Peyton Manning at Cardinals’ facility, joined by Larry Fitzgerald


Although Larry Fitzgerald has said publicly that he isn’t involved in the Cardinals’ recruitment of Peyton Manning, Fitzgerald got to team headquarters bright and early this morning for the meeting at which the team will attempt to persuade Manning to relocate to Arizona.

Fitzgerald and the Cardinals’ assistant coaches arrived at team headquarters Sunday morning and were ready and waiting when head coach Ken Whisenhunt pulled up with Manning as his passenger, Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports.

It makes a lot of sense for the Cardinals to ask Fitzgerald to help recruit Manning: As great as Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne were for years in Indianapolis, Fitzgerald would be the best receiver Manning has ever thrown to. Developing a rapport with Fitzgerald could be just the thing to move the Cardinals ahead of the Broncos in the Manning sweepstakes. At the moment, the Broncos seem to be viewed as slight favorites, with the Cardinals in second place.

One person who reportedly isn’t at the Cardinals’ facilities is Manning’s agent, Tom Condon. That may signal that today’s meeting will be about convincing Manning that the Cardinals are the right fit on the field, and that contractual concerns are secondary. And without a doubt, if Manning is to be convinced that the Cardinals are the right fit on the field, Fitzgerald will be a big part of that.

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  1. Uh not so fast on the greatest receiver Manning has ever thrown to…Marvin Harrison was better than Fitzgerald..If Harrison was 6-3 220 that statement would not be made…people are infatuated with big receivers..all Marvin cared about was production..Harrison is already being pushed aside because he was not a self promoter(not that Fitzgerald is)

  2. This could be even more serious than originally thought. Looks from the pic like Fitzgerald is leaning in for a kiss from.

  3. Didn’t those fools just give up a ransom for Kolb?? Watch him go back to
    Philly. Roflmao

  4. This is the spot for Manning, it makes the most sense; LF, dome, a young and strong defense, and not to mention a nice division to immediately dominate!

  5. Is Larry Fitzgerald too damn good to be true? On and off the field Fitzgerald epitomizes what the NFL should be. After absolutely torching the Seahawks secondary in the last game of the year he complimented their effort and skill. He recently cut short a vacation to attend a funeral for the wife of a friend (he had to fly back from South America). He organized off-season workouts during the strike and is known for his normal off-season work. If Manning goes to Arizona it will be in large part due to Fitzgerald’s presence.

    As a Seahawk fan, I hate Larry Fitzgerald.

  6. I think Arizona would be Manning’s perfect team.
    The only think that might hold him back from signing would be the chance of him knocking his brother out of the playoffs every year.

  7. I really hate doing this, but I have to bring up Favre. This story just makes me laugh thinking about how rediculous we are in Minnesota for giving Favre that “OJ style” helicopter coverage when he was enroute to Winter Park. For shame

  8. Arizona would keep the seat warm at the top of the division for a couple years, until the Rams take over.

  9. Denver was the favorite when he hadn’t visited anywhere else. Now Arizona is in second place, simply because he’s visiting there after Denver. Until we get concrete reasoning as to why either team is first or second, (or third, as the next team is sure to be) I’m going to do my best to withhold laughter at these reports.

  10. Hey Arizona. Ask him to throw a 20 plus or more yards throw to Fitzgerald with some velocity on it…. If u do, he will reboard the plane and say. Ill call u. Don’t call me!

  11. Hey Kolb, you can come back to Philly to be the back-up again! Us fans would give you a warm welcome. Completely serious. After a full season of dealing with Dunce Young, I guess you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.

  12. EJ, I assume you meant the only thing that would hold back Peyton signing with Arizona would be the prospect of his younger brother knocking him out of the playoffs every year.

    When it comes to the post season, Eli > Peyton

  13. Good observation with Denver and Arizona being the front runners. That may be because that is the only places he has visited….

  14. More and more, i LOVE denver bringing in manning, wayne, AND Garcon. I also love tebow going back to JACKSONVILLE. Put it in the books

  15. i dont think fitz is better than harrison. at least not yet.

    people forget how great harrison really was. in my opinion, he was right up there with owens and moss of the best WR in the early 2000s. 143 catches in a season is pretty good, even if peyton is throwing the ball.

    fitz can catch up to harrison if he plays for a while and keeps up the consistent production but he’s not there yet.

  16. Isn’t Brad Childress supposed to be driving the vehicle in these situations?

    Also I believe Jim Schwartz is supposed to have Peyton’s hotel room staked out all night to make sure he doesn’t leave the room.

    Or my dementia’s getting worse.

    Hard to tell.

  17. Seriously though, is a team really going to sign him to a contract without having him workout first?

    How do you give a guy tens of millions of dollars without at least seeing him throw first?

  18. I find it funny that Denver and Az fans are too stupid to know they’re being used to negotiate with Miami!

  19. Whisenhunt better get used to being Peyton’s servant because if the team signs him, that is what he is going to expect. And you just set the precedent that you are only too happy to do it.

  20. he did a national tour yesterday and hes in az today for a staff meeting?

    Ross just got taken on a THIRD ride….. wow

  21. Peyton wants to be in Houston. If he did the Texans would be the odds on favorite to win the Super Bowl. But we can’t afford him. I would love to see him in a Texans uniform.

  22. Wasn’t Fitz lobbying for Kolb last year?
    With that in mind I really question how much sway Larry will have in Peyton’s eyes.

