Could Titans’ interest force Texans to chase Peyton?


The Texans, their fans, and plenty of the folks who cover the team seem to be blind to the reality that the difference between knocking on the door and kicking it in very well could be the presence of Peyton Manning on the roster.

If Sunday’s decision by Titans owner Bud Adams to make a public pitch for Peyton doesn’t wake up the defending AFC South champs, nothing will.

Adams has a thing about sticking it to the team now headquartered in Houston, the city from which he moved the Oilers.  Taking Peyton and making the Titans into the new bullies of the division would go a long way toward doing just that.

And so, if the Texans want to keep that from happening, the easiest way to do it would be to sign Peyton instead.

There have been whispers and rumors that Peyton would want to play for the Texans, if the Texans would want him.  Before Adams spoke out about Peyton, the answer should have been, “Yes.”

Now, it should be, “Hell yes.”

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  1. There have been whispers and rumors of Manning playing for three quarters of the NFL. Might as well get every team on board. Like do a story on how Green Bay would like to get him and then trade Rogers to Miami for their entire draft, since his former offensive coach is there now after all… yeah, that’s the ticket!

  2. There is absolutely no way Peyton is going to sign with any team in the AFC south. If he’s uncomfortable with the media in Miami, how do you think he’d feel about a guaranteed circus twice a year?

  3. The Texans operate strictly by Coach Think and Coach Think thinks they’re good enough to stand pat without making many changes to the roster. Besides they’re broke.

  4. IF Manning returns to full health.
    IF he signs with the Texans…..
    then there will be no IF’S, the Houston Texans will certainly shuffle on over to New Orleans and play in the Super Bowl.

    Mr. McNair, make it happen.

  5. Do you really think Peyton would pull a Favre and go to another team in Indy’s division? Would he gamble his legacy with the Colts’ fans?

  6. bud adams does want to “stick it” to Houston but there is no way we’ll pick up manning. Schaub is our guy the city beleives we can do it with hard workers and class without bringing in an injured hall of famer.

  7. This just in the Giants want Peyton and want to trade Eli to the Eagles for the next 5 number one picks and the eagles are gonna cut Vick who signs with the jets who trade Sanchez to the chiefs who trade cassel to new England who trade Brady to the dolphins who trade…..wait another report coming the saints have just traded drew brees to the colts for number one pick. Tebow is still the QB in Denver..wait Marino just announced he will come back and QB for the dolphins if elway does the same for Denver which will bring curt warner back for the rams and they will trade Bradford to Arizona and everyone got there man.

  8. Giants fan here. The texans are the absolute best fit for Peyton. Aside from the texans being a contending team already he wouldn’t have to face Brady twice a year if he was in the afc east. It’s warm there(sorry Denver ) and ummmm Andre Johnson/ Arian foster. Case closed.

  9. I’ve been saying for 2 weeks that Manning would be a Texan. With the Texans and how they are built, Manning will win 2-3 Super Bowls in the next 3 years. Schaub is a really good QB, but Manning is who he is and has the experance to get the job done. He will not know how to think with a defense that can actually stop some one.

  10. The Texans are finally built to win against Manning. Winning the AFC South by beating him and Bud Adams twice will be sweet.

  11. Yeah, Bud really ‘stuck’ it to the Texans/Houston when he drafted VY and then cut him a few years later after the meltdown. Joke sure was on Houston in that deal. Bud Adams and his franchise are totally insignificant when it comes to the Texans plans and future. This is the dumbest logic I’ve read yet on why the Texans should sign Manning.

  12. Again, Manning’s playoff record is about 50%, he has equal amount of INTs to TDs, he has one 1 SB with a good team, he didn’t play well in the game they won and threw the game winning INT vs the Saints. I understand that Manning is a first ballot HOFer, but he has lost many big games, including at U. of Tenn. I don’t think he will another SB regardless of what team he decides to play for in the next week.

  13. Hell, I’ve been telling everyone who will listen that the Texans need go after Manning. But you guys at pft obviously don’t know Rick Smith. Every time I read something like this on pft I laugh it off because Manning ain’t coming here.

  14. citnetter says:
    Mar 11, 2012 9:43 PM
    Yeah, Bud really ‘stuck’ it to the Texans/Houston when he drafted VY and then cut him a few years later after the meltdown. Joke sure was on Houston in that deal. Bud Adams and his franchise are totally insignificant when it comes to the Texans plans and future. This is the dumbest logic I’ve read yet on why the Texans should sign Manning.


    The Titans have owned the Texans until this past year.

    Houstonians seem to have a really short memory.

  15. @Deb, most definitely I believe Peyton would pull a Favre and go to another team in Indy’s division. Peyton is a very serious competitor who feels he has been betrayed by his former organization. He will want revenge.

  16. Incorrect sir. Manning never played on a complete team. He had some good receivers and a really good OL. He never played on a team with a real defense. His record setting year, they won by outscoring everyone except the last teams in the playoffs. They of coarse had Great DF and good OF. Ball control, Manning learned by need as he had to be the offense and half of the DF keeping other teams off the field because his DF could not. If Payton played on many other teams he would have several rings and a better post season record. But then so would a lot of other QB’s.

  17. no one houston has cared about bud adams for a long time, we don’t want to change our offensive scheme which was never a problem in the first place. we don’t need/want Manning.

  18. For the millionth time, the Texans have zero cap room, a gimpy Peyton Manning running the bootleg is a huge question mark, and Smith and Kubiak are not ones to kick loyal players like Schaub to the curb. Plus, Peyton wouldn’t play in the AFC South.

