Randy Moss will work out for 49ers


We noted last week that the 49ers are open to signing Randy Moss, and now they’re taking another step toward that possibility.

Moss is flying to San Francisco today to work out for the 49ers on Monday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

The 49ers are the second team to give Moss a workout, following a session with the Saints last week that went very well. Moss, who bounced around the league with three different teams in 2010 and sat out the 2011 season, says he’s serious about playing in 2012 and committed to helping some team win a Super Bowl. He also claims he’s as fast as ever.

The question now is whether the 49ers, Saints or some other team will move aggressively to sign Moss before free agency starts on Tuesday afternoon. It’s a crowded class of free agents at the receiver position this year, and it could make sense for some team to get out ahead of the free agent action and get a deal done with Moss before the rest of the free agents are free to sign.

Or it could turn out that teams have too many questions about how much the 35-year-old Moss has left, and that he’ll have to wait to sign with a team that isn’t able to get anything done with one of the many younger free agent receivers available.

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  1. Alex Smith is a very below average QB,..and Moss will remind him of that constantly. Horrible idea, unless you can get Manning.

  2. Let’s see — Drew Brees or Alex Smith? Hmmm. Not a hard decision. Peyton Manning? Well, that would be another story. Both teams need a WR to stretch the field, which Moss can still do. But, right now, the Saints make more sense.

  3. Can’t believe teams are looking at a guy who has a history of only giving the effort if it involves him…otherwise takes the plays off. Such a talented guy who hasn’t grown up. As for gettign a team to the SB. Randy of late has shown he is more of a distraction than a talent to get you there. If I was a team….I’d stay clear of the guy no matter what he shows you in his work outs.

  4. As a DIE-HARD Niners fan, I’m a big fan of this idea. Moss has something to prove. With something to prove, he can be a BAD man! He’s going to give it 100% this time.

    He’s also an emotional cat. I think Jim Harbaugh will push the right buttons in this guy, and we’ll see the two of them become very close. He’ll believe that Harbaugh gave him his last shot, and he’ll buy in.

    Finally, if he gets signed, it will be to a team-friendly deal that they can get out of at any time, without penalty, just like last year’s Braylon Edwards deal. Since the Niners have already made it clear that they will cut a big receiver, even when it might have cost them the SUPER BOWL, Moss will know that they are not playing around, and they will make good on an “out clause” if necessary.

  5. I think he’d be great on the Panthers… Cam loves throwing those deep balls, and no one does it better than Randy.

    When he *wants* to, anyway.

  6. bloggingpoodlewalker says:
    Mar 11, 2012 10:11 AM
    Alex Smith is a very below average QB,..and Moss will remind him of that constantly. Horrible idea, unless you can get Manning.

    Hey man. Didn’t that “very below average QB” throw a SEED to win the NFC Divisional round over the best QB in the league just like 60 days ago?

    Give Smith marathon film sessions with Harb’s, OTA’s and hours and hours of throwing routes to his receivers this offseason and I think Smith has a HUGE year in 2012.

    One thing we know for sure. Alex Smith doesn’t throw picks

  7. rip4gehrig says:
    Mar 11, 2012 10:26 AM
    Something is wrong, nowhere in this story is Peyton Manning mentioned.


    You’re right, something is wrong but I believe what’s missing is no mention of the poor pitiful vikequeef toads having a Lombardi stole from them.

  8. And, by the way, I’m no fan of Alex Smith, but his receivers dropped many key passes last year. Granted, Smith missed a number of throws, too, but at least 5 long TD’s or near-TD’s were dropped.

    Smith doesn’t throw well too often, but he does hit some passes. It’s a double-whammy when Smith finally throws a nice pass, and the receiver drops it.

    If Moss is there to haul in the ones that Alex actually throws well, there will be improved confidence and performance all around!

    Sign ’em up!

  9. Here’s why I knew Crabtree would be a bust, two reasons…Reason 1: in his college highlight films he wasn’t fast at all, he got caught from behind in so many of the clips. Reason 2: Before the draft NFL network did a special on all of the prospects and on the night before the draft Crabtree was in his hotel room with his personal tailor picking out which suit to wear (his final choice was tasteless, surprise surprise) and he was wearing ridiculous diamond earrings. I never would have drafted that punk…

    JaMarcus Russell? I knew immediately that he would be a bust because during an interview before the draft they asked him about what he was going to do for the next few weeks and his eyes lit up when he started talking about eating huge meals because he was ‘so sick and tired’ of getting in shape for the combine (he really did say this).

    Just stick with Belichick’s philosophy: football is a pretty simple game. Talent is great but useless without hard work. Draft the hard worker over the stud with an attitude problem and you will win nine times out of ten.

  10. musicman495 says:
    Mar 11, 2012 11:27 AM
    Moss and Harbaugh deserve each other.


    Yes, yes, they do.

    And your point is….?

    MY point is that your point sounds like it’s coming from someone who thinks Harbaugh did somthing to provoke that whiny little puppy Jim Schwartz.

    Now that Schwartz isn’t going to be able to place any more bounties… well, good luck with that!

  11. Why not just bring back T.O. if we are thinking about signing moss? T.O. should go into the H.O.F. as a 9er. He should end his career in SF on top by winning a Super Bowl !

  12. “Alex Smith is a very below average QB”

    Nobody who watched the 9ers play last year would ever say that.

    I live in Cal, I watched EVERY 49ers game last season. Alex Smith is nowhere near “below average”

    Don’t make statements when you are completely ignorant on the subject. It just makes you look foolish.

