Manning leaves Cardinals facility after 6.5-hour visit

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After meeting with Cardinals officials for six-and-a-half hours, free agent quarterback Peyton Manning was driven out of the team’s facility by coach Ken Whisenhunt on Sunday evening.  [Editor’s note:  Brad Childress said in response, “Hey, that’s my move!”]

During Manning’s visit in Tempe, he met with Whisenhunt, receiver Larry Fitzgerald, club president Michael Bidwill, and offensive line coach Russ Grimm. It’s unclear whether the sides engaged in any contract talks.

Manning also left his Broncos visit without a contract.

These things are subject to change, but it’s tentatively expected that Manning will now head back to his South Beach condo. He’s not known to have scheduled a visit with the Dolphins. Yet.

55 responses to “Manning leaves Cardinals facility after 6.5-hour visit

  1. oh boy…his visit was 1/2 hour longer than the one with the broncos…does this make the cardinals the favorite?? haha

  2. No trip to SF?

    Peyton! We got a new stadium starting construction this summer! Only 2 more yrs @ the Stick, promise!!

  3. He’s going to Denver. Best team with the most cap space and the best o line in a winnable division. He doesn’t want to play in the AFC east against Brady and the Jets twice a year when he can bitch slap the gay ders and chiefs at will. See you tuesday Peyton!!

  4. Larry Fitz is such an amazing receiver, he deserves a great QB throwing him the ball. I hope Five-head goes to AZ. Can you imagine some of the plays those two would make together, with Manning’s accuracy and Fitz’s hands and range? It would be fun to watch.

  5. Wonder if O-line coach Russ Grimm was brought in to see if Peyton is a Daemonfeuer (NBC series reference).

  6. Hi Peyton, my name is Larry. I’m going to be your new receiver – the first one ever to top 2,000 yards and 30 TD’s in a season.

  7. So if he is sold on Arizona or Denver this means:

    -Steve Ross jetted to Stanford last year to lure Harbaugh to come up empty handed and embarrassed.

    -Steve Ross flew his helicopter after Jeff Fisher last month to come up empty handed and

    -He let Peyton get away and sign with another team without even having a meeting?

    People, Tom Condon is the key here. He hasn’t been a part of any of these visits yet. He wants to make cash. The Dolphins are tight lipped, and the Miami news has zero response from any Dolphins officials.

    Bottom line: This thing ain’t over yet.

  8. They had a chance until the brought out the gimp Bidwell. Miami or Denver… he comes

  9. Payton wants an offer so his agent has something to start negotiations with in Miami.

  10. He will certainly create quite a domino effect. Tebow, kolb et al will be sent scrambling.

    In the broncos he would have a great defense and what amounts to a ready to go playoff team. I don’t think the bronos should be so quick to jettison Tebow, manning is one helmet to helmet hit from another surgery. Lean from the lots past mistake broncos.

  11. He left the Cards because he was tired from the early celebration in Denver. Peyton had a six hour meeting with the Broncos’ brass but was out very late last night eating and drinking with those same guys at the Cherry Hills CC. Sorry Arizona. Manning’s coming to Denver!

  12. To All Dolphin Fans:

    I hope Peyton Manning signs with the Arizona Cardinals, so that the Dolphins can built a real team that’s not good for two years (NOT even a Super Bowl contender), then terrible for the next 10 years again. Stephen Ross is all about money and profits, not about the committment of winning. The celebrity orange carpet, the high school band, and the Jimmy Buffet corny song. Please, as football fan, I want a committment from MR. ROSS of winning, not crap….. PLEASEEEEEE…….

  13. Wow, I had no idea there were so many NFL insiders living in Miami. They all know Manning is going to Miami. Adam Schefter’s job is in jeopardy.

  14. Peyton just wanted to be catered to by someone close to Denver. Now way his going their with defenses like the Seahawks & Miners coming at him. Their offense line couldn’t stop The Replacements D from getting a sack LOL!!! Peyton wants to play not be on IR 1st play from scrimmage.
    (Thinking) Let’s see Denver has Clady at LT, Miami has the beast Jake Long, & Arizona has…. Is it anybody even standing their LMAO!!!
    Yea I’m hatin cause he didn’t come to Seattle so what atlease I’m honest.

  15. Multiple sources are reporting that Manning is expected to choose between the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals by Monday evening.

  16. Dolphin’s perspective :If you really want something…… set it free, and if it comes back to you, its meant to be.

    Peyton’s perspective : The wife is waiting in S. FL…………

  17. He’s not going to Miami. It’s not about who can throw him the most cash. He wants the best chance to make the playoffs every year, and playing in the AFC East doesn’t fit that criteria.
    Throw to Fitz or that whack job Marshall? Boy that’s a real tough decision.
    Get ready to see Peyton in Cardinals red.