  19. why do you keep saying texans need to sign manning? it’s a BAD idea (and i’m not a texans fan). the texans are already a solid team without manning. they could potentially be better, but they could also be a lot worse. if they sign him they would be taking major and unnecessary risks. and signing a player just because a divisional opponent wants him is beyond dumb.

    i’m beginning to wonder if you don’t have some sort of agreement with the manning party to promote this idea for insider info because it seems like manning would get far more out of this than than the texans.

  20. The answer is NO. The Texans don’t have the cap space. Their number 1 concern is re-signing Mario Williams.

  21. I don’t think it will happen, but Manning in Houston makes the Texans the favorite for the AFC crown. If Manning really wants another ring or two, I don’t see a better fit for him anywhere.

  22. All this over a OVERATED , damaged goods non throwing QB! Go ahead teams and alienate your current QB so they can pull a “lamar odom” and feel disrespected and want to be traded. QUESTION; has any of these teams seen him throw in person? Damaged goods greedy swamp boy

  23. Houston has Schaub, and Yates looked decent for a rookie, so they are in the same boat as the Titans with Hass and Locker- both an experienced better-than-average QB and a promising second year QB with some real experience on their teams, and a plan in place to develop the young ‘uns. No way does either team mess that up by bringing in Manning. Silliness.

    I actually think Irsay would like Manning to sign with another AFC South team. Can you imagine the tweets from Irsay if that happened? And while I genuinely believe Irsay does not want to see Manning get hurt again, I get the feeling Irsay thinks he will (as do I), so I can’t help think he may have a “told you so” moment to himself if that should happen.

    How many QBs have joined new teams after many years with one, and led the new team to a Super Bowl win? Plunkett and Dilfer?

  24. I’ll say it, as a person who ISN’T a Texans fan. Peyton, at 80%, is better than Schaub and Yates at 100%, combined. Imagine Manning to Johnson, with Reggie tagging along to be number 2, and Foster in the backfield. Triplets be damned, you’ld have a full blown “quadruplet” set up there. If you think for one second that Manning, if healthy, wouldn’t pur this team over the top for at LEAST two years, you’re delusional. That said, I’d like to see him in Miami or Arizona, so we won’t have to deal with him when Carolina makes it to the playoffs.

  25. Schaub will never get the Texans a super bowl win . The most underwhelming QB ever. He’s decent but doesn’t have “it”. Not clutch . Yates is awhiles away. Go ahead and waste this talented roster by sticking to your guns texans fans and standing behind Schaub. Haha, what a joke

  26. Added another name for your BS swamp scumb? Must be sad to hate anything that much jelly for back bone. Manning is going to make you look so stupid.

  27. I guess everyone is forgetting the statment Payton made prior to being drafted.
    When interviewed by the colts he told them either draft me or you will have to play againest me ever year

    Well boys and girls that time has come and I do think Payton would love to show that fool in Indy what a mistake he has made.

  28. Lol. First, it’s “Finley and Packers don’t agree on the franchise tag; Finley can hold out if he gets the franchise tag.” And now this Manning to the Texans talk.
    “The Texans, their fans, and plenty of the folks who cover the team seem to be blind to the reality that the difference between knocking on the door and kicking it in very well could be the presence of Peyton Manning on the roster.” I think anyone will agree that a fully healthy Manning it’s miles better than Schaub. But therein lies the problem. No one knows he’ll definitely return to his old self, and with the Texans cap room, they definitely can’t afford him. If they’re gonna spend any type of money like that, it should be on Mario

  29. Bud Adams statement confirms that the Rams made a great hire when they picked up Jeff Fischer. Silent Stan will let his coach coach and his GM make the personnel decisions.

  30. As a Texans fan and someone who follows the team on a regular basis, let me put it to you this way: In a very perfect world, Peyton Manning would be healthy and he would make an excellent decision to join a team who undoubtedly has a great chance of going to and winning the Superbowl in 2013. After all he’s done in the NFL, he deserves another chance. This team would, of course, be the Texans. With the best run game in the league being led by Arian Foster, Andre Johnson being one of the best wide receivers in the league and a defense being coached by Wade Phillips that is sure to be the number one defense in the NFL after a complete off season with Phillips, the Texans are without a doubt the best team for a HEALTHY Manning. Like I said, this is a “perfect world” scenario and as we know, we don’t live in a perfect world. This has nothing to do with Irsay and whether or not Peyton wants revenge in the AFC South. All he has to do is step foot on a field and play like the Peyton Manning we all know and that will be all the proof he needs to show Irsay that he made a mistake. I would personally love to see Manning come to Houston despite the fact that Schaub would be all butt-hurt about it (this is a game, meant to be won, not the freakin’ PTA) but it’s not going to happen. The organization has a lot of faith in Schaub and we aren’t an organization to replace a player who doesn’t deserved to be replaced regardless of what might be going on in our division. We don’t make drastic decisions. We make safe decisions. I don’t see Manning going to play for Tennessee anyway. Who cares if that’s where he went to college?! That would be like saying he’s going to Miami because he already has a house there. That’s just stupid reasoning. Peyton is playing to win. Period. He will go where he has the best chance at another ring…and of course where he won’t have to play Eli.

    As for the fools who think we don’t have the money to get Peyton because we’re trying to re-sign Mario Williams, please do your research before posting anything again. We aren’t going to re-sign Mario. Why should we? Did you not see the defense after we lost him last year? Connor Barwin and Brooks Reed definitely stepped up and proved themselves. As much as Mario was a necessity when we first drafted him in 2006, we just don’t need him that desperately anymore. It’s sad to said, but his injury made us realize that we had others who were just as capable of doing his job.

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