  13. gsanguinito says:
    Mar 11, 2012 12:00 PM
    Why not just bring back T.O. if we are thinking about signing moss? T.O. should go into the H.O.F. as a 9er. He should end his career in SF on top by winning a Super Bowl !


    It’s understandable for someone to think this, but this would never happen because the 49ers don’t WANT him to end his career as a Niner. He burned a lot of bridges out in the building, and as long as John York owns the team, he will NEVER be welcome.

  14. I say sign both Moss & T.O. Both have a chip on their shoulders & have plenty to prove to the world & they both want/need a SuperBowl to cap their incredible careers off. They will both give it everything they got to win it all. They will draw sooo much attention Crabtree will have an amazing season.

    Really just think about it. If te 9ers made it to the NFC Championship game with Crabtree & Kyle Williams imagine how far they will go even wit a old Terrell Owens & Randy Moss.

    Another thought is if we can pull this off we could use our #30 draft pick for another position of need or even give it up for Mike Wallace. Remember Alex Smith was the #1 pick in the draft for a reason. He was a beast in college running a spread style of offense. Imagine Alex spreading the ball to Mike Wallace, Michael Crabtree, Randy Moss, & Terell Owens. oh yea we still have Vernon Davis, Frank Gore & Kendall hunter. Resign Ginn strickly for returns. LETS ROCK!

  15. Wherever he lands, hopefully his attitude problems are behind him. Another guy who can’t keep his mouth shut which will hurt any team.

    Can’t take away what his abilities are, but he does have a lot to prove otherwise and he can’t expect tons of money.

    Free agency starts Tuesday. There will be lots to chose from. With all the salary cap issues, teams will be looking for bargains.

  16. i bet jimbo and moss get along smashingly? does moss booze? jimbo is always looking for another drinking buddy

    either way, this 40 whiner squad is coming back to earth this year.


  17. Let’s just hope that Randy doesn’t cross paths with any meter maids while he’s in town.

  18. Sucks for you Raider fan. Niners already dominate in the bay and this will put you back on page 5 of the sports where you belong! Maybe you can borrow the tarp from the A’s so your stadium doesn’t look so empty! Hello LA?

  19. ctiggs says: Mar 11, 2012 1:33 PM

    I love moss, but id rather us go after Vincent Jackson.

    I would love to have Vincent Jackson too but we can save a whole lot of money signing Moss.

    More money to spend resigning our own free agents & other free agents. If we sign V Jax all of our money will be gone. We still have to sign Carlos Rogers, and possibly a OLineman and now there are somemore good cornerbacks available that can complete our defense like Cedric Griffin

  20. Moss: “What the hell is this blocking thing you speak of?”

    Harbaugh: “Well you see Randy, being part of a TEAM. Oh hell nevermind…. Hey Trent dial up our draft board for Stephen Hill”

  21. 7-9 really? Does Moss booze? Another ignorant comment on PFT.com, love it most hilarious post of 2012 good one pal!

  22. Smith or Brees?..lol.Moss would destroy that wimp Smith..he would be jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge .

  23. i dont think moss is concern about getting his career numbers up. He wants a ring and SF are not far from that. So sorry Saint fans, he wont be going your way !! haha go 9ers!!

  24. @talkintrashallday – grow up. give the kid a break. 5 concussions and a punt return team aiming for his head.

    @thereisfootball… “One thing we know for sure. Alex Smith doesn’t throw picks”. Yeah, but he also got sacked more than probably any other QB cuz he hangs onto the ball too long. He needs to find that “Ok, it’s time to throw it away” level.

    Alex Smith isn’t a “very below average” QB. Even *I* wouldn’t go that far. He’s just an average QB.

    In regards to our needs at WR: Moss and Harbaugh would NOT get along. Neither would T.O. and Harbaugh. If we got T.O. our amount of penalties per game for Sharpie-gate type incidents would immediately go up.

    But yeah, trying to sign Moss but not Manning confounds me.

  25. Alex Smith a 14 point Max QB. Why do you think that Randy Moss or some good reciever can come to 49ers are turn things around. Alex Smith make recievers look bad. He never developped timing with his recievers and I don’t beleive he be able to do it because it is instinctive and you can not teach instinct to your players. Doesn’t matter if 49ers bring 100 million worth Reciever, Smith will still make him look bad.

  26. Alex always had problem finding his recievers and if you are a slow read QB as Alex, you will never find one. Sacks numbers are very high because of this and it is hard to keep your front line healthy and put extra burden on defense.

  27. Love it if we can get him. He will stretch the field for us and actually catch an occasional deep ball unlike Ginn. I’d cap at $2m. Moss, Morgan, Crabs, VD with Gore/Hunter out of backfield starts to sound pretty good.

  28. These comments about Alex Smith always make me laugh. WE GET IT: he’s no Joe Montana. IT HAS BEEN SAID TO DEATH. “Smith is mediocre”, “Smith is slightly above-average”, “Smith is below-average”, “Smith can’t throw the deep ball” – Enough already! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: unless Jimmy H & Trent B somehow pull off Manning, ALEX SMITH IS ALL THE NINERS HAVE. Give the kid some decent receivers and a full off-season in the Harbaugh offense and let’s play some damn football.

  29. Does anyone on PFT actually watch football or do they just read stats from a few years ago and think they’re experts? “Alex Smith stinks blah blah blah.” Yeah forget that he led the Niners to a 13-3 season and had multiple comebacks in the 4th quarter, let’s just remember him for his early years when he actually was below average. Man, Comeback stories must really erk you guys. It’s tough seeing someone improve and be successful, isn’t it?

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