Jets interested in LaRon Landry

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LaRon Landry is likely to leave the Redskins in free agency after five years in Washington. The Jets may be his destination.

The Jets have made a few contract moves to position themselves to be aggressive when free agency starts on Tuesday, and Rich Cimini of reports that they’re expected to show interest in Landry.

Safety is a position that Jets coach Rex Ryan would like to upgrade on his defense, so Landry makes sense there. He also makes sense if the Jets are planning to enter their players in any bodybuilding competitions.

Landry has always been a starter when healthy, but he hasn’t always been healthy. He has missed 15 games in the last two years with Achilles, groin and hamstring injuries.

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  1. oooooooo, the jets made moves to clear some cap space……

    maybe the media shouldn’t have twisted the sanchez contract so bad, great move by the jets

  2. he’s good when healthy, the problem has been he hasnt been that, if he’s healthy, then the Jets get a steal, if not, then he’s a waste of a signing if they sign him.

  3. He can’t stay healthy, and he’s the Dave Boston of DBs. The Jets would be fools to sign him.

    … so Tuesday, we’ll see where he gets a 4 year, $25M deal from Tannenbaum.

  4. We love you in DC laron. However its time to move on. If you learned anything here it should be not to pound your chest after a 20 yd gain and to not start a fight before a game.

  5. I will miss him…He needed Taylor (RIP) to help him develop…Sadly, I think Laron is more into Laron than football….If he signs with the Jets, it is a clear sign of what Skins coaching thinks of this guy…However, Reid Doughty is NOT our answer…What is our plan now?!

  6. @waltdawg

    dejon gomes had a hell of a rookie year when he was playing. id honestly like to see kevin barnes playing SS too, dude can hit and obv has good cover skills. theres always the draft and free agency. Laron will be missed but id rather them put time and money into a new project at the SS position. he was just too gullible in coverage. he’d make a hell of an outside linebacker tho. no doubt he’s tippin the scales at around 240 right now

  7. Sign Landry? I thought the Jets would sign Eric Smith to a long term contract so we can watch him run slowly behind the guy who is about to score the next touchdown.

  8. This seems right.

    Guy has a bad achilles tendon, resdskins wanted him to get surgery… cause once it starts tearing, it’s just a matter of time before the achilles goes.

    Instead… he avoids surgery. And the Jets will ignore all that and overpay him.

  9. Thank God the Eagles aren’t showing interest in him!
    …A poseur that fools boys by focusing on his biceps more than anything else.

  10. He was an exciting player to watch and not a bust. He had injury problems lately which doesn’t make him a bust. I would like him to stay a skin but I doubt that will happen.

  11. See ya Dirty 30. The fool refused surgery on his Achilles in lieu of some unproven, random method of “medical” hocus pocus to heal and recover so he could fleece some team of their money. All Landry can do as a safety is play the run. He should have been an MLB, because he couldn’t cover a twin bed with a king size sheet.

  12. If ST doesn’t get killed Laron and he go down as the greatest safety tandem in the history of the nfl.

  13. Knowing the Redskins’ luck (see Carlos Rodgers, Andre Carter, Brandon Lloyd), Landry will go somewhere like NY and never have another injury the rest of his career and avg. 110 tackles, 3 INT’s, 5 FF’s!!! But hey, RG3!

  14. tonyromoisterrible says:Mar 11, 2012 9:28 PM

    If ST doesn’t get killed Laron and he go down as the greatest safety tandem in the history of the nfl.


    What a stupid statement. But he was killed. That’s what you get when you draft from the hood…the good, the bad, and the ugly. Go back to Fantasy land…oh, and enjoy watching Akili Smith Part II for the next 3 years (if he lasts that long) hahahahahahahaha.

    The only thing that is a guarantee…Death and the irrelavancy of the Redskins for another decade…

  15. I don’t know. We need another potential difference maker on the defense and Landry would be great if he were healthy, but isn’t this guy’s acl a ticking time bomb? Jets are dying for a playmaking safety and Landry would be great if he can stay on the field, but I dont think he can. We dont need another Kris jenkins scenario. The defense was dominating with Jenkins getting that push up the middle and blowing up every run, but the guy only played like 8 games in 2 seasons. Landry, Revis and Cromo in the secondary sounds great, but how many games will we get that lineup out there?

  16. @katrinasafterbirth

    How retarded can one person be?

    Draft from the hood? So its his fault some punks broke in his house and shot him?

    You are living proof why abortion should always be legal.

  17. @katrinasafterbirth What an ignorant, cold, screwed up thing to say. Sean Taylor died doing the most innocent thing you can do; at home in bed sleep with his fiance, what’s so “hood” about that? He died trying to protect his family. What character issues did he have? What crimes did he commit? you are a complete idiot and you took it beyond football with your ignorant comment, Smh

  18. Safety is a position that Jets coach Rex Ryan would like to upgrade on his defense
    Then why is he interested in Laron Landry?

  19. katrinasafterbirth says: Mar 11, 2012 10:59 PM
    Even by PFT cpomments standards, you are a total jacka$$. Sean Taylor was in a huge house in a subdivision when he was murdered by someone trying to rip off his house. The only hoods you know anything about are the ones you wear over your head.

  20. ccoolahan14 says:
    Mar 11, 2012 7:20 PM
    Another Redskins bust. The guy was the SIXTH overall pick.

    Yeah like, Sean Taylor ( 3 pro bowls in 5 yrs), Carlos rodgers (pro bowler). Brian orakpo ( 2 pb in 3 seasons), Kerrigan ( pb alternate as a rookie this yr, nfl record for forced fumbles by a rookie. J Campbell who is still a starting Qb in the Nfl, yeah nothin but bust. Ignornece must truly be bliss for u.

  21. Landry will be a stud for any team…. until he leaves about week 9-10 for his yearly IR vacation. I swear he’d be a top 3 safety if the NFL season was 8 games long.

  22. Hold on a couple of weeks, LaRon. The Packers will find out if Collins can come back at the end of the month. If he can’t make it back, you can come play for a real professional football team and skip the Ryan Bros. Circus.

  23. He’s a hard hitting mf’er, but he’s more worried about how he looks, which will ultimately get him hurt MORE in the long run, than fixing what his problem really is.

    Can’t hit somebody hard if you can’t run, man. I like the guy, but I’m not surprised at all that he won’t be a Redskins anymore.

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