Don’t rule out a surprise team for Peyton


On Thursday night, we dropped a hint that Peyton Manning would be heading to Stillwater on Friday.  This one shouldn’t be interpreted as a hint.


When assessing the teams that could land Peyton Manning, it would be prudent to keep in mind the possibility that some team will swoop in out of nowhere and sign him.

Last year, the Eagles did just that with Nnamdi Asomugha, coming from off the radar screen to snag the crown jewel of the 2011 free-agent class.

The difference this time around is that the Eagles had the ability to insist on secrecy.  Manning has no reason to make any promises of discretion — unless, of course, the team that decides to slide in out of nowhere is a team like the Texans, Ravens, or 49ers, any of whom could give Manning that which he surely covets.

The chance to get his hands on the Lombardi Trophy for a second time.

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  1. The St. Louis Rams will sign Peyton & Reggie Wayne.

    Steven Jackson at RB, plus taking the OT from USC makes the Rams attractive with an aggressive, young defense and Jeff Fisher at HC.

  2. KC no need to visit since they already offered him a contract. You think Clark Hunt goes on the public record saying they want him and nothing not even a visit???? Also Romeo almost tampering. Kind of funny.

  3. Since Seattle info in regards to Manning has fallen off the map, maybe they will be the team.

    A Seahawk ‘swooping’ in and nabbing Peyton?

    Could work…

  4. its the 9ers……….. they cant come out and say it because, of alex’s fragile confidence & if peyton signs somewhere else then they save face and act like alex was the man all along thats why the hold up on the smith deal, & lets not forget they are both repped by tom condon

  5. This makes sense. The Texans might go for it because Schaub is nearing the end of his contract and last year they made the playoffs without him, so it could be said that the QB is the missing link with the run last year.

    While Schaub is a good QB, a healthy Manning is still better, even with a questionable arm.

  6. If the Eagles swooped in and got him, they might actually get one of those things Peyton is holding in his hands in the picture.

  7. So what exactly would the Eagles do with Vick if they sign Peyton? Vick isn’t exactly a spring chicken and the Eagles made a huge commitment to him last season. If they cut him they take almost a $9 mil cap hit. If they sit him they are absorbing a $14 mil cap hit for a backup.

  8. “possibility that some team will swoop in out of nowhere and sign him.”


    ……and in other news, water may be wet and the sun may rise tomorrow.

    Anything can happen, we get it.

  9. Of the big three you mention, the 49rs are the ones that most need a QB to take them over the top. It’s time, go get him!

  10. And don’t rule out retirement. Don’t rule out signing with the Cubs. Don’t rule out anything because no one not even PM knows what’s going on. Everything is just speculation.

  11. I have watched football since 1958 and Manning is one of the great passing qb’s that have been in the league but as teams fall all over him I always keep in mind no matter how well he runs a team that in 14 years he has brought his team to only two Super Bowls and only won once. The press and talking heads say a qb is judged by how many Super Bowls he has won. I never hear about Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, Doug Williams and they have won as many as Manning.

  12. Philly or Houston is where he will really end up. KC? AZ, really? If he wants to go out with a wimper like Montana.(yes I know KC went to the AFC championship game in 1993) Manning has 3 more years which he could be at the top of his game. The Texans and Philly have the best staffs to go along with his talent.

    Texans has an advantage in that it aint cold there and they are in the AFC.

  13. What kind of “story” is this? Here are a few other ideas for updates.

    1. The Dolphins don’t actually play in the city of Miami.

    2. Michael Vick is expected to be the Eagles starting QB.

    3. Kolb is pronounced “Cobb”.

    4. Seahawks owner Paul Allen has two first names.

    5. Jimmie Johnson races cars. Jimmy Johnson coached football.

    I mean….come on man!

  14. NEW ORLEANS. The Brees thing is getting ugly and Peyton could end his career with his hometown team wearing Archie’s #8.

  15. I think Minnesota could be that team. They would love Ponder to get smart behind Manning. Plus they already have a solid 2/3 QB in Webb. And then think of the opportunities they have to “get the band back together”. Wayne, Garçon, Clark and Addai could all find homes on the Vikes. Right now, the Vikes have zero #1&2 WR, if Harvin goes back to the Slot. With Shianco leaving in FA, Clark could help out. And ADrian Peterson is coming off a knee rebuild. Why not get Addai to take the load off?

    And the final piece? They have the #3 draft pick to go for a left tackle. Manning would appreciate that.

    Tell me where I am wrong&

  16. “The chance to get his hands on the Lombardi Trophy for a second time.”

    Pathetic that you write for a living, yet you can’t even bother to learn how to do that properly.

  17. holdthemayo123 says: Mar 11, 2012 11:22 AM

    What makes you think he cares about winning a championship? To date he has only cared about getting paid and I wouldnt expect that to change.

    Most people are capable of prioritizing more than one thing.

    (My apologies to those that don’t need the obvious explained to them).

