Bud Adams wants Peyton Manning in Tennessee


Peyton Manning played his college football at Tennessee. If the owner of the Titans gets his way, that’s where Manning will resume his professional career as well.

Adams told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean that he wants Manning in Tennessee, and he’s willing to spend what he has to spend to make it happen.

He is the man I want. Period,” Adams said. “And the people that work for me understand that. They know who I want. I want Mr. Manning with the Titans and I will be disappointed if it doesn’t happen.”

From a business perspective, it’s easy to see why Adams feels that way: Manning remains an enormously popular figure in Tennessee, where he had a brilliant college career, and in a state where the Tennessee Volunteers are huge, the Titans would be able to charge virtually any price they want for season tickets if Manning were their quarterback.

However, Wyatt reports that Titans General Manager Ruston Webster, Chief Operating Officer Mike Reinfeldt and head coach Mike Munchak aren’t on board with Adams’ goal. The Titans’ football people think veteran Matt Hasselbeck and last year’s top pick, Jake Locker, make quarterback a position where the Titans are strong.

So that raises the question: Will the owner get his way? Or will the football people get to shape the direction of the football team? Adams sounds like he knows it’s a long shot that Manning would come on board, but he also sounds like he wants the fans in Tennessee to know he’s doing all he can.

“I hope to be one of the teams he looks at,” Adams said. “Since he went to school in Tennessee I think Tennessee is where he should be. I think he could play for two or three years. I think he’s the guy that could come in and turn this around for us. That’s why I am so anxious to get him to come visit with us and I want him on my team. I could sit down with him and show him what [we’d be willing to pay]. If he would come [meet] with me he would be happy with what he’d get. . . . I want Manning.”

47 responses to “Bud Adams wants Peyton Manning in Tennessee

  1. PR move top to bottom. Really don’t think Manning would want to be in the same division as the Colts, nor would the Titans be able to offer him what he wants.

  2. Bud Adams’ train left the station years ago. With Al Davis gone, Bud inherits the title of “Owner with the Least Clue”. At least Davis won some Super Bowls, all Adams has ever done is poop in his own back yard.

  3. I could sit down with him and show him what [we’d be willing to pay]. If he would come [meet] with me he would be happy with what he’d get. . . . I want Manning.”
    Those comments could have a whole new meaning if you remove [the brackets]

  4. Why would you want to halt the development of Jake Locker??

    It’s not like they are a QB away from going to the Super Bowl…..

    Someone should like up the liquor cabinet of Bud Adams.

  5. Just the fact that the owner shoots his mouth off without speaking to his football people is probably indicative of why Manning will not be in Tennessee next year.

  6. IF he wanted him that bad, he would have reached out sooner. And money is not likely the biggest bargaining tool.

    Peyton has been a FA since noon last Wed. If your execs don’t want him, he must know that already. Let the man finish his visits. Without false hope and promises.

  7. I’ve been wondering about this idiot since the first report said they were interested.

    I can’t see Manning signing on with them…

  8. I think that Manning would be a better fit for the NFC West. In a weak division, he could lead the 49ers, Seahawks or Cardinals to a strong enough record to earn a bye. If you’re Smith, Jackson or Kolb, you could still hold your head high after getting replaced by Manning.

  9. If Peyton really wants the best fit, the Dolphins with Marshall or Cardinals with Fitz would be the best fit. They could both bring in Wayne and Clark to compliment the standout wr each team already has. Bush would have a field day catching balls out of the backfield with Wayne, Marshall, and Clark commanding respect.

  10. Not a problem. Please return Jake Locker and Matt Hasselback to Seattle where they belong, and Peyton can return where he came from…

  11. Hey Bud, ask Manning to throw. You’ll no longer want him. Nobody will. He’s done. He’s just looking to rip off the highest bidder like he ripped off Irsay and the Colts last season.

    As my Latin teacher, Sister Dulcilia would say …
    Caveat Emptor.

  12. ummm hes 3 days late speaking up and Peyton is having his first staff meeting today…..

  13. all this hoopla for a guy that only has one super bowl win (and that was against Safe Rex Grossman), no ncaa national championships, no heisman.
    steve spurrier owns peyton manning. son of archie. born loser.

  14. Yeah I’m sure you do Bud. I wanted him in Miami…Unfortunately Peyton has already visited the teams he is going to choose from. I’m guessing Denver over Arizona.

  15. Nice. Locker and Hasselbeck must feel really good about playing for this clown. Not having to put up with the whims of Adams, Ross, Snyder etc. is one of the best things about being a Green Bay fan.

  16. Although he just lives in another city, it always seems like Bud Adams is on another planet in relation to the football people at his team.

    Sometimes it seems like the football people explicitly ignore him and do their own thing until really big stuff happens like when
    Jeff Fisher and Vince Young went through their public divorce.

    I mean, you’re speculating if the football people or the owner will get their way, lol. The owner kind of trumps everybody in the organization, doesn’t he?

  17. If this keeps up, there are going to be a whole lot of starting QBs this year feeling insecure/insulted. It’s one thing for a team like Denver to be looking, but the Titans have what they need at QB. Manning’s a great prize, but some of these teams will end up both without Manning and sabotaged at QB.

  18. In hindsight, I bet the Raiders wish they waited to trade for Carson Palmer. They could have had a better QB without giving up the First Round pick…

  19. i cant see this, even if Adams throws a ton of money his way. i just dont see Manning going to the AFC South.

  20. This Bronco fan wishes Bud good luck. I think Peyton would divert and stall our team’s youth movement. I’d rather spend the money on a couple young top-notch free agents who could stay in Denver for years to come. If Peyton had anything left, it seems to me the Colts would have renegotiated his contract – I guess they still could do that.

    Denver has way too many weaknesses to win the big one for a few years so give Tebow another year, then go from there.

  21. Titans just invested — a lot — in Hasselbeck for now and Locker for future. Obviously neither are Manning, but both played very well last year.

    This would be a waste, they could use the help at other places more.

  22. I actually think this is a smart fit. Solid offensive weapons, a young QB to be groomed/fall-back-on and a chance at revenge twice a year.

  23. The feeling needs to be mutual and there is no way Peyton Manning would want to play on a non contender

    I still think when all is said and done that he winds up on the Texans.

  24. why are these teams so willing to just trash the careers of their young stars like Locker for some old injured QB who won’t be there beyond 2 years……sad/stupid.

  25. Every owner in the league should take a hard look at this. How often does a player with this much risk/reward come available? People say he’s got two good years left in him if he’s healthy but he was cleared to play. You may just be getting a future HOF’r with a chip on his shoulder, a well rested 90% of his body and a no doubt wiser mind. Peyton didn’t forget how to play football. He could win his second Super Bowl in the right situation, right now. I applaud the Dolphins and now the Titans for saying “of course we would be interested in Peyton freaking Manning”.

  26. Hey Bud, I heard there is this QB called Vince Young whose a free agent. He won the national championship for the University of Texas. Want to sign him?

  27. Everybody is on Manning’s jock, amazing! I hope he does well, and stays out of the AFC East!

  28. jeremywflores says: Mar 11, 2012 6:01 PM

    He also wanted Vince Young.

    HAHAHA In my book, you win the internet for the week. Well played.

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