Redskins sound ready to break bank for Vincent Jackson

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It’s no secret that the Redskins and Bears will pursue Vincent Jackson vigorously when free agency opens. We’ve discussed Washington’s interest here and Chicago’s in this space. Buffalo and Tampa Bay have also been floated as possible Jackson destinations.

Kevin Acee of the Union-Tribune San Diego takes it a step further in a Sunday night report, confirming Chicago and Washington are expected to be Jackson’s two most aggressive pursuers and that the Redskins “will do almost whatever it takes” to land this year’s top free agent wideout.

The Redskins played it conservatively in 2011 free agency, saving cap space and gearing up for a monster run in 2012. They’ve got their franchise quarterback, and are now intent on surrounding him with an improved supporting cast.

Don’t forget that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has been a “big fan” of Jackson’s dating all the way back to the 2005 draft. Shanahan was “not happy” when the then-division rival Chargers drafted Jackson five spots after Shanahan’s Broncos selected the late Darrent Williams.

Per Acee, the Chargers “seemingly” are resigned to the fact that Jackson will be playing football outside of San Diego in 2012. They may offer as much as $11 million per year, but Jackson is expected to be a Redskin if Washington proposes a contract worth in excess of $12 million. And that possibility, per Acee, “has been floated by knowledgeable people.”

Jackson is absolutely the top wideout available on the 2012 market, and it’s not close. Look for him to emerge from free agency as the NFL’s second highest paid receiver, behind Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald.

88 responses to “Redskins sound ready to break bank for Vincent Jackson

  1. Look for him to emerge from free agency as the NFL’s second highest paid receiver, behind Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald.

    Not after the Lions re-sign Megatron he won’t be

  2. I don’t know if Jackson is really that great per se, but put him in a system where there’s a good tight end to catch all the short stuff and he becomes a monster. Washington is definitely a better fit for him than Chicago’s as of yet non-existent offensive system.

  3. Will Jackson take all that money to go play with a rookie or would he rather play for a contender because let’s be honest….the Bears are more of a contender than the Skins right now, say what you will about their offense! Decent enough to make a run at the playoffs, now rather than later!

  4. Dan Snyder does not make football decisions in Washington anymore…as someone said so eloquently in another post, update your smack…

  5. If this guy gets over 12 million a year what will megatron ask for?? That’s crazy, I hope he doesn’t get paid that much. Look at the two teams from this years super bowl—-how much cap space were they dedicating to their wideouts? Answer, not much.

  6. apooster says: Mar 11, 2012 8:40 PM

    There goes crazy Dan Snyder buying up every free agent again.

    Your coming with your A game I see. Let’s update our FB knowledge and try again.

  7. Skins trying once again to be the Yankees of the NFL. It will be fun to watch them crash and burn again like last time.

    Enjoy cap hell for the next few years, Skins fans.

  8. Once again, Snyder will overpay for a talent that won’t be worth the salary he is making. Don’t get me wrong, Jackson is good. But he’s not great. There were many times when you wondered if he was even on the field at all.

  9. Why does everybody act like his formula is going to work now??
    Teams need continuity, and consistanacy.
    Poor RG3, he is going to get thrown to the wolves.
    I really do hope he plays well, bc this past year was great to see all the new young talent come into the league.
    2 yrs and Ryan Mallett will b leading the Patriots and I say that bc it is life in the nfl
    Next batch of great players are here…..
    Go Patriots

  10. The Chargers can’t keep some of their best players. Keep treating them like crap underpaying them A.J. Smith. You need them more than they need you. They don’t owe you S**t

  11. The DUI’s and quitting on his team must make him very attractive to another team for him to be “absolutely” the best wideout available.

  12. I’d love to see Vincent Jackson catching passes for RG3 and helping him out on offense. Shake up the NFC East a little bit while we’re at it.

    Unfortunately without any decent draft picks in the next 3 years, the team may not be any good, especially if Griffin is anything less than outstanding!

