Report: Chiefs, Seahawks out of the Manning chase


Though Peyton Manning may still be a couple of days away from choosing his next team, the Denver Post reports that two more have joined the group of franchises who won’t be employing him.

According to Mike Klis of the Post, the Seahawks and Chiefs are out.

Both teams wanted to meet with Manning, and in each case Manning declined.

Klis also writes that the 49ers could make a late run at Manning, based on whether the 49ers can get Alex Smith under contract.  Both Manning and Smith are represented by Tom Condon of CAA.

Peyton has met with both the Broncos and the Cardinals,  Per Klis, money has not yet been discussed.

Speaking of money, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is reportedly “ready to make a major offer.”  But the Broncos, Klis says, will be competitive with whatever Ross offers.

Then there are the Titans.  Owner Bud Adams said Sunday that he wants to bring Peyton home to Tennessee, where he attended college.  It’s unknown whether Manning is interested in playing for the Titans.

A decision is expected by Tuesday or Wednesday.

38 responses to “Report: Chiefs, Seahawks out of the Manning chase

  1. So that’s why the Dolphins officials were quiet all weekend.

    Time to go to work Mr. Ross.

    Oh, still has Miami as 1-1 odds
    to land Manning, funny how Broncos and Cards were leaders earlier today. I’ll put my money on
    Vegas linemakers anyday..

  2. If I’m a Niner fan and they don’t even make a phone call to Peyton, I start watching Raiders games. Alex Smith was a nice story last year, but he’s still basically Kyle Orton.

  3. I think what happened in KC was that the equipment manager tipped off Manning that the Chiefs don’t have any helmets big enough to fit over Manning’s gigantic dome.

  4. He is going to have to prove hes recovered from his injury before these teams offer him big money nerve injury’s take forever to heal it would be reckless for any team to offer him a huge contract before he is proven to be healthy and game ready.

  5. Report: Manning now contemplating if he actually wants to earn a division title by having to win more than 50% of his games.

  6. NBC missed the ultimate reality show; “who wants to sign manning” would have been the best week long miniseries ever.

  7. Hmmm… 199 ypg, 1 td/g, give me 5 years 60 million, something doesn’t add up.

  8. The Giants just stated that they want Peyton and will go with 2 QBs on the field at once to create a new system for a brothers tandem.

  9. My money is on Denver. I have to think that Bowlen and Elway will go to great lengths to rid themselves of the “Tebowmania” albatross.
    They have know that there won’t be any great improvement with him in the pocket, and the spread-option novelty isn’t going to get them anywhere.
    They can’t plan on fluke plays winning games for them going forward.
    Manning gives them the chance to move on with a little less backlash from the smitten….

  10. KC was never in it, they just wanted to be. Just like their football team never really in it!

  11. I am very glad my Hawks are out of the Manning.hunt. He might be a great QB, but we need a long term signal caller and Manning and T Jack don’t fill that need. We need to resign Bryant and Hawthorne and draft a pass rusher.

  12. I can’t figure out Peyton’s thought process. I would think either Seattle or KC give him the best chances of joining teams that he could most easily take deep into the playoffs.

    Why cross them off before even visiting with them? Especially when compared to AZ, Denver or Miami????

  13. txxxchief says:
    Mar 11, 2012 9:13 PM
    How does a Donkeytown douche know that?
    Must suck to be so jealous of the Broncos. I mean come on you didn’t really think Manning would be interested in a sh#t town like KC. It must suck even more that your sorry franchise is picking up the Broncos scraps ( Orton ). Maybe we will trade you Tebow if we get Manning. More scraps.

  14. There is little doubt Denver wants manning, butwhy should he want them. This is not about Denver, it’s about Manning and where he has the best chance to win. Sorry Denver…your not it. Many others places he can win a Super Bowl with Manning, Texans, Ravans, Cowboys, even the niners. Denver, KC, Miami, Cards, for sure they would be better as most any team would. But these guys are still to far away!

  15. Denver is a 9 win team even with Manning. One decent WR, McGahee on his last legs, and that defense just lost 3 players and their DC. I hope Peyton’s smart enough not to hitch his wagon to that horse(face). Arizona and Miami are both better options.

  16. Who is he going to throw the ball to in Denver besides Thomas? They must have something up their sleeve. Why would he want to be the guy that killed Tebow for 30 pieces of silver and be on a team with no serious WR corp.. We’ll have to see. Plenty to unfold.

  17. Hey Smith do us (49ers fan’s) a favor keep asking for a 5 year extension that way we can bring a real QB to town n finally win a superbowl once again.

