. develop sands and mays and draft.

  6. Sure thats exactly the guy you wanna pay to come back, “timid tackler.” This guy needs to move on so the Robert Sands, a.k.a. “The Predator” and Taylor “yeah I ran a 4.24 at 6′-3″ 230lbs” Mays experiment can begin.
    FPT Zimmer!

  7. I think he gets the “timid tackler” label from having a smaller frame. I can’t speak to his Jacksonville years but he was definitely not a “timid tackler” last season.

  8. I’ve seen every Bengals play over the last 2 years, most twice, and I never saw him as being timid.
    It just took him a while to learn where he was supposed to be and isn’t the most instinctive guy on the field.
    He has been constantly improving and I would love to see the Bengals keep him.

  9. Hardly a timid tackler….seriously, this guy was hitting guys hard. He is smaller but I never saw him shy away from a hit. I hope he will stay in Cincy.

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