    Personally, I’d take $11 million and warm, sunny San Diego over $12 million and D.C. Consider the quality of life, Vincent. It’s not as if either team is anywhere near championship caliber.

  13. A fool and His money soon will part. Knew it would never last. Go young Washington your not that good yet.

  14. Now watch the “wisdom” flow from the posters here. If Jackson signs with the Bears, wow…what a brilliant bold move…the Bears will content for the SB this year! If he signs with the Skins, “he sucks”…the Redskins overpay once again, they will still finished last, etc. etc.

  15. And what else would we expect from the 12-time defending month of March champions?

  16. And DC will once again spend all their money on one or two players and have no support for them.

    Pity for Skins fans that Dan Snyder is their owner.

    Not saying that RG3 and Vincent Jackson aren’t the real deal, but Snyder knows nothing about how to put a team together.

  17. Well we better hope we get him, not like we will be able to draft someone better.

  18. When will stupid Redskins fans learn that winning in the off season does not count? It has been decades since you put together a team via drafta nd player development. The Redskins clearly are more concerned with taking back their off season championship from the Eagles, then competeing for a championship with the Giants. Skins fans are the worst because they do not realize their owners football model of buy other vets does not work.

    How great will it be when Fred Davis and Jacksonboth are suspended for being knuckle heads.

  19. Insert the definition of Insane.

    Are they incapable of drafting and developing? That should be their #1 priority. It’s proven you cannot win they way they try to win.

  20. Hahahahahahaha, in the words of Bart Scott “CAN’T WAIT!” Literally, I cannot wait for the ‘Skins to pay this guy. He is not consistent at all and he takes off plays more than any other receiver I’ve ever watched, even more than T.O.–and this was even during contract years! I’m always happy to see a player get paid because owners are exponentially more greedy than players but mark my words, V Jax will be a headache for whichever team signs him.

  21. Vincent Jackson is not good enough to command 12 million. Lots of young talented wideouts coming into the league who can grow with RG and will be so much cheaper….not a skins fan but they would be better off passing and spending that money elsewhere

  22. Why does every single FA become the highest paid even though they aren’t the best at their position? It’s kinda getting ridiculous.

  23. TO didn’t take place off moron. He has never been a problem when it comes to playing hard and trying to win. All u haters should study up on your nfl. Cowgirl iggle and giants fans are run ing scared. Oh and Dan Snyder doesn’t make decisions anymore. Stupid people

  24. Is he really gunna wanna play in washington? they better break the bank… because im an eagles fan and even i kno the bears are a wideout away from being tough to deal with especially if forte comes back…

  25. Redskins will be trying to undo the mess they’re creating for the next 10 years.

    Anyone else feel bad for RG3? He had a shot to be really good. Hopefully the Colts will rescue him.

  26. That means Pats are out on him. No way they’ll pay that kind of dough for a guy that’s going to get at most 60 passes a year.

    I wonder if Wallace will command anything close to this? If so, he’s definitely out, too, since there is a draft pick, to boot.

    Lloyd or Wayne looking more likely now. Hmmm. Too bad Ocho stink-stank-stunk.

  27. hardheads96 says:
    Mar 11, 2012 9:07 PM
    Adding Jackson would allow the skins to go after o-line and a good secondary line up for the draft. Go get em skins!!!
    They have any draft picks left??

  28. This will be a good move for the Skins as RGIII needs a reliable goto receiver. I can’t imagine RGIII having S Moss as a no 1 wideout. VJax, Hankerson, F Davis, Gaffney, with Helu, Royster, and Hightower as the backs. Even though the Skins don’t have a 1st round pick for the next 2years They have 2nd thru 7th round picks for 2013 & 2014 and you can’t tell me you can build a team with that.

  29. Jackson didnt win anything with a decent QB in San Diego so not so sure just adding him on any team is really going to make anyone a contender….