  18. Now that he is done with his complimentary visit to the Broncos and Cardinals, he is coming home to South Beach where Stephen Ross will cut him a check that will put a quick end to this.

  19. Russ Grimm? He’s there to tell Peyton a Fairy Tale on how the O-Line is going to improve. I’m sure he has watched film from last year of Cardinal QBs running for their life on every passing play. Levi Brown and Brandon Keith the worst Offensive tackles in the NFL on the same team. Who’s evaluating talent here? Levi Brown a top 5 overall pick and Leonard Davis a top 2 overall pick are the two biggest busts in Cardinal history. This is why the O-Line suck. Maybe you should let Peyton be in the War Room during the draft so he can help evaluate talent. Peyton should be able to lure some FA talent here as well.

  20. The reason he’s not known to have scheduled a visit with the Dolphins yet is because the whole organization has been on “media lock down” since Friday. This is per the local media. It’s assumed the reason is to avoid any possible “media circus” type situation. Other than that, the just want to keep any such business out of media circulation in general. It could also be they’re actually interested in Flynn rather than Manning contrary to what has been assumed.

  21. He is going to Denver; Weak division, good offensive line, stud left tackle, 43 million in cap space to bring in some more help, A defensive head coach with experience.

    Arz would have to cut the best lineman they have to sign Peyton and for a guy coming back from neck injury I imagine that is not promising to a guy that wont want to get hit.They would have no money to bring in anything else to help. They also have to deal with SF for divisional supremecy.

    Mia: Rookie coach, Little cap room, Tom Brady in the division, Eccentric Owner, Stud Left tackle

  22. Miami won’t out bid Denver, Denver has like a 50 million cap space. Its sick! Probably because they have no real stars other than tebow and miller. Who else is on that stupid team? Anyways Peyton won’t sign with Miami – Miami only has a 15 million cap space… that will be sucked up by all the peeps they need to resign and draftees.

  23. No need to meet with the dolphin’s front office. His wife already did and is waiting, with the papers, for when Peyton gets home.

  24. We don’t know that he left Arizona without a contract. Could have been a verbal agreement. They were sure smiling a lot when they left.

  25. He could make the Dolphins relevant for the first time this century but he’s keeping it so close to the vest, still no clue where he’ll go?

  26. Unless Russ Grimm is going to drop 25 years and play LT, I wouldn’t go to AZ. They have no O-Line to speak of. Honestly, Denver gives him the best chance to succeed. Denver could then trade Tebow to JAX for Gabbert (Tebow will be a savior in Jax and Gabbert can sit behind Manning and maybe learn to be a QB). Win-Win.

  27. Flynn to Miami, Manning to Denver, Tebow to Jacksonville, watch it all fall in place by Wednesday.

  28. These idiots that say Manning wont come here because of the division, the fins are 5-5 against Brady in the last 5 years and thats with scrub qbs. Miami is the best fit, great weather, best LT in the game (when healthy) , top 10 defense, marshall, bush and devone bess. As well as our storied franchise history. The broncos just have clady who isnt on jakes level even this year where jake was playing injured, their d is average and old, the cards well lol thats all i can say about them except for fitz

  29. Best place would be SF, but that won’t happen. Harbaugh wouldn’t want to give up that much control of the offense.

    Fox and Whisenhunt don’t have quite the ego as Harbaugh, and would give him control of the offense.

    Sorry Miami fans, it’s going to take more than throwing money at him. Your owner and the organization is too unstable. I also think that the fact he lives in Miami in the offseason works against the Dolphins. He is a private person and wouldn’t want to always be hounded by fans every time he goes out. That is going to happen more if you live in the city you play in.

    I think it will be Denver due to having more cap space available to sign additional players and having a better OL.

  30. **************
    Sorry Miami fans, it’s going to take more than throwing money at him. Your owner and the organization is too unstable. I also think that the fact he lives in Miami in the offseason works against the Dolphins. He is a private person and wouldn’t want to always be hounded by fans every time he goes out. That is going to happen more if you live in the city you play in.

    I think it will be Denver due to having more cap space available to sign additional players and having a better OL.

    All the Money in the world won’t make Denver better. You’d have to get a coach and GM that know their A$$ from a football.

    As I posted earlier I hope Miami doesn’t get Manning, but being hounded by fans in the city he lives in! Really that is why? Really? I pretty sure Manning would be hounded in about every city. Miami has stars bigger than NFL stars every day. I think the local population could take it. Manning still isn’t Marino, and he seems to live here fine. Along with about 1/3 the NFL stars on the east coast in the offseason. Your an Idiot!

  31. I know I am going to get my ass kicked for this but Peyton has already agreed to a 4 year deal with the Cards due to sign Friday. Watch this space.

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