    Peyton already expressed his prefrence to play in the AFC. I really think his best fit is Miami. He has the weather, the home, the offensive line, Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall, a solid defense and an offensive minded head coach. Not to mention the ability to availability to get Reggie Wayne (who has already expressed desire to play here) and Dallas Clark (TE perhaps Dolphins biggest need after QB). He can get the biggest contract there and doesnt pay state taxes either.

    If not there then Denver but I feel Peyton is too much of a class-act to come and there and give Tebow the boot, especially when they share the same agent. Not to mention the cold and lousy outdoor conditions.

  23. Totally disagree with this statement “As great as Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne were for years in Indianapolis, Fitzgerald would be the best receiver Manning has ever thrown to”. Until Larry Fitzgerald passes Marvin Harrison on all time QB to WR touchdown record there is no argument. Marvin Harrison will be in the Hall of Fame and to date would be ranked a better WR.

  24. Manning to self: “Let’s see….Larry Fitzgerald or Demarious Thomas? 30 degrees and snow or 80 degrees and a roof? Getting cups of urine thrown on me every year in Oakland or …. yeah I choose Arizona.”

  25. delmonte55 says: Mar 11, 2012 1:29 PM

    Better than Marvin Harrison? Needs a few more productive years before we can say that.
    Harrison was very good yes, but IMO Wayne was better and Fitz is a stone cold assassin. Harrison also disappeared in the postseason, unlike Fitz. Fitz is also a lot tougher IMO than MH since MH turtled when he caught it usually, which is smart to avoid injury don’t get me wrong, but Fitz is a physical beast. Fitz had one good lung and was playing for NOTHING in week 17 and he was laying his body on the line to make catches. I want Larry Fitzgerald on my team, I don’t care if 1970s Stallworth and Swann, Don Hutson in his prime and John Mackey in his prime too are out there.

  26. Wonder if they talked about that Oline that kept getting Kolb knocked out of games last season?

  27. Condon: ” Peyton go visit a few old friends and get a couple big offers so I can get a huge deal from Ross when I see you back in Miami on Monday.”

    Peyton: “Sounds great if it’s OK with Ashley.”

    No Condon No signing. Thanks for the dinner and hospitaliy though.

  28. You know Fitz has got to be begging Manning: “Peyton, for the love of God, please. My talent is being wasted with these jokers we have at QB. I will do anything you want. Please sign here.”

  29. Please go to Denver, strictly for the fact that it will knock Tebow back down to reality that he’s not everything he thinks he is.

  30. puckthefatriots

    Dude, Fitz did it all with Skelton and Kolb throwing to him.

    There’s no way that Harrison would have turned in 1,400 yards with those 2 guys behind center.

    I’ve said it before: Manning has never had a receiver that is going to avoid a jam at the line, or out-jump the defender and rip the ball out of his hands.

    Harrison and Wayne were great speedy, route-runners with great hands, but they would have had average/solid careers if they weren’t playing with Manning.

    Fitz has been great with every average QB they’ve given him.

    I would love to see what Manning could have done with a receiver who could out-jump everyone for the ball.

  31. coltamania

    Make Marvin Harrison play with John Skelton, Matt Leinart and Kevin Kolb.

    Fitz was a pro-bowler with those jokers.

    Harrison was great–don’t get me wrong–but he wouldn’t have ever caught 100 passes in a season without Manning.

    Even if Brady was his QB, he would have only turned in some good seasons. Never would he have caught 144 passes. Harrison caught that many passes because Manning threw it where ONLY Harrison could catch it. Half of the time, he wasn’t even open.

    Fitz is never covered because he could just out-jump the defender.

  32. It just makes sense if he went to Miami… But I would be equally happy with AZ.

    And really I think RAMS FANS should be happy if he went to AZ as well because:

    1) with all the draft picks Fisher has over the next few years he’s bound to get some young talent.
    2) That young talent could quickly become experienced from playing Peyton so often for 2-4 years. (assuming he’ll retire no later than 4 years)

  33. Visit #2 and already speculation that just because 1 receiver is there to meet and greet, Peyton will be swayed.

    He’s going to visit all teams on his shortlist. Period. Then he’ll have 1 full day to sit with all his advisors (including family) to discuss in detail all the pros and cons.

    IF he’s planning to make a decision by start of free agency, there’s not much time left to consider other potential offers.

    No doubt he’ll be arriving home in the middle of the night to avoid media pursuit.

    Leave the guy alone. It’s his decision to make. He just lost his 14 year job. He’s a free agent and entitled and qualified to look for work. Just like all the rest.

  34. Give up the Houston Talk. It isn’t happening. He loves the fans of Indy way too much to stay in the division. Bet everything you got on that.

  35. Mort on espn (team manning’s mouthpiece) said on friday that peyton would be interested in houston. that was team manning’s way of courting houston.
    1. super bowl ready team.
    2. warm weather,dome.
    3. afc.
    4. he’d love to stick it to colts,just like farve & g.b.
    5. shcaub is injury prone,on final yr of contract & tradeable, only an 8 mil cap hit to team that takes him.

  36. Friday chocks up… Miami to Denver.
    Saturday chocks up…Denver to Tempe.
    Sunday afternoon chocks up…Tempe to Miami.
    Sunday evening…dinner with the family.
    Monday morning…helicopter ride to Davie.
    Monday evening…dinner with the family.
    Tuesday 12 noon… Presser from Davie.
    Ahh, What a life!

  37. Sorry donkey fans he’s not going to Denver. Think he would rather play in a controlled weather environment and throw to Fitz or try to throw a frozen football in 12 degrees??

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