  30. As a Bucs fan I figured we would get V-Jax but for what Washington is willing to give him, you can have him, I would rather get a couple of good free agents and draft a WR in the 2nd round after we get Claiborne or Richardson. Or the best idea I have heard is trade our 1st pick back to the 12th overall pick and a 2nd rounder and then sign Mike Wallace.

  31. what has VJ done to make everyone think he’s so darn good??

    Phillip rivers made this mans career.

    he’s been in the league since 2005 and has had 3 decent seasons..
    never broke 1o TDs

  32. “so rg3 and jakcson and fred davis. no d at all, no offensive lin, no real running game and a terrible offensive coordinator.”

    So..”no d at all” Skins were ranked 13th in defense last season.

    Its hard to have a running game with Grossman and Beck as your QBs.Now defenses will have to account for RG3.Big difference..don’t ya think?

  33. except the skins have traded away their first two picks ben so they wont be getting starting quality offensive line men. but wait there is always next years first round, oh wait no there isnt. not one after that either. they traded away building through the draft. And this draft is light on corner talent so with no picks to the 3rd round they wont be getting any there either.

  34. They have any draft picks left??
    They have 6 picks.12 last year.

    Still people say they don’t have picks.Are they just stupid?

  35. We will end up over paying for Vj, but we have the cap room and we need a 1 wr. At least the team is trying to surround RG3 with some talent. That’s more than I can say about other NFL owners.

  36. Sounds like a lot of hating a jealousy ..Jealous cuz your team wont have RG3. Hating that VJax wants to come to DC. Say what you will about Synder, but the man wants to win. We could havean owner won’t crack his wallet to keep his own players ( AJ Smith). The future is here..Keep it up haters.…HTTR!

  37. bensstinkyfingers says: Mar 11, 2012 10:54 PM

    They have any draft picks left??…..

    If you knew anything about FB…’d know the Redskins still have the most draft picks in the 2012 draft. Even after trading up….Next question please!

  38. Some of you sound retarded it has been said over and over, Synder is not making the decisions at Fedex…you guys are reaching to have a reason to hate..but the same ones running they mouths about Skins and VJax or RG3 not gonna have a shot to be good ( his other alternative would have been CLEVELAND, are you guys serious? !?!). Get a clue..if u wanna make a point, make a valid one, such as RG3 will be successful in burgandy and gold

  39. shawnschaeffer says: Mar 11, 2012 10:47 PM

    so rg3 and jakcson and fred davis. no d at all, no offensive lin, no real running game and a terrible offensive coordinator.

    I really don’t understand what the Redskins running backs need to do to get noticed, fly? Reset the rookie rushing record in every game? Roy Helu rushed for over 100 yards a game in all three of his starts. When he went down with an injury, Evan Royster came in and rushed for over 100 yards in both week 16 and 17.

    I won’t say the defense is perfect, but it combined for 41 sacks last year. That’s nine less than the league leading Eagles and Vikings. 41 sacks also ties with the Lions, and I don’t think anyone would say Detroit has a weak defense.

    I don’t want to go on and on, but I’m starting to find this whole Redskins “damned if you, damned if you don’t” schtick pretty dumb and repetitive. To repeat, shawnschaeffer says”so rg3 and jakcson and fred davis. no d at all, no offensive lin, no real running game and a terrible offensive coordinator.” So what is your point bro? Even if these things were true and the Redskins were the worst team in the history of the league, should they not to try to get better? Is that your strategy on how to build a good team? “If your defense sucks and your run game sucks, and you get an opportunity to upgrade your receiving core, don’t do it?” Someone should hire you as a GM, because that is just brilliant.

  40. shawnschaeffer sounds dumber than adam schefter at the moment, “no d at all”, have you forgotten how they beat the giants twice this year and held them to 24 points combined in those two games?