  18. He will be wearing purple. He is coming to Baltimore. Everyone knows Flacco is terrible.

  19. Come on. The Ravens are not signing Peyton Manning. Let’s put aside the fact that they are trying to work out an extension for the QB they already have on the roster that has lead them to the playoffs every year he’s been there. The Ravens aren’t that far under the cap and have 7 of their own free agents to deal with.

  20. It wouldn’t surprise me if Baltimore was the team… Flacco’s on the last year of his conract. If Baltimore was REALLY committed to him, he would have already signed a big contract extension. Plus, Manning would have the one thing he had during his championship season, a defense. Could you imagine Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Peyton Manning in the same locker room? It would be a nice way for each of them to finish out their careers.

  21. Am I the only one out here that thinks it is too much to expect Manning to be as good as he was the last time he played? It will be two full years, almost, the last time he took a snap. he is coming off a nerve injury that affects his arm. If he is 90%, those pinpoint throws he used to complete, would now be incompletions, or picks. Plus he is playing in a new offence, with all new players, a new team, and maybe a different conference. He has spent 14 years honing his craft with the Colts. It will be very difficult, even if he is healthy, to be the player he was before. Just look at Brady. Out for the year with a knee. In 2009 he was pretty good, with the SAME team. In 2010, he was MVP. It took him a full year after the injury to be the same player, and he was 32 when he got hurt, not 36. Big difference.

  22. I hate the Raiders, but I find it interesting all the moves they have made to free up salary. Manning a Raider? That would be funny.

  23. How about the Saints?
    1. Drew Brees has not yet been signed to a long term deal, Saints have been trying to get him signed the last two years. Brees has stated that he will skip camp unless he gets the deal he wants.
    2. Manning family’s connection to Saints (Archie Manning would love to see his son win a Superbowl in the Big Easy)

  24. Whose offensive line kept that head bolted on to that body for all those years in Indy?

    Mike you might be on to something.

  25. How about the Retirement Team! He’s done and can’t throw it 15 yards. Loozer teams fighting over a damaged QB. Desperate times!!

  26. Could you imagine P. Manning, A. Johnson, K. Walter, R.Wayne or D. Clark, with A. Foster. Houston’s offensive line is already very good and their defense was ranked second in the league. <—- With that roster, they'd have to go out of their way not to make it to the Superbowl. (Can you say sleeper team)?

  27. Anywhere but the AFC north….. Then again he would never sign with baltimore cause he would be getting the stuffing knocked out of him 6 times a season. Peyton will go somewhere with a good O-line to protect him and the weapons to get him where he wants to be…… Im thinking Miami or Tennessee would be the best fit for him.

  28. Manning to the Saints and then the Saints trade Brees to Miami for, well…….whatever the Saints want.

  29. The Vikings are committed to rebuilding and Manning would not fit that scenario. Besides the fans can only take so much after the Favre fiasco so if Manning is going to Stillwater, its to shop and take a river boat ride, albet on the ice.
    Besides there are no receivers to pass to and the Vikes may have some games outside in the bitter cold the next three years, no chance of him wanting to do that.

  30. Ive been saying this since the start, he HAS TO sign with Houston. Nothing else makes sense

    Indoor – Check
    Weather – Check
    Top 3 WR – Check
    Weak Division (IND lol, JAC, TEN) – Check
    Revenge Factor (yea, there is) – Check
    All Around Team (contender with 3rd string) – Check

    What other team offers this? Peyton is going to HOU, he just doesnt want to make it look like he was set on them from the gate (opposite of what Farve did)

  31. i thought Denver was that surprise team because i had he favorites as Miami, Arizona and then NY Jets.

  32. If you really think he’s playing in Philly in that presure cooker with Vick still there and having to face his little brother twice a year then by all means start plunking down the $150 for a fake Manning Eggles jersey in eBay, and do it right now!! You eagles fans are so delusional at times!!

    Baltimore IMO is the surprise team. Great defense and up and coming skill players. The smart money still says Miami but its going to cost them a lot more than it would have a few days ago.

  33. I heard the Miami Heat was his next stop. Surprise!

    The media is going out on too many limbs with the Peyton storyline.

    The Chiefs, Washington, Jets and Seahawks are out of the picture. I don’t think (strictly my opinion) that he wants to play for an NFC team out of respect for Eli. I seriously thought at one point he would become a Dolphin but the more I think about their circus quasi celebrity atmosphere/ownership the more I think their chances are done. I really think at this time the Broncos have the best chance for a lot of the reasons others here have pointed out. Tebow will be a Jag before the end of the month. Wouldn’t be surprised if Elway and Jags management haven’t already been on the phone to discuss the possibilities.

  34. Manning to the Ravens?

    No way. Anyone who thinks so doesn’t know the team or, more specifically, O. Newsome.

    Flacco was one dropped pass from the SB, won more games in his first four years than anyone else and is 10 years younger.

  35. Stillwater, NY?
    Stillwater, MN?
    Stillwater, OK?
    Stillwater, PA?
    Stillwater, CA?
    Stillwater, NO?
    Which one? You might need to specify…
    There is more than one Stillwater.