  18. I live outside of Indianapolis. Those that say why Denver? Only one WR etc., Keep in mind, Manning will want at least one familiar face in that huddle, and The Colts have released a bunch of them with more to come. You don’t just get Peyton, who ever signs him will get Reggie for sure, maybe Dallas, and you might have to take Joe Addai or Jeff Saturday, but it is not going to be just Peyton. That’s why the initial visits are not about money. It’s about can and will and is Larry Fitz up for Peyton and Reggie as number 2, and on and on.
    Both Cards and Broncos are in position to say YES to those things and Broncos have a good D. You don’t go to a SB with some D.
    IT IS NOT ABOUT the money with Peyton. He makes more in commercials and endorsements than well any other athlete in the world and will for years to come. It is about winning and winning now with this guy and getting as many of the old band back together as possible.
    Can and will the Dolphins do what it takes? Brandon Marshall is a VERY talented WR and Reggie would be the best 2 in the league opposite BM. Reggie Bush have enough in the tank to make 18 interested?
    If there was cap room, and I don’t know if there is on not, but if there is, my dark horse is Houston.
    Monster Wide Out that is NOT a major headcase at times. Monster Running BACKS not just one. They need a second WR in my opinion, and Peyton and Reggie and maybe one or two more Colts fill spots nicely and Super Mario would want to stay and play D there because you have a deep playoff team in a weak division and possibly even a Super Bowl Champion. I don’t know about Cap but I know revenge, and it would be a motivation at QB that the Texans have never had. If 18 gets crunched, you got the rookie from last year and Schab if he gets back.
    Of course, you add Peyton and Wayne to the Ravens, the Falcons, the Titans (might have to bring two or three receivers with him to the Titans), maybe even the Vikings (Also a Bears fan so had to write that because I believe it’s fact but it won’t happen, I do really hope V Jax comes to Da Bears! back to the point) I believe there are other teams that could be involved besides the Cards and Broncos.
    This guy is not going to go somewhere and have a chance of being a joke. He wants two things, to win, and to rub his good friend, Jim Irsay’s, whom he greatly and will always admire, nose in it for giving up on him.
    Who gives the best chance at that? That’s the team he signs with.

    Sorry this got so long, I’m a freelance writer and I’m getting assigned business and educational and human interest stories and I’m a sports guy, so this just came out. Thanks for reading.

  19. spedman24 says:
    Mar 11, 2012 9:18 PM
    let’s me break this story for you guys as well, the dysfunctional Dolphins are out


    So Miami is “dysfunctional” because they saw a HC they felt better then the one they had and went for him only to go back to their incumbent? So what is the difference between that and a team that has said their current QB will be the opening starter next season only to go after an old broken down QB? What if Denver does not land Manning? Do they do the same thing the jets did and extend Tebows contract? It is just as important that a QB has the backing of his team as it is for a coach to have the backing of his team.

    I am not trying to defend what Miami did because teams should be upfront with players and coaches but what they did is no different then what teams have been doing to players.

  20. Tell me joe6606, you been hittin your folks medicine cabinet again ain’t you?

    “I would think either Seattle or KC give him the best chances of joining teams that he could most easily take deep into the playoffs.”

    I don’t want the 9ers to sign or even attempt to sign Manning. But the truth of the matter is that the 9ers give him a better shot at a Ring than the Sh!#birds.

    And I’m certainly no Raider fan but Imagine Manning throwing to DHB and the rest of the skill positions they have. They should cut Palmer and take that hit now. Cause CP is not taking the Raiders anywhere. Still have a better shot at doing something with Manning than KC does, that’s for sure.

  21. Long time Chiefs fans knew the weren’t getting Manning.

    This was just management trying to make it look like they’re ready to spend.

    They never are.

  22. Q: When was the last time a qb who was

    a) 36 1/2 years old (by this summer)
    b) hadn’t thrown a serious pass in 18 months (by this summer)
    c) had had neck surgery twice and had missed an entire season because of it
    d) had an older brother who never played FB because of neck problems
    e) was below .500 in the playoffs
    f) went to a brand new team and did ANYTHING of note?

    A: Never

    “There’s always a first time!!” you say?”

    Wanna bet?

  23. joe6606 says: Mar 11, 2012 9:45 PM

    I can’t figure out Peyton’s thought process. I would think either Seattle or KC give him the best chances of joining teams that he could most easily take deep into the playoffs.


    There’s your problem right there, Joe. Your thinking. Leave that up to people who actually have a brain.

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