  41. Future first rounders gone for 3 years, a possible deecimation of Cap space for a unionista cry baby. Could things get worse for Washington? I wouldn’t put that much faith in 2 simple guys. Cam Newton did pretty well for the Panthers, but who’s to say the experiment works twice. Lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place…

  42. And the clown who said RG3 had a shot to be good if he didnt come to Washington? Indy has completely gutted their team, Cleveland has no talent and has NEVER won a sports championship. We have 3 things that will make RG3 great. Our defense, Fred Davis, and an experience Super Bowl coach who Steve Young himself credits for being a better QB. So don’t worry bout us or Mr Griffin..he be at a stadium near you, stealing your fans in, he process ..I’m laughing at the blatant hate and jealousy

  43. @shawnschaeffer

    The Redskins have no d? 3 spots from the top 10, I guess thats no d. No running game? Helu ran for 100 yards in 3 straight games, he only started 5 (rookie). Yep, no running game. Do some research or watch football before you start posting.

  44. Don’t sweat that clown..he obviously doesn’t know football…”no d”, my a$$. I knew from that statement alone he didn’t know what he was talking about

  45. djstat says: Mar 11, 2012 9:37 PM

    When will stupid Redskins fans learn that winning in the off season does not count? It has been decades since you put together a team via drafta nd player development.


    offseason hasn’t even started..All we did is get the #2 pick in the draft. FYI, we had 12 picks last year, about 6 picks THIS year, and you don’t see us building thru the draft?! Take off the Shades Stevie Wonder, even Helen Keller can see what we are doing

  46. That’s what free agency is for..NO TEAM BUILDS JUST FROM THE DRAFT ALONE. We ONLY gave them a 2nd rounder and 2 1st Rounders..only 3 picks for RG3

  47. If I didn’t know anything about football & Stumbled on this page I would think the skins just won the SB. All this HATE 4 Lil’ ol skins when we ain’t nothing we have nothing we r the champs march right they should never sign another FA again right & we only have enough 4 VJ right. I guess all u clown ass haters have the answers 4 Dan & the boys right. By the way I guess all of u r giants fans the same ones who wanted 2 jump off one of your bridges after we smacked them around with Rex @ the helm RIGHT.

  48. Future first rounders gone for 3 years, a possible deecimation of Cap space for a unionista cry baby.

    Skins have a first rounder this year,none the next 2.Get your hate right.
    They have alot of cap space what are you talking about?
    “Cam Newton did pretty well for the Panthers, but who’s to say the experiment works twice. Lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place…”

    Yeah,good thing the Panthers didn’t draft RG3,isn’t it?

  49. As a Bears fan I’d like nothing more than to drive up the price for Dan “Steinbrenner” Snyder and than draft Mike Floyd.
    You’ll only widen the gap between you and the Giants, especially with the cap room saved by paying Eli in Rubber ducks, stickers and Oreo cookies.

  50. “The Redskins overpaying”…..”off season champs!”……”Dan Snyder can’t buy a championship!” = OH #$%…..the Skins are getting RGIII…have 7 picks in the draft…..$40 million in cap space….and will most likely get Vincent Jackson…..JEALOUS AND WORRIED!

  51. ……and btw lemmings…come up with some new Redskin insults because the same ole’ irrelevant “overpaying for FA’s” ones are stale….like 4 years stale. You’re probably the same idiots that think the Redskins ACTUALLY gave up 3 first round picks with they only really gave up 2 for RGIII. The dumb American sports fans strike again!

  52. “They’ve got their franchise quarterback, and are now intent on surrounding him with an improved supporting cast.”

    How is RG3 already a “franchise QB” already? Are you kidding me, he hasn’t even taken a snap! Couch, Harrington, Carr, Mirer, JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf. All drafted top players! Let’s give it some time before we say that.