  36. In other news, Jerry Jones suffering from concussion like symptoms fires the HC and OC, releases Tony Rome, and signs Peyton Manning to replace all 3. America’s Team now has America’s QB and Jones predicts all home games will be a sellout including seats that don’t exist. ABC announced that all MNF games will feature the Cowboys for 2012, signaling that the world indeed is coming to an end.

  37. i am amazed that everyone is jumping on the manning wagon. what proof does anyone have that he can throw? i don’t want to hear about a 60% manning is still better than most qbs because that is pure bs. manning’s claim to fame has always been being a field marshall on the field. with a new team it doesnt work like is did in indy, sorry

  38. “Been saying he’s going to Baltimore for a while now. Other than some cold weather, I don’t see a better fit for Peyton.”

    You forgot about the fact that it’s Baltimore. Sorry Ravens. You’re out.

  39. The Cowboys make the most sense to me. Great skill position players. Manning would be a huge upgrade over Romo. Plus, I can picture Manning wearing the star on his helmet.

    Give Romo one of those new TaylorMade 3-woods as a parting gift and send him on his way.

  40. db3300 says:
    Mar 11, 2012 1:44 PM
    “Been saying he’s going to Baltimore for a while now. Other than some cold weather, I don’t see a better fit for Peyton.”

    You forgot about the fact that it’s Baltimore. Sorry Ravens. You’re out

    See above comment.

  41. Sad that weather would keep him from going to the team most ready for him.. Four first round draft picks on the oline.. Excellent possesion receiver in Doug Baldwin.. Speed over the top receiver in Sydney Rice.. 6“6“ Mike Williams.. Zach Miller.. 1,000 yard BEAST MODE.. BEST SECONDARY IN NFL as well as stout young up and comming defense.. OHHH AND BEST HOMEFIELD ADVANTAGE IN LEAGUE ALONG WITH RICHEST OWNER..

    P.S. if he signs with the cardinals mark my words.. The seahawks sign Mario Williams and Pete Carrol sends Williams, Clemmons, and CAM CHANCELLOR ALL IN ON ENDING MANNINGS CAREER!!!! Good luck #18!!

  42. Not sure why the visits mean anything when it comes to free agents, espcially high priced ones.

    Through the agents and thier contacts and other clients, former teammates etc etc, you know that Place A has a nice training facility and a nice owners. You know the team, the record, the coach, all that, from all the league info and sources.

    Its a dog and pony show really…the best thing for a guy like Manning to do is show up unannounced and see how the organization deals with that, and he’d get a better look as to how they run operations 364 days of the year otherwise (again, if that matters, he already should know the lay of the land where he’s going, before he get there)

    I guess I can’t see a 12+ year veteran, who can pick his price and pick his location, and having been around the league as long as he has and been to Arizona 4 of 5 times probably as a player, be convinced/swayed simply by a visit to a city, something he didn’t know already. Of course he’s going to get the “well do everything to builda winning team around you” “everything to make you and your family feel at home for the rest of your career” wherever he goes.

    It comes down to talking dollars and term, and if any team was serious, the owner/president would be coming to see him rather then wait for him.

    Long story short, I believe another team can very well involved. He hasn’t scheduled to Seattle, but all it takes is one phone call, and he’ll be there to get hs jersey given to him with hundreds of flash bulbs. These visits have been fact finding missions maybe, taking teams up on all expense paid trips (like he worries about money) to listen what he has to say, and go through the fun of being a free agent for the first and only time in his career…and I can’t believe a visit to Phoenix or Denver for 36h is going to sway what he’s already thinking as far as the contracts that have already been offered to him.

  43. Why do I keep saying Jacksonville and people laugh? They git a new owner, MJD and a very good and underrated def. Play in the sun and can get revenge on Irsay 2 times a year!

  44. Can you people actually read?
    The article states that the Eagles were a surprise team LAST year when they got Asomugha, and that a team could surprise again this year like the Eagles did last year.
    Nowhere does it state that Philly is going after Manning.
    Vick got signed to a $100 million contract, and was runner up MVP 2 seasons ago, why would they go after Manning, an aging QB who has numerous ?’s attached to his health?

  45. 49ers have a new stadium coming, and the would love to see the perfect storm (positive) with Manning and Super Bowl….

  46. It would be quite in line with previous behavior if the Buccaneers go after him on the sly. He might reject them hands down of course, but it makes great sense from their owners’ perspective.

  47. Please, enough with the Baltimore talk. Peyton isn’t coming to Baltimore. Its cold, and Flacco will get an extension. Flacco is ten times better than Sanchez and he for his extension a couple days ago. Manning will be a Cardinal or a Dolphin

  48. What’s all the fuss…whoever gets him is going to find out real fast he ain’t what he used to be. You can’t have 4 neck surgeries, sit out a year, and expect everything to be back to where it was at his age. He will be a Bust.

  49. There’s a reason Manning hasn’t thrown publicly. I think he’ll be quarterbacking for the Allen Wranglers. Watch out, T.O., here he comes.

  50. No way Manning is on the roster with the Texans.
    Fans don’t even want him, much less the owner.

  51. Strange fact: last Colts qb before Manning was Jim Harbaugh. Wouldn’t totally shock me if the niners snook in there.

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