  53. @skinsfan6892 –im gonna ask a question to the fans of all the other teams. “WHY SO SERIOUS?”HAHAHA

    @skinsfan6892…it a combination of them being jealous that a special once in a million style talent of the most important position on the field (QB), we got him. These people that are jealous have obviously seen YouTube clip of Sir Griffin #10. I must admit tho, if I was the fan of another team, I’d prolly be in the “I’M JEALOUS AND HATE THE REDSKINS FOR SMARTLY PICKING RG3, AND STILL ( Shh, cuz this is the important part boys and girls), still have most of your picks, which like.Shanny did last year, flip those 6 picks into 6 more ..this ain’t the years of Dan Sunder screwing up the team, its a new sheriff in town, And he’s carrying one the BIGGEST guns (Luck being the other) in RG3..two qbs who haven’t had this much upside since the year PM18 was drafted

  54. When it comes to everyone harping these precious picks being given up and that the THIIIRD will have no talent around him because of that – you are just reaching like Al Davis on a receiver.

    Redskins had more of these “irreplaceable” 1st round picks starting on their team last year then teams like the Patriots and the Steelers. Where did it get them? Heck nearly half of the playoff Saints roster is made up of near UDFA’s.

    FACT – The league leaders in 2011 in:

    Rushing Yards
    Passing Yards

    All were NOT 1st round draft picks! In fact 3 of these league leaders were undrafted. I won’t even provide these players named so maybe some of you clownshoes who spit nonsense will actually have to do some research for once.

  55. Say what you want about Snyder and the Skins, but at least they TRY to win, unlike the Bungals with Brown and the Chargers with Spanos.

  56. VJax should not be paid anywhere near as much as Larry Fitz. He is big and fast but his hands are suspect, and he is a product of a good QB in a pass first system.

  57. @jayquintana: That’s the key question, isn’t it? The answer is that they are very creative with how they structure contracts. As long as you have an owner who doesn’t mind converting cap money into guaranteed bonus money, cap space will rarely be a problem. And since it’s not my money, I would definitely support Snyder buying as many FAs as possible so long as he doesn’t trade away picks and has some else picking the FAs to spend the money on. And for the past 3 years, he’s been doing exactly that i.e. writing the checks while Bruce Allen and Shanahan pick the players. They whiffed on McNabb but they’ve gotten some really good FAs in the past 2 years. Add in several young draft picks and just maybe the Redskins have a good chance at getting out of the NFC East cellar.

  58. As a Bears fan, let him got for that price. 12 mill per is not worth it and you could grab Colston for a whole lot cheaper than that.

    As a NFL fan, you idiots calling RG3 a franchise QB before taking a OTA snap really don’t know much about draft history. NO ONE is a sure thing.

  59. They call him frachise QB cuz that’s what they plan on him being of course no one knows 4 sure but I see u just want 2 say something hateful & this is all u have worried about us just cuz we called him a franchise QB. Really really

  60. By the way why would colston come 2 Chicago u don’t even want 2 pay your FRANCHISE RB who does it all & u have no line 2 protect your QB 2 even get the ball 2 him plus by the end of the year cutler will be hurt AGAIN but u have cap space. O & by the way how many SB rings has the chi-town owners or GM
    Won lately. U should worry about your FRANCHISE player & not ours 2 be cuz if your team wasn’t cheap ass losers maybe you would have more than 1 SB in my time

  61. Not a Cleveland fan but @rg3todc, just so you know, you might wanna check years 1950, 1954, and 1955. Cleveland HAS won a sports championship! Just sayin….football fan here. My screen name isnt stating my allegiance!

  62. themfman, what have you done for me lately? You bring up SB’s that were won in the 80’s as your be all end all argument. What have you done say that last DECADE. Nothing. You probably still think Duran Duran is still cool being that you live in the 80’s

    You bring up the Bears as being cheap but the Bears have done a whole lot more being cheap than the Redskins have breaking bank.

  63. Here come the bad old days again re FA roundup–EXCEPT Allen/Shanahan not Cerrato are the ones with Danny’s ear.

    Save some of that dough to re-sign Fletcher and Carriker and TWO good OL, because without D to get the ball back and if RGIII gets blindsided into the hospital, it’s all for naught.

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